Scott S.


Anaheim, CA

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November 26, 2012

What is your favorite tabletop RPG?

My favorite ones are the kind I've desired to play but never have. Exalted springs to mind...

When confronted with a dragon, clearly bigger then you, will you fight or run?

I have but two spindly limbs and a flabby body pit against the physical incarnation of the elements. If it is not here to parley or presenting a question of its validity of existence (being an illusion, etc) then running is the advised (if possibly futile) course of action.

Who is the greatest wizard? Dumbledore, Gandalf, Merlin, Raistlen Majere or Wizard of Oz

The first definition of a wizard comes from "wys-ard" aka "Wise One" so that rules out Oz as he is exemplarly of clever and not so much wise. Reistlen is more a magician than a wizard in this case as well as the majority of his success was upon the tools of magic than his own wisdom. Merlin, in this day and age, has too many interpretations and has become more an icon and archetype than a single entity to truly weigh so he has transcended these comparisons. Gandalf would be the greatest of the selection if he was mortal but, alas, he is a god diminished to mearly demigod so is disqualified. Dumbledore wins by default as he does display wisdom without requiring the fantastic as a "fix-it-all" tool that he turns to but rather as an extension of his wisdom.

What was the first tabletop RPG you played?

2nd Edition D&D Advanced


Friend of Louis Garcia and also member of the DGS but would like to return to other systems of gaming outside of World of Darkness.

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