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Washington, DC
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I'm dusting off my books and cracking the rust off my brain. Live on U Street NW between 1St and North Capital about 7 blocks from the New York & Shaw Metro stations or a short hop from the Rhode Island metro. there are bus stops on Rhode Island and North capital within a block of the house and walking distance from the buss stop by the reservoir and Hospital, and I can pick-up. Would prefer running on Saturdays or Sundays maybe every other week or host in between weeks.
Eric J. F.
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Washington, DC
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Hi Ed, any luck finding a group? I don't know much about Rolemaster, but would give it a shot if you're still running a game.
"DC" S.
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Washington, DC
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I'm interested in giving Rolemaster a shot if you've managed to pull together enough interest. Feel free to shoot me an email me if you're still running this.
A former member
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Not interested in Rolemaster, but if you decided to go with HARP (Rolemaster's simpler brother, so to speak), I'd be up for that.
user 63069432
Chevy Chase, MD
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If you're still looking for players, I'm interested! I'm not sure what Rolemaster is, but I love trying out new systems.
user 10341256
Washington, DC
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Rolemaster is rule intensive. Lets see who is interested sorry haven't been checking.
user 10341256
Washington, DC
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To all I have not been keeping an eye on this for a bit have been on a long vacation. I know virtually nothing about Harp. I got my wings on D&D when it was chainmail prior to the first edition. We found the iron wind which was pre Rolemaster and I played it for years. I have two players in house who are both brand new to playing with paper and dice. It is pretty rule intensive. When I first started playing I had someone else run the magic side of things and I ran the mundane part. later I started learning the magic side by playing a semi-spell user and later going pure and eventually Arcane.
Raf G.
Alexandria, VA
Post #: 14
My Rolemaster group meets in Maryland every other Sunday. Our GM is Singh. We play RMC/RM2 rules (not RMSS or RMFRP rules sets).

We next meet 8 June in Maryland (near Andrews AFB). We have a few pre-generated characters available.
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