Play Doh Party Recap

Well we really had a lot of fun! I made jello scented playdoh, tangerine with glitter and strawberry.... smelled like bubbalicious!!! The kids played and cut and rolled and then got bored and then it was the mamas turn to play..... We had a good time catching up and sharing a lite dinner of mac and PB and Js.... mamas had a pasta anti pasta salad..... does that make sense? hmmm ....

We enjoyed a glass of Zin and got to see Kimberly from "NJAMG" who is our newest member.... she came with both of her adorable daughters... I think Leah has a crush on Morgan.... he said she is very smart! Rianna, Brianna,Sophia and Sam were all just in odd moods.... not quite happy to be here but not quite Pissed either.... what the heck goes thru a little ones head???

Did I mention that Sam was dressed to Killtongue....... he came all in Cammo ( tooo adorable)love struck.... like we were Iraq and he was here to dominate our play doh country.......

Andrea is now in a new white mama gang.shock They wear bandanas and push munchkins on you and your kids!!! She said the Whities have a 'secret'....LOL..... saying but she would have to kill me if she told me.... I opted

For those of you who sat home.... you missed a great time and we missed you!!
pics are up!

winers re-cap!!!

We really had a nice time getting to know one another!! Danielle has a nice home that she and Steven have been working on since their 11/06 purchase......

We had a bunch of different wines and when Danielle finally was tipsy enough the party started!!!tongue

I have a video montage of her ramblings that I will be saving for future black mail!!! JK.

She put out quite the spread!! You name it ......even MEAT!!! LOL. We chatted about everything from very personal intimate to OMG the 80s!!!!! Samantha, a member of the Suffolk Corner Kaffe, joined us and had me rolling with her deep English accent!! You know English accents make me thinK, pure, innocent, demure,......well she is those things but soooooo spicy tooo!!!

We all really fell quite easily into friendly conversation and are sorry those of you who wanted to be with us could not attend!!!..... next time!!

Off to edit a blackmail video.......muahahahahaha....devilish

cool just wanted to let you know I have made a rap song with the video..... hee hee....
photos are up!!


OK I found Tara and Kristen! And we had a fantastic afternoon!!! It was SUNNY, BEAUTIFUL, QUIET, CLEAN, PERFECT!!! I am so glad I got out of my house today!! Not only was the park amazing, but our children got along like they are and have been the best of friends their whole lives!!!.... The moms managed to have a nice time too!

Ok..there are tons of pics in this album.

Recap.... Tree wet his pants for the first time like EVER!! I lucked out and happened to have an extra pair of pants....thanking the gods of nice park day!! LOL

Tara was the target for angry geese.... hmmm I think they liked you.

Kristen walked up a dead end path nearly into the fence.(all right it was my idea...tongue)

Tree nearly took a dip in the lake.... hey....... you....... kid....... get back here....thanks Kris for saving him....there were no pants left in the car!

Gus almost got bit by a heroine addicted angry chihuahua.....

Matthew and Gus are totally whipped by Katie...shock

Ryan be bopped around and made friends with all the kids..... too cute!

We scared the crap out of a bunch of business people in Dunkin Donuts.... thankfully for them we left with our munchkins.....Wendy's across the street was not so lucky.

Let's just say they will never be the same since I was there with my cranky kids!! I thought about taking out a 75yo bitchy old lady but I feared she could take me, with the rib and all.... she really deserved a weggie or something.... she kneed Demetri while he was on line near her because he brushed against her leg. Seriously, barely brushed her pant leg. She kneed him like he was a dog trying to hump her leg....

I took 9 bathroom trips today and never went once. My soda is out in my truck and I am dying of thirst..... going to get it and take an aspirin.

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