Top 20 Reasons To Run

Dec 31


Top 20 Reasons To Run

20. Running is fun! Running with a group is more

likely to keep you going further, faster and longer.

There's nothing like running with a group to inspire

and to keep you motivated!

19. Meet good-looking positive people. If you're

single, running is a great way to meet others. It's no

secret that running does a body good. In addition,

the active, motivated mindset of runners usually

correlates positively with intelligence and other

desirable traits.

18. Our group welcomes everyone. From

beginners, to experienced runners of all levels. It's

for anyone who loves to run with a group in a friendly,

safe and social environment. They joined for more

inspiration to run and to do so on a consistent basis.

Plus, you'll get tips on how to run with better form,

run more efficiently and faster.

17. Achieve goals. Running is often about setting a

challenge for yourself and working consistently and

earnestly to achieve it. Learning this behavior is very

useful in the rest of life.

16. Expand your social network. Running with

others is usually one of the best ways to train. When

you run with others, you tend to become good friends.

You share stories, experience triumphs and defeats,

and really get to know each other. Running with

others is a great relationship builder.

15. Become smarter. Modern research indicates that

regular exercise leads to increased intelligence. The

stamina built by running is very useful for tough

mental tasks as well.

14. Set a good example. Many people start running

because they've seen other runners stay in great

shape over the years.

13. Destroy obstacles. Once you've run a race or

been through a marathon, any of the other obstacles

in your life just don't look so difficult any more.

12. Clear your mind. For many people, running

provides a release. It gives you plenty of distraction-

free time to organize your thoughts and come up

with solutions. Regular exercisers find mild excursion

tremendously refreshing, both physically and


11. Build self-confidence. Getting in shape,

knowing you're healthy, and achieving goals all make

you feel incredible. It doesn't hurt either when other

people tell you that you look fit.

10. Running is a top calorie-burning exercise.

Every mile you run burns roughly 100 calories and

even after a 30-minute run your metabolism remains

elevated for up to 2 hours!

9. Running outdoors is invigorating. A 20-minute

light jog will lighten your mood and give you a mental

and physical pick-me-up. Regular running will give

your self-esteem and confidence a well-deserved


8. No fancy kit or equipment is required. A good

pair of running shoes is all you need to get started –

once you've been bitten by the running bug, set

yourself some short-term goals and reward yourself

with a new piece of gear each time you achieve them.

7. Running is good for your health. Runners have

stronger bones, lungs and reduced risk of heart

disease. Running also boosts your immunity and your

energy levels. And let's not forget what's been

endlessly said about runners: "Stamina on the track

means stamina in the sack." :-)

6. It doesn't have to be fast! A popular

misconception is that to run ‘properly' you have to

have a pounding heart, lungs fit to burst and a face

the color of a ripe tomato! Running doesn't

automatically mean being constantly out of breath –

slow and steady is the key to progress. A good

indicator of a moderate pace is whether you can talk

while running. As you build up strength your ‘talking

pace' will quicken accordingly.

5. See the world from a different perspective.

Running gives you the opportunity to explore your

surroundings – both on and off-road.

4. Running can help keep you looking younger

How? By preventing the muscle and bone

loss which can lead to osteoporosis. Plus, your skin

will glow with an inner and outer radiance!

3. Running puts you in tune with your body.

Every stride brings into focus exactly how well, strong

and fit you are feeling, from your head all the way

down to your toes!

2. Running sets you free! When you are tired and

stressed after a bad day at work or at home, dealing

with the demands and strains of everyday life, there is

nothing like pulling on your trainers and setting off on

a run to give you a feeling of freedom. For however

long you are out, it's all about you and no one else.

Drum Roll ...

The Number One Reason You Should Run:

1. Someone Is Chasing You!



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