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Excerpts from me; copyrights retained but reproduction of these excerpts, as such, is hereby granted.

John N.
Group Organizer
Bakersfield, CA
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1.The initial phase is concerned with getting on the same page which won't be difficult since my ideas are well-evolved enough to encourage germination, propagation, ...good stuff! The philosophy of Our Radicalism is rational and American enough that people won't mind making a big change since land will always be close in sight for all of us. America has always been Radical at its heart; it's time to dive down into that warmth and get to know Ourselves again.

2. Progressivism is the third part of the American Synthesis that makes America American. Apparently the Republicans and the Democrats lack, especially in the game of parties for the masses, a strong enough familiarity with the fountain of American radicalism to successfully sponsor a political status that provides for the Basics.

3. What are the Basics? This is one topic that is very much open for group discussion. But of course I have a starting point. The 18th Century document that is our United States Constitution envisions military defense as well as the occasional internal improvement as the main concerns of Government Investment. But what else was there back then? They didn't even have telegraph much less smartphones and medical scanners, genetic science and multiple-function satellite capabilities, not to mention internet socio-political talk-talk and face-to-face. So what
does this mean for our United States? Pardon me, while I give the Radical's answer: To the obvious and implied mandate of our Constitution that WE, the People, through our Governmental organs, provide for our Common Defense, we must add concern for the General Welfare inasmuch as our Republic might otherwise rot from the inside while how-so-ever much well-defended, BUT at the same time in a manner consistent with the wording of the Constitution, amended as necessary by lexically parsimonious measures, which seem as natural growths from that Root and Trunk.
So, yes, I take the word Welfare and rinse it off and have set it out to dry for all to gaze upon it for we must consider...a meaningful centrist measure.
My relevant comment is this: The Welfare of every Person of this Republic, and of every Friendly Citizen of our Globe, is well-understood by a status composed proportionately of material needs on the one hand, and, on the other, the spiritual demand of the heart and hands and heels and the voice of free mouths and free souls. The practical matters of the whole welfare of the people is intertwined with great urgent matters beating along with our hearts, new and old which can never be minutized by any committee, for they rush ahead of anything Established. The work of the Community, of We, the People is a subject of Being synergistically busy so that the casualties of boredom are minimized.
4. Just as guarding against too much monetary inflation is good, so is the idea of guarding the weight of words in our language a good thing and this is best done in a free society with the synergy of their efforts in evryone's mind.
5. Spanish-speakers, and for that matter, speakers of other languages and language-styles are warmly encouraged to participate in the birth, infancy, etc. of the Radical Party.
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