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Hi All,

I hate to enforce rules but with every Group or Organization there must be some rules to be followed in order for the group to be successful. These are pretty basic and if we treat everybody as responsible adults, I don't think there should be any problems.

No Shows and Late Cancellations
a) When you RSVP 'Yes' for an Event, you are required to 'show up' for that event. You can always Cancel the Event ahead of time BUT please give sufficient notice. (4-5 days or a week in advance is ideal). Restaurants reservations are hard to make and some require a deposit. Cancelling an event last minute is disrespectful to the group, to the Event Organizer and to other group members.

- If you cancel an event after an RSVP has closed, the Event Organizer will have to put a LC (Late Cancellation) by your name. If you incur 3 LC (without a reason given to the Event Organizer), then you will be banned from future events of this group.

- If you are a No show for the event, the Event Organizer will have to put a NS (No Show) by your name. If you incur 3 NS (without a reason), then you will be banned from future events of this group.

We will try and refresh the NS and LC policy every 6 months on a rolling basis.

Waiting Lists
b) There will always be a Waiting List for each Event. If you see the Event is Full and you are still interested in attending the event, please put your name on the waiting list. It is up to the Event Organizer's discretion if he/she wants to increase the RSVP on the event. Most likely, if the resetaurant/event is not too busy that night, it can be done but once again, it will be up to the Event Organizers discretion. This is highly depended on the event and can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

It is highly suggested that if you want to go to an Event, please put your name on the Waiting List. Some events are booked weeks in advance and we understand things do come up. If someone drops out, an e-mail will be sent to everybody on the Waiting List. It is up to the Event Organizer if they would like a "Manual' Waiting List or an "Automatic" waiting list.

(Manual means: When someone changes their RSVP from a 'Yes' to a 'no' to an event, an e-mail is automatically sent to everybody on the waiting list. The first person who RSVP 'Yes' receives the RSVP 'Yes' spot).

(Automatic means: When someone changes their RSVP from "Yes' to a 'No' to an event, the first person on the Waiting List cue is added on to the 'Yes' list. An e-mail is sent to that member indicating he/she has been added to the 'Yes' RSVP List)

Member Lists
We would like to keep our Member List up to date. Please visit the page often to see what new and exciting events are being planned for our group. Unfortunately, I had to remove a couple of members from our group that were inactive [Inactive = Did not visit our page in over 1 year. It doesn't mean that you haven't participated in an event ;) ]. This will help keep the group active with members that want to be part of an active social group.

Event Organizers
These are people who organize the events for our group. We are very grateful to have fantastic event organizers in our group otherwise this group would not be successful. You can reach Event Organizers easily. If you have a question regarding the event, please comment on the Event page to clarify. The Event Organizer will clarify your question about the event and answer your question as needed in a timely manner. If you need to ask a question privately, just simply e-mail the event organizer through Meetup.

Generic Questions, Comments, Ideas
If you have a general question about the Event or a specific question regarding the event, please put the question in the Comment section of that specific event page. I'm sure that if you have a question that needs to be answered by an Event Organizer, other members will have that exact same question as well. I like to make everything transparent. Members do read the comments section (which I think is important) and hopefully, 70% of the times that question can be answered by others asking the same question.

Reviews, Photos, Pictures
This is not really a rule but a nice to do. It would be nice to add reviews, photos, pictures of people's reaction to enhance the site after they have attended the event. I like reading people's comments and user reviews about a particular restaurant and seeing food pictures! It enhances the enjoyment of the site. What I find works, is being honest about the Event or the restaurant. If the service wasn't good, say so in your brief review. It would warn other people to either not eat at that restaurant or promote that restaurant further.

I honestly trust other people's reviews more genuinely than a critic review out of Toronto Life or Toronto Star Magazine....

Compassion Initiative
We would like to start charging a nominal fee for some of our events. This is a not for profit group and donating a nominal fee (which will be stated on the Event page) per event will go directly to specific charities. For example, our dining out / restaurant events, we might charge a nominal fee of $2 per event per person. We have decided that the $2 will be given directly to Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto in order to help the homeless or needy who can't afford a good meal at the end of the day. We would donate the money to Daily Bread Food Bank at the end of every month.

This fee is completely OPTIONAL (but I think it is going for a good cause) and it is up to the member if they want to participate or not. The Event Organizer can collect this donation in cash on the day of the event.

I am trying to learn through Meetup on how to track how much money we raised through Meetup Polls and make the money very transparent to our group members.

Overall, I think these group rules are general. If we act as adults and respect everybody as adults, I think this could be a fun, social group.

The overall goal of this group is to Meet new people through Food, Sporting Events and Activities. If we can give back to the community through organizing volunteer outing, donations etc.. all the better. Toronto can be a very lonely city if nobody knows anybody. Let's not make that happen.

Overall, have fun! and I look forward in seeing you all at future events...

Warm regards,

Brian Pho
Timothy Luk
Fernanda Silva

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