The Permaculture Guild is Expanding The Permaculture Guild Global Meetup Network

From: Ken B.
Sent on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 3:02 PM

Hello fellow Guilders,

For those who have read the email thread, subject title:"The Permaculture Guild Strategic Plan Part IV, you might remember me asking if anyone had any ideas about what the next step was in the Strategic Plan. I received zero responses. Since we really can't afford to waste time, I'll go ahead and put my recommendation out for the next step in this design process.

Expand The Permaculture Guild Global Meetup Network as described as a component of the first element of the three element strategic plan triad.

To Review what I've already written about in the recent past:

Part 1 This being the internet, communications and information sharing, and related technologies. Esentially this element boils down to effective communications, data sharing and input/feedback loops to all three elements of the strategic plan element triad.

Part 2 This being the actual permaculture design of the geographical footprint of the pattern in question, regardless of the scale of the design. These designs might be anything from an apartment to an entire continent or ocean, and everything in between. Geographical Information Systems, or GIS for short, with GIS compatible platforms, editing software and trained personnel, are critical to the success of this phase or element. This is essentially the actual permaculture design, in its fully expressed regenerative form, period.

Part 3 This being the actual implementation of the design in the real world. And, as I've mentioned previously this is fundamentally the most important element in the triad. Why? Because the entire point of the design is to simply be the "blueprint" for the implementation and facilitation, of the physical design. Otherwise what is the point? And the most important reason that this element is the most important of the three, is that we can't get the end game accomplished without this element, and we don't necessarily need the other two to do this. It will just take a hell of a lot longer to accomplish our goals, without the help of the other two elements. Make sense everyone?

And to reiterate, all three triad elements are fulling interacting with each other like a sophisticated organism of human interaction, if you get what I mean. A fully circular, dynamic matrix of sharing information and energies which can potentially cause the process to be accelerated to unimaginable speeds. I'm talking about full implementation in decades, not centuries.

Now back to Meetup. So I propose that we start at least 21 new permaculture guild Meetup groups, and start expanding The Permaculture Guild Global Meetup Network. The cost to do this is only $4.00 per month per Meetup group. That's only $84.00 per month for this phase of our expansion process.

So what are these new Meetups for? I'm glad you asked. I will list them in order of priority, at least from my point of view.

1. The St Johns River Basin Bioregional Permaculture Guild

2. The Suwannee River Basin Bioregional Permaculture Guild

3. The Florida Permaculture Guild

4. The Georgia Permaculture Guild

5. The Alabama Permaculture Guild

6. The Mississippi River Basin Bioregional Permaculture Guild

7. The Cumberland River Basin Bioregional Permaculture Guild

8. The Cape Fear River Basin Bioregional Permaculture Guild

9. The Gulf of Mexico Marine System Permaculture Guild

10. The Northern Atlantic Ocean Permaculture Guild

11. The Canada Permaculture Guild

12. The Mexico Permaculture Guild

13. The North American Permaculture Guild

14. The Northern Pacific Ocean Permaculture Guild

15. The Self-Governance Permaculture Guild

16. The Land & Nature Stewardship Permaculture Guild

17. The Built Environment Permaculture Guild

18. The Tools & Technology Permaculture Guild

19. The Culture & Education Permaculture Guild

20. The Health & Wellness Permaculture Guild

21. The Finance & Economics Permaculture Guild

22. The Transition Gaia Permaculture Guild

23. The Biosphere Permaculture Guild

24. The Japan Permaculture Guild

25. The China Permaculture Guild

26. The United States Permaculture Guild

So the next step is how to pay for these Meetup Groups, and of course, as always, feedback and suggestions are both welcomed and encouraged. I suggest we ask for donations, set up a checking account, start raising funds, and get these puppies up and running. That's what I think. How about you? We are talking about the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, per Meetup, per month. Can you not see the potential impact that these Meetup groups would have towards the design, and the implementation process of our designs?

And this is only the top tier of the Meetup network of which we speak. We have Meetups planned for every continent, ocean, sea, country, state or province, county, major city or town on the current geopolitical side and one for every river basin, major watersheds, including tributary watersheds from the first order down to the highest order watershed practical.

So, we don't have to bite the financial bullet for the entire planet. But please remember that this is a Global Meetup Group. Always has been and always will be. So the idea is to spread the word and connect, learn, and work with each other, all across the planet, as one dynamic, synergistic and regenerative human community, including regenerative populations of all life forms, from the top of the food chain, all the way down.

This seed just happens to have been planted in Florida. It could have been anywhere, doesn't really matter. As a matter of fact, there are many permaculture guild Meetup groups already out there. I belong to a few. You might want to search Meetup and see where some of these meetups are. Let us know, so we can network with them. These cost us nothing, and knowing and connecting with these groups would allow us to share information and communicate with each other across the planet, eventually.

Any volunteers to be the treasurer, secretary and president of this baby organization. Anyone have an existing non-profit that we could do a DBA under? As far as I'm concerned we can't get these new Meetup groups up and running quickly enough. The first nine or so Meetup groups are critical and would only cost $36.00 per month. Let's do this!


p.s. please excuse typos, etc., as I'm in a bit of a hurry. later...


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