1E/2E AD&D: Greyhawk Campaign

After defeating two Ice devil's the prior week, our heroes decide to move deeper into the delve and out of the damagingly cold air of these great caverns.  Not knowing what will happen, they continue to take damage each round as the search for an exit on the far side of the cavern.  Eventually they locate a long upward staircase.  Upward they climb and exit into a large room.  The temperature is no longer painfully cold.  The Elven Fighter/Thief (Danielle) scouts and returns some time later with new of a passage and two secret doors within the room.  The party goes through the first secret door.  They head down a long passage and locate another secret door.  Deviating from their path, they enter and this ends at a wall.  With her new sword at hand she is advised of the walls purpose is that of another secret door.  Checking for traps she triggers an explosion!  The front four take 8-16 points of damage.  The Human Cleric (Mario) falls and begins to bleed out.  Quickly the Druid (Ian) bandages his wounds.  Entering the room beyond they locate a study/work room.  This room has a large iron door and passage leading back towards where they first entered (top of staircase).  They hear a voice from behind say, "Hoggle" and the iron door begins to open.  As the Paladin (Tom) begins to enter, he is stopped by a 12' ft tall Iron Golem!

The battle begins as soon as it ends.  With the drinking of two potions of speed by the Paladin (Tom) and the Ranger (Scott) and the casting of Bless (+1 to hit) and Chant (+1 to hit) by two clerics the party has all they need to meet the minimum +3 magical weapon to hit requirements of the golem's special defenses.  Two rounds and the party delivers more than 80 hit points of damage.  

After a quick search of the rooms and passage the party resumes their trek down the long hallway.  Boom!  They trigger a second Glyph of Warding and the front four take another 8-16 points of damage.

Then they come to the entrance of a great cavern.  This room is 230' ft long by 190' ft wide.  It is made of red stone and the temperature is extremely hot.  Almost damaging.  There sits at the far end a 50' ft high statue of Balzebul the Lord of the Flies!

This Arch-Devil inspires fear the hearts of all.  Overcoming this great and evil feeling the front line also notices two figures, the mage from the upper level and a new evil cleric of Balzebul.  The sword within the Elven Fighter/Thief (Danielle) hand instantly casts dimension door and teleports her (error free) directly behind the evil cleric.  Gaining surprise, she attempts a back stab and hits doing 36 points of damage (3X damage)!  As if tearing the spine from the clerics back was not enough, the power of her sword is revealed when the cleric fails his saving throw vs. magic and is disintegrated upon impact!

Now the other evil figure casts fireball.  The Elven Mage/Thief (Steven) casts wall of ice to protect himself and the remaining 4 members of the party while the Paladin (Tom) advances on the right flank, the Ranger (Scott) takes the left flank, the Dwarf Fighter/Cleric (Gary) stands and trows his magical hammer, and the female Ranger (Liz) with her awesome fire resistances tries to take the impact of the blast.  The blast from the fireball is extremely weak causing an embarrassing 10 points of damage.  The Half-Elven Mage/Thief (Steven) cancels the wall of ice, others take new positions and the advancing fighters converge on the evil mage.  Then, the heroic and talented female Ranger (Liz) charges ahead.  She takes five steps towards the mage, across the room and disappears into the floor.  Unknown to the party, she has fallen through a gate and has landed on the 6th plane of hell.  She fights valiantly as all the devil's on this plane converge upon the White Ranger. 

Then the evil mage turns invisible.  He slips past the onrushing fighters with great speed (Boots of speed) and runs toward the entrance.  He does not see the invisible Fighter/Mage (Julian), but Julian sees him as he casts from a scroll detect invisibility.  Slashing with his short sword of speed Julian lands a painful hit as the evil mage slips past him and the Mage/Thief (Steven) with a dexterity check of a "1" on d20.  With initiative and direction from Julian, the Mage/Thief (Steven) casts fireball down the hallway.  The battle is over.  Rolling saving throws for all the items Julian rolls 20, 19, 20, 17... and all magic items are recovered.  Amazing!

As a weak Lemure seems to crawl up out of the floor, our heroes work diligently to remove the large red gems from the statue in hopes of closing the gate.  They succeed and soon the earth begins to shake. 

The ceiling begins to collapse, and the Druid (Ian) opens the scroll given to him by the Grand Druid named Elm...  As he opens the magical scroll it casts Chariot Of Sustarre.  The party gets on board and they fly out of the delve!  All return safely to Thunderhold and all are celebrated as heroes.  Several members level up as treasure and experience are divided.  The party spends time in Thunderhold and meets a new adventurer, a 5th level Thief (Liz).  As the Half-Orc Fighter (Chris) learns of his sister passing through Thunderhold and heading up north-east the party agrees to follow her trail and heads out towards Hommlet.  They fear that her path north-east will lead directly into the mountains of the giants if they do not catch her in time. 

This is where we will begin.  See you all next Thursday!

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  • Mario D.

    DEFINITELY a challenging session!!!!!!

    January 3

  • Gary H.

    It was sad

    January 2

  • Danielle D.

    As long as roads are good

    January 1

  • Greg

    The reason I am leaning towards starting new characters at 1st is because I put a lot of time & energy, and there is some cost associated with creating character pics, printing specialty items, building back stories, and developing new specialized adventures & dungeons for your specific characters. It is also fair to those who have started from 1st & are still alive. For example, Ian is now an Initiate of the 7th Circle (9th level Druid), Gary is a 7th level Cleric, and Steven is an 8th level Mage which places them within reach of getting henchmen, special positions within their selected orders, and able to build strongholds. Starting characters at high levels when they tend to die often discourages me from investing the time & materials needed for you to really enjoy the game. Therefore, new characters will be 1st level. If you do not really identify w your character, make a new one now & lets have some more fun!

    December 30

  • Greg

    Steven has sent me the list of creatures and items found so I could calculate the remaining experience. I think Ian will like this... All surviving nine party members receive the following treasure: 111 electrum pieces, 349 gold pieces, and 166 silver pieces. Experience awards are as follows: 2,219 each w/o 10% bonus, 2441 w/ 10% bonus -OR- 1,110 experience per class (if multi-class) w/o 10% bonus and 1,220 experience per class (if multi-class) w/ 10% bonus. Congratulations on your adventure!

    December 27

    • Steven

      What was the experience from what happened on the Thursday night? Also, have we finished identifying all the items recovered?

      December 27

    • Greg

      Experience was 10,717 w/o 10% bonus. All items were identified by your character in town over time. Items have been distributed between party members.

      December 27

  • Greg

    On the more positive side, playing high-level characters with the amount of power available to this party of ten is extremely challenging and rewarding. High-level characters are fun to play and gain great rewards from successful adventuring. But, remember their are beasties out there that kill instantly in many ways like poison, flesh to stone, massive damage, possession, paralysis, and other more nasty ways of ending the life of a careless and ill prepared adventurer. Trust the adventurer next to you, don't split the party, and run away to fight another day if necessary. Muhahahahaha!

    December 27

  • Greg

    I think it is time to increase the difficulty level. Going forward, you all will want to figure out how to best play your characters and understand their strengths (spells, abilities, skills, success percentages, etc.) You will also want to curb your enthusiasm when necessary as difficulty of monsters and environment along with the increased number of creatures will change. Also, I am leaning towards any character that dies will be replaced by a 1st level character who will need to earn their place within the group. This may create a new challenge for the leaders who may need to take on a more offensive role while still providing protection for those less equipped (I have not decided on this yet). One thing is certain, if there happens to be a TPK, all will start as 1st level.

    December 27

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