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New Open Source RPG - Need Help!

Phoenix, AZ
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I'm pulling teeth over at to get a new, easy, and free role playing game written and playable. The selling point is that the rules are supposed to be short, so that anyone can add their own mods to it. Please stop over (you can view it without being a member) and provide input!

Here's the d20 side of it:
- contests are rolled with a d20, highest result after modifiers wins
- ability scores (trimmed to 3) get modifiers every two points
- PCs get ability score points, skill points, and feats (renamed perks) every level
- characters move in 5 foot grid squares.

And the new bits:
- HP are gone, characters only take damage to ability scores
- saving throws are gone, characters have skills for defending ability scores
- armor class is gone, and armor reduces damage with a die roll
- XP are gone, and you gain levels in a more meta way
- skills are whatever you want them to be
- perks are whatever you want them to be
- PCs get a hero point at each level, which increases any die roll by d4.

There's more, but it's all on the table (heh) until some decent playtesting says we should carve it into stone.

Happy rolling,
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