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Preventing GM Foods in Wisconsin and Madison

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Hi Everyone,
I figured this was as good a place to start as any. Most people interested in raw foods also recognize the value of organic and heirloom seeds, and many people have at least some idea of the dangers of geneticaly modified foods created by Monsanto. In case you're not familiar with this evil empire, here's some info to check out: http://www.dailymail....­ (India was the test ground for the US and other countries ... what happened in India is slotted to happen here) ... also this: http://www.monsantowa...­ .

I don't like to be an alarmist, but it has recently come to my attention that Monsanto's trying to preempt the many towns and states trying to put a moratorium on GM foods. If we do not take action soon, it may be too late. I'm wondering if we have any kind of group lobbying Wisconsin and Madison governments to keep a corporation from taking control of our food supply. This is not only creepy, but also dangerous, as many of the GM seeds don't sprout. Those that do continue to morph, which means bad stuff for human DNA. Some recent studies from Berkeley indicated that GM foods turn on the obesity gene ... and no one knows how to turn it off. GM foods have also been linked to reproductive malfunction in a variety of scientific tests. We are seeing what kind of strength and unity it takes to reverse illegal laws--we see this first hand in Madison. I would like to preempt Monsanto preempting us: http://www.monsantowa...­

Does anyone know of any groups already working towards this end? If not, would anyone be willing to start organizing one or help me do so? As serious as the union and workers rights issues are, I believe the food issue is a much bigger one getting much less attention. Those who've experienced the power of organic, raw foods know just how healing and awakening this foods can be. Let's ensure we have a right to these basic things before ANOTHER corporation tries to take over Wisconsin.

Peace, Love and Thanks!
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I know of a wonderful group that can targets these exact issues !!!

The Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition !!!­

I know a couple of people in that group, though I am not sure what they have been working on lately?

However, I would be very interested in working on this issue with you ... possibly with the help of that organization?

Let me know how I could / can be of further assistance?

Thank you so much for your perspicacious eye for concern!

In Raw Food Love & Solidarity,

- Matthew William Miller
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Thanks, Matthew. I'm about to write to Lynn Olson, the Director of Cooperative Services at Willy St. Co-Op, so this will be good info to pass along to her as well. I'm hoping that there are already others taking grass roots action on this and that I can support via blogging, connecting others, etc., as I don't really have much extra time to start another revolution. :)

That said, if no one is aware of this and picks up the ball, I believe strongly enough that this is a MASSIVE issue for our city, state and country that I'll do whatever I can to spread the word. I just wrote a blog post and included a letter and action link from Food Democracy Now for an alternate route to block Monsanto. One way or another, in my mind, they're out. It's just a matter of having that vision trickle down into reality. Here's the blog post with link to write to the Department of Justice about Monsanto's monopoly:

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I had a very informative chat with Syncha of the link suggested by Matthew. They are doing important work to keep herbs legal and also to keep alternative health practitioners able to educate people without being fined or jail for "practicing medicine without a license." This is coming from BigPharma, which is related to BigAgriculture/Monsanto. However, they don't have resources to divide among two fronts right now.

Syncha did discover that Monsanto has actively begun lobbying in WI. This is serious stuff, folks: http://ethics.state.w...­. It looks like they have not made any expenditures yet, but there's no time like the present to find out who your legislator is and make your voice heard.

I got information on certain procedures and ways of going about this. Essentially, we need to form a 501c4 corporation that can then hire a lobbyist, or ... anyone who is not a farmer can be a citizen lobbyist who educates, raises awareness, etc. about this issue. I don't know much at all about politics, but I encourage people to get involved. If we don't we will be sorry not to have access to foods we take for granted now.

Here are some other helpful links:




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Have you thought about maybe stepping away from you practice to become actively involved in this type of work?

- Matthew
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I've considered it, and the answer is no. I am happy to help raise people's awareness and help raise the collective vibe, helping people get clarity about what they really want. It's just not my path to devote the bulk of my energies to fighting a system in a direct political way. I'm learning how to garden/do permaculture, exploring more ways to get off the grid, writing a novel (that covers many of these issues), doing sessions, classes, talks, and blogging. In addition to enjoying life, which I feel is key for everyone to do more of(!), I just don't have the time or energy to devote to this. ... But I'm happy to raise awareness. If someone wants to step up, great. If not, at least I've delivered the warnings in a variety of ways.
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I understand.

Thank you.

Cordially And Convivially,

- Matthew
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Here's an email template I posted in case anyone else wants to contact their state and local representatives: http://laurabruno.wor...­

And in case anyone thinks I'm just going overboard with this project, here's more info on why. I write fiction, but wow, you just can't make this stuff up! http://laurabruno.wor...­
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Another blog post that affects everyone who eats. Period. This one explains what Codex Alimentarus is and why it matters to everyone on this planet, especially people who value access to organic foods. Hint: if the US becomes Codex Alimentarus "compliant," it will literally be illegal to grow your own food and treat yourself with anything except pharmaceuticals: http://laurabruno.wor...­
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