Credit Card check - - Must see video

From: Denny B.
Sent on: Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:58 PM
Subject: Credit Card check - - Must see video
I would not normally send any thing like this to our group but found this is very alarming.....if you have any "new" renewal credit cards, check this out and check them out. Just FYI!

Wi-Fi Symbol on your Credit Card

YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. WATCH VIDEO AND CHECK YOUR CARDS. Check your newer credit cards for the Wi-Fi Symbol on it. You need to
watch the video below to really know why I sent this to you.

I read this about a couple weeks ago, and then checked my cards for
the little "Wi-Fi Signal Icon" on each one. I found none w/that signal
on them, but I was determined to watch for it when my cards came in on
renewals. Well, yesterday my son got a new card AND THERE IT WAS !
My first time to see it. He'll not activate that card and see if he can replace it w/a non
Wi-Fi (Radio Frequency Card)....?
Thought all my contacts ought to see this if you've not already seen

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