Now what?

From: Scott Allegrini
Sent on: Thursday, June 28, 2012 11:41 PM
Obamacare is upheld by the SCOTUS.  So now what?  Give up?  As for me and my home, we 
will not comply.  We will not sit down, we will not sulk away, we will not be 
silent and we will never go away.  

In fact, I think the time has come for myself, my family and all my rowdy 
friends to remind those in Washington that the Constitution begins with three 
words...  "WE THE PEOPLE"   

We have waited for those we elected in 2010 to repeal or defund Obamacare, well 
that did not happen. The House of Representatives punted to the SCOTUS 
(cowardise) and the court upheld Obamacare(cowardise).  So now "We The People" 
must stand up and not be cowards.  It is painfully obvious now that the only 
way to get the change we want, is to make the change ourselves.  So how do we do 
that?  We show up!  We show up every day, we go door to door, we spread the 
message of limited government and free enterprise, every day and in every place, 
we swallow our pride and work with those that may disagree with some of our 
ideas but support our core beleifs.  We need to swallow our fear and steel our 
spine and STAND.  We must make sure that everyone that we know and agrees with 
us is registered.  

Use this website to make sure you are registered, and then make sure that your 
circle of influence is registered.

Next get involved with local candidates that will support our beliefs and stand 
up to freedom.

Children of Liberty will help with this as we will get the information of local 
candidates up on the web site.  

Finally most of you know that I wanted to go in a different direction, to leave 
politics to others who have the passion for policy and electioneering.  I was 
going to move into service and concentrating on the first basic belief of the 
Children of Liberty: 

"To reclaim God in our lives, and in so doing, secure His place at the center of 
our country’s social and political conscience. Natural law is the basis of our 
liberties, and we have a moral obligation to protect America’s Divine 

Little did I know that the Lord would steer me back into the politics game, but 
politics and reclaiming God are now confluenced and as Al Pacino once 
famously said, " just when I think I am out, they pull me back in."

I want to see all my rowdy friends come out to Hood Park on July 3rd as we 
Redeclare the Declaration of Independece.  We will also pass out copies of the 
constitution to those that are gathered in downtown Pburg for the fireworks.  
Your first chance to strap on your courage.

Children of Liberty is going to have at least two meetings in August that will 
help you connect with those that need your help to reclaim our government and 
our culture.  

It is easy to get depressed and discouraged, but I ask you, rather I challenge you, 
to put those feelings away and accept that the Lord has put us here at this time 
for a reason, and who are we to question the Lord's plan?  So accept that we are 
here for a reason, and embrace the challenge before us and we will win.

Viva Cristo Rey!
God Bless

Scott Allegini 
Love leads to service, service leads to charity and charity leads to God

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