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Please join us for Watchung Reservation Hike on Sat.7thof July at 1230pm

  • Jul 7, 2012 · 12:30 PM
  • This location is shown only to members

Remember the meetups are free but please show up if you RSVP and show some consideration for your fellow meetup hikers by updating ones RSVP at least 72 hours in advance and not the day before or 48 hours in advance!!(see below)

Remember guys, you need to cancel your RSVP at least 72 hours in advance if you cannot make it on "day of hike" other meetup hikers have pointed out this "is not fair".

We currently have an 80% RSVP "no show" problem currently, if this problem is not reduced by at least half, I will have no choice but to take further undesired alternative definitive action(30 day warning-2/1)!!(see below paragraph; since the group has as a whole statistically speaking; has chosen not to comply with and resolve the 80% RSVP "no show" problem on their own as strongly suggested during the reviewing period; despite repeated continued firm/stern definitive warnings).

So please be aware that when the Watchung Reservation hike is full(one can still do the hike on ones own alternatively via independent meetup hike with provided trail map-"day of hike").

If the hike is full, what I would generally recommend is to contact someone else either via the discussion board or via e-mail direct contact(in advance) in regards to either alternatively joining or leading an independent hike meetup amongst each other for the Watchung Reservation scheduled meetup "day of hike".

Unfortunately, this decision is regrettably irrevocable and final; and not subject to any further negotiation; with no further inputting suggestions being taken now or in the future; as the 50 day reviewing period is now over and completed from 2/1 as previously outlined and indicated in paragraph above;

and as a result I will not address or respond to any current/future inquiries or comment on the RSVP matter anymore as the matter is now closed to further comment/feedback and/or suggestion(s) now and in the future going forward.

I fully anticipate there to be at least 20 "no shows" based on previous attendance statistics for this time of year; so guys let's all "fill up" the waiting list and have a full attendance of a full complement of 30 hikers for the 18th of Feb. scheduled hike!!(be sure to see the complete rules/terms/regulations below that have been newly instituted!!)


All Watchung Reservation will meetup from now on at the Trailside Center building Main Entrance; this is to address/alleviate parking concerns as well as confusion regarding directions.

If you cannot find Trailside the directions are on googlemaps as I have checked, referenced, confirmed and verified Trailside Center Building location on the map; as of today. Please ensure one leaves at least 1 hour early to arrive at Trailside Center; link:

If one still somehow cannot find Watchung Reservation one can either use GPS(its on GPS I have 2 GPS's), or go to local library and use Hagstrom Map Atlas, or use the link supplied below direct from Trailside Center(from all areas/directions in NJ, print them out) as well as calling their telephone number[masked] directly:


Common guys, let's get with the times(by now googlemaps/googlearth is the most common internet cartography tool on the internet); how hard could it possibly potentially be to enter in;

Watchung Reservation into ones search field in googlemaps(hint: googlemaps has onboard help; I kid you not-trust me);

then zoom in/out; if you really cannot figure it out there are all kinds of youtube videos on how to utilize googlemaps on how to do this also as well(its that simple -oh my gosh-trust me);

if you really cannot figure it out; at this point go to the local library and just ask the reference librarian so that they can show you(it can't possibly be that easy, or maybe it could it be-trust me);

if you still cannot figure it out go to ones local county community college and ask the computer lab assistant to show you(trust me they know how to do this).

Additionally the temperatures at Watchung Reservation has been very hike friendly so far, and additionally the scheduled Sun. hike will cover and offer a hike challenge with beautiful scenery to match(naturally of course) and will not be a walk(branded name hiking boots strongly urged and recommended)!!

Moreover it was not cold at all in fact, I myself had to strip off half my hiking layers to cool off while hiking(so it was actually not cold enough!); the key thing here is to dress in layers!

Furthermore, as a result of the selected hiking trails for day of hike, it will be an excellent added bonus hiking new year's aerobic workout challenge for those of you who have been complaining our hikes were to easy(it was definitely not)!!

Guys, if no posting is made on for the scheduled hike that means it is going to run(so no need to ask if its going to run- it is going to run)!!
You are invited to join a free Watchung Reservation hike and explore the many beautiful spots within the Watchung Reservation.

No need to register(RSVP); because one can just alternatively come to the meeting point at 1230pm, just meetup with your other fellow meetup hikers at 1230pm Sunday either thru arrangements made in advance(discussion board) or "day of hike" arrangements made on location at trail head; everyone will be given a trail map to be able to plan their own customized hike if needed(one can also print one out). There are plenty of shorter hike trails also as well on the trail map to pick from and do on "day of hike" also as well; many of them 2 miles and under.

All hikes are appropriate for children 10 and older with their families(especially the shorter ones). Younger children may come with their families when indicated. Please bring your own water.

Ending times are only estimates and may vary due to the weather, or the hike pace of a particular group.

I will be taking and leading out the first group of 30 hikers that show up(on a first come first serve basis only-first 30; RSVP status is now equivalent to pre-registration status from now on only;

pre-registration status is converted, completed and turned into registration RSVP status only upon issuance of admittance ticket on day of hike on a first come first serve basis only-first 30),

any subsequent hikers arriving beyond first 30 hikers may conduct there own independent meetup hike on their own amongst themselves with a provided trail map, beyond the first 30 hikers that show up(on a first come first serve basis only); which this hike meetup group has always been able to do if wanted and/or needed.
Couple last minute updated notes:

the directions are simply this:

Watchung Reservation meetup location is at the Trailside Center parking lot

Please do consult via Mapview and Satellite view to verify and confirm map location so one can be on time in advance of hike meetup date/time(that is hike meetup members responsibility).

Link(s) supplied below is provided as a "courtesy only" to get you started;
you still need to definitely do your own "due diligence" research; if you have any questions about actual meetup location beyond what is provided in directions supplied here and below link(s).


Greetings guys and fellow hikers; hope you had a Happy New Year, its time to announce another scheduled hike for the start of the spring hiking season; now thoughts of course turn to the spring hiking season and its accompanying change in beautiful landscape scenery on the hiking trails.

As promised, we are hiking right thru the winter season so come on out and get a good compelling aerobic workout, enjoy some natural landscape scenery on the trails, meet some new hikers with a mutual shared interest in hiking, and discover some new hiking trails as well as revisit some old hiking trails you may have previously explored.

This time you will also hopefully take some new updated digital pictures in order so that one can archive and upload them to the hike meetup photo album areas to also share/show all the other hike meetup members what you may have found personally new/interesting or personally never seen/discovered on ones "hiking day trip adventure" on the hiking trails this winter hiking season.

We go rain/shine or snow, in fact we only missed one scheduled hike for all of 2012, due to inclement weather and that was only for safety reason(s)!!!

It's a compelling enough reason I hope for you to come out first hand hand and experience for oneself, the sheer beauty that only nature can supply in seemingly endless variety and quantities in its many and varied forms; look at just but a sampling of some of the outstanding digital picture in the nature photographic studies of our past hikes into some of the finest nature trails in New Jersey.

For myself and other like minded hikers like myself personally; come and discover what it is to be drawn out to natures local trails? So why hike and why hike with this group in particular?

Hiking, its not just merely another outdoor recreational pursuit, it can be both pursued equally as well as uniquely enjoyed by all hikers alike whether individually or in a group, very few outdoor recreational endeavors equal the popularity of hiking with the general population.

There is something about the nature of outdoor nature hiking that draws in ones soul, body, and mind in a particularly good way that helps to flush/clear ones mind while at the same time fueling one passion to go on; all happening at the same time.

Now I have personally, seen this personal transformation in hikers in the digital pictures in the hike meetup group photo album, in the personal testimony/description to other hikers and myself, in the smiles on hikers faces, in the confident walk/gait/stride of hikers tirelessly hiking the miles from beginning to the end of hike.

It may have all started at your local county park or perhaps from a friend’s invitation to try out some outdoor hiking; whatever the reason one intially began hiking, it’s a ticket to a brand new form of relaxing and very popular way of getting back into great physical shape all while enjoying yourself in the great outdoors with other like minded hikers who be more than happy to share with you some of their stories as well as experiences.

So please do come on out and enjoy yourself by hiking with us and up to 3 guest(s)(friends, family, co-workers, etc) on Saturday!

It's the spring season hiking season finally for some of you who have had enough of the winter season; please join us in celebrating the spring hiking season with us at Watchung Reservation in yet another of one of our immensely popular suburban hikes that is easily accessible to most public transportation systems NY/NJ metro area; we even have a afternoon hike start for those who are coming from a bit further away.

This very popular suburban hike will be in the very scenic nature trails of Watchung Reservation and will feature a visit to the famous Deserted Village of Feltville scenic attraction for those from the 5 boroughs of NYC who have not seen a a deserted NJ village in a park reservation like Watchung Reservation before, don't take my word for it see the hike meetup group photo album pictures; as its much better in real life.

Come with us on Sun. to explore this relaxing hike while getting a very vigorous workout as this is a relatively good training hike to kick off the spring hiking season; while not being an overly difficult first hike of the spring hiking season.

Please do not be put off by the large number of hikers in our hike meetup group as I truly believe that there is strength in our hike meetup membership in both numbers and diversity as opposed to most hiking groups.

Firstly, we are completely free while other hiking groups charge money per hike and/or annual membership fee; that is almost unheard of these days!!

Since we are completely free many hike meetup members sign up to reserve RSVP hike slots, right now we are running a 1:5 ratio of hike meetup members signing up and actually going; so its been factored into the variable parameters equation somewhat.

Also on the day of hike as the hike team leader/facilitator, approximately 15 minutes(12:15pm) before the start of the hike at 12:30pm, I also meet with other hike meetup members who may also be additionally interested in leading out the group of outdoor adventure nature hikers since I am only but a single person and have a personal walkie talkie communications system just for that reason; naturally the primary goal and objective of this is all to keep the entire hike group spread/thinned out with some of the faster hikers at the front of the group and the average to slower hikers rearmost in the hike meetup group.

Secondly, we are just about the only hike that actively encourages family members, friends, co-workers, singles, couples, etc.; just about anyone with an active interest in hiking or someone with friends/family that has people that they know who want to also get into hiking once again by allowing hike meetup members to also invite up to 3 additional guest(s) along for the scheduled hike meetup.

Thirdly and finally, we are just about the only hiking group that actually allows its hike meetup members to also run independent hike meetup hikes that they would like to see run; all one has to do is get three other independent hike meetup members also interested (either online or on a scheduled hike meetup) and one can then actually post up the scheduled hike for the entire current hike meetup membership of 2.033 members.

Other than that, all that needs to be done then is to select someone to lead/run the hike on the day of the independently run scheduled hike meetup.

Now the really amazing thing about all of this is every hike meetup member gets all of this hike package deal completely free, so while this is completely free; please help me to help you guys in running whatever hikes you would like to see run now and in the future, as I can not do this all by myself without your help.

Remember the more you help me, the more you help your fellow hike meetup members in fulfilling their unique and diverse hiking needs; of which there are many.

Hi again guys, please note there has been three critical key changes to any scheduled hike meetups effective immediately going forward in the hike season from now on.

Firstly, due to the size of the hike meetup group and to take care of any pre-meetup filling out of paperworks, we will be meeting one-half hour earlier from now on going forward in the hike season effective immediately(1230pm Sun. ; so please plan accordingly and please show up on time (please no exceptions).

Also from now on going forward in the hiking season as so many have been showing up later and later(thus holding up the entire hike group's scheduled activity unnecessarily), anyone showing up any later than 1230pm sharp(for the 1230pm scheduled hike meetup time on my cell phone timed to 1010 WINS AM, will not be permitted to join the scheduled hike group activity, even if you have RSVP(please no exceptions-do not ask as the answer will be a definitive No, as I have to be completely firm due to lack of compliance in regards to this matter due to negative feedback from hike meetup group peers comments/feedback, No means unfortunately No); thus the updated notification going forward that is to be effective immediately- email notification has been delivered to all hike meetup members so please check your mailboxes and also the discussion board posting also as well.

Also, it is the responsibility of the hiker to check at 1030am on the day of the scheduled hike whether the hike is running or not due to inclement weather as the notification goes out at 1030am sharp(not before or after that time no exceptions please so please do not ask/inquire!)

Notification will be in comments area at bottom and also via mass e-mail message sent out to entire 1,961 hike meetup group membership; if you do not have internet access at 1030am we do not do manual notifications processing so please do not ask/inquire(see above), one will have to visit the public library to gain access to internet access if needed.

<<<<---Please Read This --Effective Immediately, if there are any further direct inquiries regarding whether a hike is running or not due to inclement weather now or in future, posted to the comments area below the hike description area they will be automatically removed without further notification, however instead they should be posted to the discussion boards area only!!

All scheduled hike meetups will always automatically run even due to inclement weather concerns unless an announcement is specifically made at 1030am morning of hike(so please do not ask or post in comment area of scheduled hike; as it will only be automatically removed without notification; if one must post for some very good reason it is to be posted in the discussion board area only; effective immediately going forward in the hike season from now on, please no exceptions).

This will be once again a new hiking routing section Watchung Reservation hike with new trails to see and explore.

So please feel free to join us on Sun. once again if you have been hiking or have not hiked with us before, its the perfect enjoyable first hike for the spring season, for all hikers of all experience levels; with the weather turning warmer due to the changing of the seasons.

If you have been promising yourself you will return to hiking sometime this year after school has started and have been putting it off until now, its truly the perfect opportunity to join us for the spring hiking season as we will be hiking all through the fall season right thru the winter season to see and explore new places to hike and hit the trails with family/friends and even co-workers are all welcome to enjoy the day trip hiking with this group of outdoor hiking adventure nature enthusiasts.
Greetings guys, hope you all faired well and survived this hiking season so far, just wanted to update you guys the next planned hike will be on the upcoming scheduled Sunday for the Watchung Reservation Trail Hike.

Guys, for those of you who have already done this hike previously this is a completely new and different hike segment routing, so there will be something new and different for everyone of all hiking interests and abilities; as this is a very popular classic hike this will be offered;

so please don't miss out on this great Watchung Reservation Hike as the response from the scheduled hike has been nothing short of a tremendous overwhelming turnout. I can personally assure you that the Watchung Reservation hiking experience gives one; some of natures finest sights and will not disappoint, so please don't hesitate to join us on Sun. at 1230pm for about 4 hours of pure hiking enjoyment to both experience and delight the senses as well as ones spirits while quenching ones natural desire to go out adventure day hiking as a group.

The hike will be about a 8 mile hike, which should prove especially popular as there has been many requests by regular hike meetup members for a hike that was accessible to public transportation for those without a car; so why not come on out and join us all with your friend's, family member's, and co-worker's as I am sure it will be a very interesting, and especially memorable fun filled family group hike event and outing.

No worries guys, for all those who have been expecting a continuation of our scheduled hikes we will be returning to some of the very popular hikes also as well; this special event is designed to help introduce additional younger(beginner) as well as older(experienced) hikers to family friendly hiking and those who have not been able to hike with us previously before because they only have had access to public transportation, who hopefully in the future will also soon be enjoying the hiking on trails also as well on some of the well known and not so well know hiking trails.

For those guys who only have public transportation access and need to join us for future upcoming scheduled meetup group hikes, one can now network with other like minded hike enthusiast's in the hike meetup group that can perhaps help to make carpool arrangements in person for a set fee that is mutually acceptable.

I have done this naturally of course guys as your ever helpful/faithful hike team leader working(behind the scenes of course), to try and help create the ultimate win - win situation; so that even more of you guys can join and participate with us out on future hike meetup group hikes; as we will be hiking right through the winter season so its critical and essential to find as many seasoned regular participating hikers who truly enjoy hiking in the great outdoors in all of the seasons- now for me personally hiking is basically a very spiritually moving, very enjoyable, very relaxing, very good mood altering, very good stimulating experience as I hope it is for you also as well for your very own diverse personal reasons to get out and personally enjoying the great outdoors with others as part of a collectively enjoyable shared group hiking experience.

I have had so many people approach me after a regular typical hike meetup group hike and say they cannot believe their four hour long group hike is over already over; that is when I know they have truly succeeded in enjoying themselves on the group hike; as they have truly lost themselves so completely in the enjoyable group hiking experience(s) that one does not really care as much to notice the passage of chronological time itself.

The best thing I get to do, is tell them personally if they have truly enjoyed themselves; is that they can come out again on a very regular frequent basis enjoyably hiking as a shared group hiking experience since its completely free and also a different enjoyable group hiking experience each time out due to the very nature of so many different diverse people hiking in the group each time out.

Hope to see you all out there day of hike on either the upcoming scheuled Sun. hike and discover/rediscover personally for yourself hiking enjoyably in the great outdoors as part of a mutually shared truly enjoyable group hiking experience.

This hike guys is an appropriate level hike for the beginner to beginner/intermediate level hiker and is fairly easy and level terrain, though the ground is uneven, and filled with some rock/ tree roots so the use of hiking boots is strongly urged and recommended(see liability waiver); as we have already had the first hiking season ankle injury/casualty.

Please remember guys, one can bring up to three guests as this is a family friendly hike(so please feel free to bring your family members/friends, co-workers/friends, any potential fellow hiking enthusiast friends you know who have expressed interest in hiking, your girlfriend/boyfriend or other significant other(s), anyone else enjoying the great outdoors hiking with other fellow hiking enthusiasts as a concerted group willing to share insights and other hiking experiences are also encouraged to join on this hike.

The Watchung Reservation Trail guys is about 8.0 miles in length, though we will be somewhat flexible on the actual distance hiked on Sun. depending on the hike group's actual average hike pace as we will hike for approximately a total of 4.0 hours from[masked]pm(break time(s) included); you will get a good workout.

We will be doing a couple of special things to make it a particularly memorable hike outing and to provide several focal scenic hiking and photographic points of interest along the winding scenic meadow filled nature preserve trails of Watchung Reservation Trail;

remember guys its the hiking journey and not the destination that makes it so memorable; please be sure to stop and take the time to truly discover and explore the natural world preserve along the way – look for such interesting things such as any signs or traces for animal tracks, frogs, turtles, mushrooms, ants, flowers, wild raspberries, or evidence of beavers(be sure to take pictures of them for later uploading to hike meetup photo album of what you discovered-no worries you will get the photo credits of course);

please do take the time to compare the different types of ecosystems as one passes through them whether they be a meadow, deciduous forest, or a even a pond(once again be sure to take pictures of them for later uploading to the hike meetup photo album of what you discovered-no worries you will get the photo credits of course as well as kudos from your fellow meetup hikers).

We will be making periodic ten minute rest stops along the way so please be sure to bring your favorite normal hiking snacks and trail mixes along with you, with at least 2-3 liters of water as one generally needs to carry at least double the expected water stores(there will not be any place to refill water stores).

Please beware because of the warmer weather while hiking on hike day to bring plenty of water with you, I strongly urge and recommend bringing at least 2 liters of water to be carried with you at all times to ensure adequate drinking water during the hike to ensure ones personal comfort and personal safety, on the last hike I ran into two hikers who ran out of water so please bring empty water bottles so at least you can later fill up.

Guys I am bringing as backup my own personal 5 gallon personal water cooler as well as 48 quart cooler at the trail head meeting parking lot which naturally will be filled completely with water and have two bags($2.00 x2) of 7lbs ice in each to keep things ice cold for water on tap before the hike starts.

I have observed and noticed quite a number of hikers who are not bringing sufficient quantities of water with them on hikes; it is strongly recommended and urged to bring at least two 1.5 liter bottle of water(one for going out 4 miles and one for coming back 4 miles) as the weather looks like it is going to be much warmer from now on going forward in hiking season; better to be safe than sorry.

If you bring two empty additional water bottles with you the day of hike, you would be more than welcome to use them in refilling your water bottles with the ice cold water I have on hand from both my water cooler and backup ice chest before we depart on hike.

Remember guys to stay hydrated at all times during the warmer weather hiking season while hiking, to help prevent undue heat fatigue and heat exhaustion from developing in the first place, if you are thirsty it is probably already to late to hydrate; so feel free to drink from your water bottles.

This hike is a nice scenic hike is designed and has been selected to sample, showcase and highlight the very nice and beautiful natural preserve of the Watchung Reservation's many available trails that one has to pick/choose from; of which there are many.

The beginner, average or even intermediate hiker will be able to find terrain on the Watchung Reservation Trails, connected extensive trails system, suitable to satisfy ones individual and/or preferred hiking needs for the hiking season on ones own day trip hiking adventure outings; after completing this hike; one can also photograph the many diverse alternate trails available within Watchung Reservation also as well.

The Watchung Reservation Trail hike being held on the scheduled upcoming Sun. will run unless announced that it will be canceled at exactly 10:30am; to give one an idea, so far this year there has not been one hike that has been canceled due to rain/snow.

Hiking is a great way way of getting a great overall body workout to help increase ones stamina, while improve ones general physical body conditioning, while having fun, socializing and exercising with other like minded hiking enthusiasts; all at the same time.

For those who want to workout their upper body front/back muscles to help themselves get back in shape for hiking, please feel free to bring your hiking/treking(optional) poles to enhance your workout the day of hike but please however use your rubber tips on your poles tips so you won't accidentally/inadvertently damage your hike/trek pole tips during the hike.

For those returning to hiking for the first time this season or for those newer hikers, this Watchung Reservation Trail Hike is the perfect hike to get back in shape for the hiking season; to help tune-up your hiking muscles (Type I muscle fibers) for the upcoming hiking season in a logically progressively stepped manner.

Remember to bring your digital camera even if you have to borrow one for the day of hike, in order so that one can keep pictures for oneself, for ones digital photo album and also, to be able to post up in the hike meetup member areas in the photo albums areas for the hike to share with other hike meetup members; please be sure to caption your pictures after uploading them to the photo album area with something particularly insightful from the day of hike that you found interesting or particulary memorable or even humorous.

Since the hike will be approximately up to 4.0 hours long, please feel free to bring extra food(carbohydrates/protein) in the form of your favorite snack food along for the "day of hike" to eat along the way, popular portable hike snack foods might include(use your imagination as this list is not all inclusive):

hard candies, candy bars, cookies of all kinds, pop tarts, oranges, apples, pita bread, bagel chips, crackers with cheese, tortilla chips, beef jerky, pepperoni/salami, trail mix, nuts of all kind, dried fruits of all kinds, vegetables of all kinds(carrots/celery), granola bars, energy bars, fig bars, pretzels, etc.
This Watchung Reservation Trail Hike has been specially selected and designed to allow and ensure maximum participation by all experience levels hiking enthusiasts(as a group hike), as well as maximize ones overall hiking experience(as a group hike), relative hiking comfort/safety(as a group hike), and relative hiking enjoyment(as a group hike).
The joy of being on the trail again... there truly is nothing quite like getting away from it all on foot. If you love the outdoors like other recreational weekend hikers, then you probably will love getting to those places that only your two feet can take you.
So please do join us in our next scheduled hike event and get a flavor of day adventure hiking:

Watchung Reservation's Trail Hike is a great hike recreational experience for both those first time hikers or for those looking to return to active hiking this season with an organized group of hiking enthusiast(s) of all diverse experience levels.

Hiking also makes for a great overall body workout to increase ones overall stamina, improve ones general physical body conditioning, as well as "having a bit of fun" along the way while exercising and socializing with other like-minded hiking enthusiasts; all at the same time.

Hiking is perhaps the perfect activity to provide a low-impact, total body conditioning workout(using treking/walking poles), while reducing overall "everyday" daily stress and improving ones general cardiovascular health("just what the doctor ordered"), if ones uses hiking/trekking poles one can achieve an even better physical fitness workout experience, lightweight aluminum hiking/treking poles are both adjustable as well as strong/lightweight at the same time.

Well to be completely honest, the beautiful always varying scenic outdoor setting is sure to do wonders for ones mental health and outlook as well as add some "fun, excitement and spice" to ones exercise and physical conditioning regimen and program.

Please join us by signing up below to see what the Watchung Reservation's Trail Hike has to offer the hiker, the hike offers especially uniquely scenic hiking experiences as it meanders and flows through naturally rustic woodlands with forested scenic backdrops, with nearly picture perfect breathtaking views that are quite pleasant to see, photograph and experience personally; so please take the time to enjoy, discover as well as truly explore the great outdoors with other hikers who also enjoy the great outdoors as well.

The Watchung Reservation's Trail Hike will provide many particularly memorable, uniquely potentially interesting photographic scenes for all outdoor hiking/photographic enthusiasts alike to enjoy and allow one to see the many diversely interesting varieties of a wildlife and plant life along the Watchung Reservation's Trails.

This hike is a suitable and excellent way to get back into hiking especially when hiking outdoors with other nature minded hikers and outdoor enthusiast nature photographers alike who also similarly share the same mutual interests of hiking in the great outdoors in conjunction with hiking group altogether.

The hiking trails of the Watchung Reservation's Trail Hike offers approximately 8 miles of rolling terrain to navigate hike thru, with plenty of time(4.hrs.) to explore and still see everything so definitely do bring ones digital cameras to capture any valuable souvenir photographic shot one may want.

Please be on time for this hike time in particular as this hike is a significantly long hike, so please leave with an hour to spare(to allow more than plenty of time) so that everyone can start the hike on time(no excuses please- I use a GPS not only to tell me how to get trail head but also to give me real time estimated time of arrival also as well):
The Watchung Reservation's Trail Hike is a very popular hike in Union/ County and one of the reasons for its popularity is because it has an extensive comprehensive set of diverse trails system to further explore on ones own later post hike, if further interest warrants we will be returning periodically to select new previously unexplored hike segment(s) throughout the hiking season(s).

Please reference and note the trail head parking location using googlemaps to verify and confirm the actual correct hike meetup location prior to the actual hike meetup date.

Furthermore, please leave well in advance to allow for extra time to commute and transit to the hike meetup to the Trailside Center Parking Lot trailhead access.

So please do take the time to check the map as well as reviewing and printing out the referencing map(so you can have a provided map) information via prior to departing for Watchung Reservation's Hike the night before, in addition to leaving an hour earlier at 11:00am to ensure you can get there without risk of getting lost in transit.

Hiking Outdoor Gear and Equipment with Introduction plus checklist

Please do bring comfortable outdoor clothes to layer with to keep warm, warm gloves, warm wool hiking socks, sturdy hiking poles, sturdy hiking shoes, water(at least 2qts.) and food(s) to bring(energy bars, gatorade, trail mix, etc.),

Also make sure to bring any needed medications, please also RSVP in advance with a Yes response in meetup group.

One of the purposes of this Watchung Reservation HIke is to introduce regular hikers(even hikers with only access to public transportation-no carpooling needed on this hike) as well as people new to hiking, who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors by hiking with other like minded hiking enthusiasts;

so please join us for our hike as an organized hiking group and discover some of the best hiking opportunities in New Jersey along with your digital camera to capture some of that natural beauty of the great outdoors; so you will have something to take home after the hike, as a souvenir.

Additionally, please do not hesitate to make new hiking suggestion(s) for hikes that you either have done yourself or would also like the meetup hiking group to do in the future collectively as a hiking group, as we progress thru the hiking season.
Basic Description of Watchung Reservation Hike:

The Watchung Reservation Hike trail basically consists of a varied and interesting trails of approximately 8 miles in length with plenty of time(4.hrs.) to explore and still see everything offered within the reservation as outlined from the above paragraphs.
The hiking trails for the Watchung Reservation Hike should be manageable for those returning to hiking this season.

Basically, the approximately 8 miles will allow adequate hiking and sightseeing time to cover the 8 miles on Sunday to finish in 4 hours as we will traverse the hiking trails and get a bird's eye view of the great outdoors so bring your digital camera to allow one to be able to photograph anything of interest that one might see on Saturday on the hike.

Finally, many thanks goes out to the primary sponsor "Blue Ridge Mountain Sports", where there motto is; "Be kind, have fun and do the right thing"; for picking up all the costs for sponsoring the cost of our monthly dues to make it possible to run/schedule these weekly scheduled hike(s) all throughout the hiking season which is basically all year(yes we hike in the winter- we even do snowshoe hiking).

Pre-Hike Checklist Information::

things to bring for hike day adventure:
the 8.4 mile, 4.5 hour easy hike to make it more safe/comfortable
and more enjoyable overall:
hiking/treking poles
layered warm outdoor clothing
warm gloves
sturdy medium duty ankle height hiking shoes with lugged soles
medium weight wool blend hiking socks(sock liner optional)
3 quarts water
examples of popular hike snack foods
foods(pita bread, bagel, crackers, tortillas, pepperoni/salami, salsa, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, vegetables(carrots/celery), granola bars, energy bars, fig bars, pretzels,
hard candies, candy bars, cookies, pop tarts, drink mix, oranges, apples
filled out emergency contact information on index card
little to no hiking experience is needed
digital camera
eat balanced meals and snacks prior to hike trip
drink plenty of liquids prior to hike trip
get a good night's sleep prior to hike trip
leave a detailed itinerary with someone at home in case of emergency
easy going sightseeing pace 2.5mph or so;

goal and expectation of this hike is for everyone to complete and enjoy themselves
stay relatively close together and look out for each other(buddy system); for any potential hazards

hike trip leader will assume sweep responsibilities, inform trip leader of any medical conditions

person at the lead of the hike group should maintain visual contact with hike team leader sweeping in rear

if you see anyone having trouble, help each other out- use the "buddy system"
there will be adequate rest room break stops, as well as water break stops, as well as snack break stops

as well as photo taking opportunity stops(no more than 5 minutes at a time please)
personal id, health insurance card, medical information(blood type, allergies, prescriptions, etc.),

emergency contact information, cash- all in a plastic sealable zip lock bag(marked on outside).
personal medications(prescriptions,etc. like insulin or and Epi-pen(always carry spare and separate)

tell trip leader about any prescription medication that you may need to take and where is its location.
bug repellent(Deet based) 30% - 40% concentration pump spray preferably
bug netting (fine mesh)
Please keep in mind, I am trying to satisfy as much of the majority of hikers needs in this rather large and diverse meetup group, to improve the overall hiking activity levels within this hiking group's membership; with a rather large diverse collection of interesting representative hikes to go on; to hopefully spur further interests in potential future hiking meetup activities.

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  • A former member
    A former member

    I really enjoyed the hike. Thanks to Dennis for orchestrating
    and all the friendly folk who attended :)

    July 9, 2012

  • A former member
    A former member

    Very nice hike with a great group of people. Thank you Dennis.

    July 8, 2012

  • A former member
    A former member

    I hv been @ this reservation since I was a young child. Love it

    July 8, 2012

  • Doug B.

    I'm unable to attend the 12:30 Hiking Meetup however yes to the 4:30 hike in Watchung

    July 7, 2012

  • namratha

    i live in edison, is anyone going from this place- new brunswick, metuchen or any train stations

    July 6, 2012

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