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Must-read! H.R. 1540 National Defense Authorization Act for 2013

Terry S
Worcester, MA
Post #: 359
Just read the OpEd in the People's Pen, and I think we should refer to details of this bill when rebutting denials that the New World Order is being put into place. This is the actual, full PDF published by the GPO (Government Printing Office):­
Terry S
Worcester, MA
Post #: 362­

AeroVironment's RQ-11 Raven is a small UAV (Umanned Aerial Vehicle) used in the Air Force's FPASS (Force Protection Airborne Surveillance System) program. It is also used by other governments. There are about 20,000 in existence! They fly at an altitude of about 500 feet, which makes them ideal for local ground surveillance.


  • The Patriot Act includes a "Lone Wolf Measure" allowing the government to obtain FISA warrants to electronically monitor anyone, for any reason, whatsoever. The government claims it has never actually used it. (Yeah, right!)

  • Fusion centers which share intelligence among cities, states, military, civilian police, federal agencies etc., originally (supposedly) started to combat terrorism, have been repurposed for almost any use (crime prevention, monitoring of non-criminal activities, social services, shopping habits, driving records, health records, and the list goes on). Yes, fusion centers share our health records! No wonder they want these records digitized!

  • The NSA has been tracking cell phone records for over a decade. Cellphones, starting in 2015, are required to have always-on GPS (unless you power down your phone completely) chips which are also required to relay "Presidential messages." Fake cellphone towers called "Stingrays" (in use for 17 years) fool cellphones and intercept calls, and track your identity (if known) and location.

  • Police cruisers have roof-mounted license-plate readers that record plate numbers of parked and moving cars, at hundreds per minute! (See Police partnering more with license plate readers by Trevor Hughes, USA Today). Massachusetts plans to store drivers' whereabouts and store it indefinitely, and make this database searchable by various state and federal agencies, in addition to lawyers.

  • You might also want to read H.R. 3140, the "Mass Transit Intelligence Prioritization Act," which in essence allows the military (intended for defense of the homeland) to act as police and track citizens as a matter of course. This dovetails with a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) program called FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology), which collects biometric information (including iris scans) in the field, without the need for arrest, and combines it with social habits and schedules of individuals in an FBI database.

  • Federal agencies, the military, and local police are deploying mobile X-ray vans which see inside your vehicle, through clothing, and even into nearby buildings, and the TSA plans to do so at public events, and just in public, in general. These have actually been used by Northeastern University (in Mass.) on utility poles and so forth, to X-ray pedestrians, and over 500 have been manufactured by American Science and Engineering Corporation (Mass-based). The DHS has tested earlier prototypes in Colorado, New Jersey, and Minnesota, and entered a contract with Rapiscan Systems (the same ones who make the airport screeners) to make mobile scanners for use on city streets. Such mobile units are being used at/on bus/train stations, streets, and highways, as part of the VIPR system (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response). They are already using them at checkpoints to stop drivers and "check their documents," and not in response to "any particular threat." See "More States Accept TSA VIPR Teams at Transportation Hubs."

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