1E/2E AD&D: Greyhawk Campaign

When we met last evening our heroes were desperately seeking safety away from wandering monsters, evil beings, and creatures as healing was scarce and spells were almost gone.  As they find quiet behind a locked door, noise is heard within the hallway...

The door disintegrates and in the hallway is a beholder, and

based upon the expressions in the room our heroes were scared!  Believing they have no chance at survival they stand helpless.  The Druid (Ian) tries desperately to negotiate, impress, and win over the cruelest of creatures.  Unfortunately there is no common tongue between them.  As the party tries to negotiate for two rounds the Beholder is growing increasingly agitated when our heroes continue to make their saving throws vs. disintegration, fear, charm, and flesh to stone.  Then the party decides to break off negotiations and attack.  Swarming the creature and gaining initiative was a start, but the quick thinking of the Elven Mage/Thief (Steven) casting the 8th level spell Power Word Blind from his recently found scroll determines the outcome.  With 9 of 11 eyes blind and one cut off by the Human Ranger (Scott), the Beholder is quickly killed.

Moving away from this area they retreat back to a corner room and try again to recover spells, rest and heal.  Then the earth begins to shake.  As walls begin to collapse, a Purple Worm makes a new tunnel across the entrance and then disappears back into the earth.

Then, as all is quiet a section of the ceiling collapses and the Purple Worm slams into the room from above and in one bite consumes the sleeping Elven Mage (Jeremy).  The heroes win initiative and they begin to run!  All except for the newest Half-Orc Fighter (Chris)...  He stands his ground against this 50' ft giant and attacks!  Then our heroes rally around him.  As fate would have it the giant misses his first attack with a 2 on a d20 and the poisonous tail critically fails, hitting itself and stunning itself for one round.  And in this round our heroes deliver enough damage to kill this 120 hit point creature.

Our heroes locate an old abandoned secret room with treasure.  They sleep safely the rest of the evening, and they make it another day.

This day the party changes its focus from adventuring to a desperate attempt to find safe passage out of this forsaken place 100' ft below the surface.  They move through the secret door within the Spirit Naga's temple and down the 70'ft passage.

Coming to the end of the hallway they are engaged by two skeleton warriors.  Thinking these to be mere skeletons the parties confidence is shaken by the need to deliver over 170 hit points of damage to each one before their evil life force is drained.

Needless to say, this took many many rounds of hand to hand combat as spells seemed to have little or no effect on these undead warriors.  Heroes were brought into the negative hit points (Paladin, Ranger, and Monk) and very near death.  Surviving these amazingly strong and unturnable creatures, the party eventually locates a treasure horde.

Pressing on they move around the corner to face another creature that flushed the party out of hiding.  But, they get a bit more than they expected.  They are attacked on the right flank by a Carrion Crawler

and on the left flank by the beast they were seeking... a Neo-Otyugh!  Thinking like a high-level fighter the Monk (Julian) convinces the party to give him the ring of free action and he runs through the Neo-Otyugh's lair looking to draw him out for the party to attack.  Unfortunately for the Monk luck was not on his side.  The Monk stands too long at the end of the hallway surveying the area, then as he turns to leave, the Neo-Otyugh (which is never surprised) attacks with its massive limbs.  Even the great reflexes of the Monk and his <26% chance of ever being surprised is bested by the roll of the dice.  The Monk (Julian) rolls a 22%.  The 12 hit dice beast easily hits his AC 5 and not only takes the Monk past -10 but also draws him into its jaws for a quick meal.  Then it charges the remaining party!

Collectively our heroes best this monster and this is where we will begin again.  I hope to see you all Tuesday night as we are not playing on Thursday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Greg

    I was just thinking... Tuesday evening could be epic! You have all noticed the increased strength of the creatures as you move deeper into the dungeon. You have several passageways to choose from at this point, and one of them may be an exit. But, exit to where? You may also uncover the truth of who the master is of this dark and unholy place, and when you do will you stand and fight, or run and live?

    You may want to utilize all resources to ensure survival as I have calculated current experience levels of 75,000 or more. Right now this number is divided between nine party members. There has been a significant acquisition of magic items as well. Of course, most of these are in a sack on the Elven Mage/Thief (Steven), and should he not survive these items may not make it out.

    Good luck heroes!

    November 24, 2013

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