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LOTR Game by Deb the Ringer

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I know people would like to start at LOTR, with Bilbo's Party - or perhaps a little earlier with the Hobbit, when Bilbo runs off to Lonely Mt,
But I am considering starting much earlier, about pg 63 of Silmarillion, when Tolkien introduces Feanor and his brothers and sisters, including Galadriel - for it is Feanor that really gets things going in all of Tolkien's tales.

I could build the game up from there, and trace history as I go. This would ensure more accuracy - throughout - especially during the first play thru. However, it will take some time to put this together.

Easier would be either the Hobbit or LOTR - which I have done much of already. Perhaps start with easiest and then work from there. If I had gone to the meet up today, we might have played the scene at the Prancing Pony [from their arrival, till they leave Bree... including the Nazgul attack]. Not much fighting there, but we could also have done some battle 'training' to test the game stats.

Is there a place you would be interested in starting? Deb the Ringer
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I have decided to start at Bilbo's party, the Fellowship of the Rings.
It's just a fun and active way to get it going. I hope to make a party of it.
It will take me more than a week to get 'the party' [first chapter] together -
but at the next meet we could test run and 'train various PC's in weapon use'
give players a look at my scaled back DnD type game.
Hopefully find more Ringers.
See ya, Deb, the Ringer

ps, Galadriel is not Feanor's sister - [see above post]
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Post #: 5
I have got the 'bones' of Bag End, the Hill, put together
Part pop up, part 'put in place...part 'pull outs'
It isn't painted yet.
I have the towns of the Shire and Bywater planned but not assembled yet.
[including the Water and Party Field]
These are what the Hill will sit upon - along with the inside of Bag End.
I also need to make 'extra' hobbits as minis
Already have all main characters and nazguls made and ready to play
including sheet and stats.
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I re-did Bag End for a whole day, didn't like it, and went back to what I did originally. Painted it fairly well. Did the inside of Bag End, and colored out the lay out map of the Shire [Hobbiton and Bywater]. The layout map is about 2 feet by 2 and a half feet.
I already have the 'inside' of Taverns [Green Dragon and Ivy].
Made 50+ hobbit mini's to fill out the books first chapter.
It's coming together.
-- For Bywater I included what would be needed for the battle at the end.
Lots more details to add plus making sure it all works properly.
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Post #: 7
I have been printing, cutting, and coloring my current set of Tactics cards. At first they were too small. now I have a full set about 3" x 4". I now have
War Tactic cards, At Will, Encounter, Daily
Story Telling Tactics
General Tactic Cards
Culture Tactic cards, a few each for Hobbits, Elves, Humans, Dwarves
Race Tactic cards, a few each for Wizards, Rangers, Fighters, Rogues
Is there ever a time when we stop updating and 'tweeking' tactics? They seem to change more than anyother item in the games.

Deb the Ringer
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Post #: 9
I am putting a hold on things as I am not sure it is legal to play this way.
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Post #: 16
I would like to do something on Bilbo's Birthday. Still fishing for more Ringers.
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