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Interest in Clanless Vampire: the Requiem?

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Hello all,

I've been a longtime V:tR player, and recently I've been feeling really nostalgic for it and have been thinking of running a game.

I've been developing some house rules that I think would be very interesting for people who've played the game before and would like a new twist on the setting. I've changed some of the disciplines and damage rules, and created some alternate moralities to Humanity (based on Masquerade's "Paths to Enlightenment", but updated for Requiem).

Probably the most visible part is that I've removed clans from the equation. Now, players get a lot more choice in assembling the disciplines they want, instead of a 'favored clan attribute' they get a free attribute dot to put wherever they want, and they can choose their special weakness or forego having one (for a price, of course). Thing is, the clans are pretty iconic, so I wanted to make sure that there's interest in this modification of the setting before setting up the game.

Are there people on the site interested in playing a game like that?
kurt g.
Gaithersburg, MD
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So what's the point of the campaign? How will you do intrigue without clans?
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So what's the point of the campaign? How will you do intrigue without clans?

Requiem intrigue tends to be based on the Covenants more than the clans, so I don't think it would be a major issue. And the removal of clans tends to paradoxically make bloodlines (small b, not the mini-clans) more important, in my experience.

I'm interested, but I'd have to know more about the logistics - day of the week, frequency of game, location.
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Like Justin said, V:tR is highly Covenant based. Without clan, the immediate vampire family is (Sire, Childe, and 'siblings') is still important and a source for conflict, but ideology becomes a more pressing issue. In addition, without clans you get to build your own vampire and so you get to combine disciplines in new and interesting ways, letting you personalize your character's powers.

I'm thinking of doing the game once every other week, and I'm open for Friday evenings, or any time Saturday or Sunday.

I live in Columbia Heights, DC and my house is a 10-12 minute walk from both the Columbia Heights and Petworth stations.
Benjamin M.
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Lanham, MD
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Sounds like it could be fun. Consider me interested.
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