News Letter - June, 07

From: Itaru I.
Sent on: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 6:22 PM
Hello folks,

The weather is very nice these days, isn?t it? Temperature is over 80s, you see fresh green on trees. Watashi no ichiban sukina kisetsu desu.(①)
What?s your plan in this summer? I?ll go to Japan for almost three weeks! I have to attend a three-day meeting in Tokyo, and that is the reason I?m going, but I also take my vacation together. Musumetachi mo isshoni tsurete ikimasu. (②)

Do any of you remember what my new year?s resolution was? I joined White Pine Glee Club and practicing chorus. To say the least, this is very challenging to me. Why? Here are the reasons:
1. The part I belong is the first tenor (T1) and my voice barely reach high G and H.
2. Our practice is on Friday night and it is the busiest day of the week for me.
3. Ren?shuu no ato, min?na de tanoshiku nomikai o shimasuga, watashi wa yokujitsu gakkoo ga arunode, san?ka dekimasen.(③)

Anyways, my first concert is just around the corner. I hope many of you can come listen. It?s free admission. Besides men?s chorus of WPGC, you can enjoy women?s chorus by Trillium, Flute Chamber Music by Brillante, and traditional Japanese traditional koto and shakuhachi music by Miyabi. It?s Sunday, June 10th at Troy Seventh-day Adventist Church, starts 2 pm. (2775 Crooks Rd. Troy, MI 48084)

June Meetup is held at KENZI in Southfield. Their chefs cook in front of you like BENIHANA. One of my colleagues has just been there with his wife and he told me that they were better than BENIHANA. Well, we?ll find it out soon. Shichigatsu no meeto appu wa Novi no SAKURA de okonaimasu. Mochiron, atode karaoke ni ikimasu kara, tanoshimi ni shiteite kudasai. (④)

I heard on the radio the other day that Japanese restaurant became one of the most popular ethnic restaurant in the U.S. I have some friends who work at Japanese restaurant in greater Detroit area and they say in unison, that number of non-Japanese customers is increasing. One of the biggest reasons must be fish they serve contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is very good for your body. It?s good to know that many people enjoy fish but dooji ni kyootsuu shita komen?to ga sukoshi kini natta node, minas an ni shookai shitai to omoimasu. (⑤)

Haven?t you ask a wait person for refilling soy source bottle? What they said to me that they couldn?t believe how often they have to refill the soy source bottles. If it?s a group of ten, it?s different story. The bottle is normally enough for 4 or 5 people. Even though sashimi fish, such as mackerel, salmon, and tuna contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, it?s bad for your health if you are consuming a lot of soy source. Soy source has a lot of salt. That means you are not enjoying taste of fish but soy source. You should not use soy source like you use ketchup for french-fry. Refilling soy source bottle is showing a sign that you are not appreciating their food and it could be insulting the ITAMAE (sushi chefs).

DO: Pore a little amount of soy source (less than one third or quarter full of your small tray). Enjoy flavor and texture of fish with a little help of soy source. If soy souece taste is stronger than whatever you are eating, you are using soy source too much.

DON?T: Dip rice of nigiri into your soy source. It will break the rice apart. Turn nigiri upside down and dip fish into soy source.

DO: Ask your wait person that you want to keep oshibori on your table if you are going to order nigiri. Nigiri is a finger food. You don?t use chopsticks. Use your fingers and wipe it with oshibori each time after you bite a nigiri.

DON?T: Stick chopsticks into a bowl of rice and make it stand. Japanese do that only when they offer food (bowl of rice) to deceased.

Let?s enjoy summer!

① It?s the season I like most.
② I?ll take my daughters with me.
③ Everyone enjoy eating and drinking after the practice, but I can?t because I have to go home to prepare for Saturday school.
④ July meetup will be held at Sakura in Novi. Of course, we?ll move into Karaoke after that. Please be looking forward of it!
⑤ at the same time they have a common comment which bother me a little, so I would like to share with all of you.

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