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Communities Magazine — Fall 2013
Youth in Community

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Youth in Community - Communities Magazine Cover - Fall #160 

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Youth in Community—Issue #160

Our new Communities issue on Youth in Community is on its way to subscribers and stores now. You can subscribe now or order a sample and we'll ship you a copy today!

Our Fall 2013 issue focuses on Youth in Community. We hear first-hand accounts of childhoods spent in intentional community, along with reflections from now-grown-up communitarians on what they learned there. Parents share the joys and challenges of raising children in community, including the "home vs. public schooling" dilemma. We learn about cooperative experiences in which teens and young adults empower themselves to be world-changers—and also about Sociocracy, new books surveying British and spiritual communities, and two community elders with much to teach. Please join us!

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Articles Featured Online. The following articles from our new issue have been posted at communities.ic.org

Publisher's Note: The Peace BridgePublisher's Note: The Peace Bridge by Laird Schaub

Tamarack Institute and FIC invite all of us to share our conversations about community.

Read this article online

Esther And The Princess Of The FairiesEsther And The Princess Of The Fairies by Brent Levin

Thanks to a magic borne of community, a five-year-old overcomes her fears.

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Being HumanRaising Superheroes: How Our Kids Are Learning to Use Their Power for Good by Alyson Ewald

Community brings cross-generational teamwork, learning, and many other benefits to both children and adults.

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Also in This Issue

  • Notes from the Editor: Youth in Community by Chris Roth
  • Childhoods at Songaia: from Fort Can-Be to Coming of Age by Fred Lanphear, Nancy Lanphear, Leah Early, Michelle Grandy, Cyndi Kershner, Rachel Lynette, and Kate Arden
  • Down at the Pond: A youthful take on body image by Kim Scheidt
  • Reminiscences: Growing Up in Intentional Community by Karin Iona Sundberg
  • Fair Play: The Wisdom of Children in Community by Karin Iona Sundberg
  • Home Schooling and Community by Berwick Eclair
  • Community, Public School, and Culture Clash: Food for Thought from Rural Missouri by Sam Makita
  • Quad-Parenting in Intentional Community by Stephanie Powers
  • Parenting in a Community of Friends: Happiness and Heartbreak by Kristina Jansen
  • A Multitude of Counselors by Understanding Israel
  • The Colors of Experience: Learning with Children and Adults in Cohousing by Michelle Wheeler
  • Wilderness Journeys Meet Cooperative Culture: Teens in Community on the Trail by Mary Murphy
  • Learning the Art of Doing Nothing by Nikola Kendis
  • The Remembrance of Roots by Michelle Erica Price
  • NextGEN: Growing a Youth Movement within the Ecovillage Network by Ethan Hirsch-Tauber
  • Dreaming an Ecovillage Youth Exchange Program by Kira Taylor-Hoar
  • Community Living Worldwide--Exploring Positive Futures: International Communal Studies Association Conference by Bill Metcalf
  • Transparency, Equivalence, and Effectiveness—How Sociocracy Can Help Communities, Part I by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Review—Communes Britannica by Pam Dawling
  • Review—Spiritual and Visionary Communities: Out to Save the World by Nancy Roth
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Elders in Community: Bruce and Linda’s Story by Shen Pauley

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