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So far the group has been run in a pretty Laissez-faire fashion. But as of late a few members have asked for me to post a general set of guidelines regarding the inner workings of the group.

To maintain and constantly improve the membership here are the guidelines that although common sense are necessary so everyone is on the same page.

1-) This organization was created for members to have fun and to socialize. NOT TO SELL WARES OR ADVERTISE ANOTHER MEETUP. If you do have a side business, or you are some sort of salesman\promoter that's great, but do not use this group to advertise or solicit new customers\members, please ride someone else's coattails. It is really sad to see an individual trying to blatantly squeeze in their business information in their profiles, as if no one would notice.

You come off as desperate. Please don't. As I will be deleting your entry anyway and likely ban you. However if you post a FYI of an (non-conflict of interest) event, say a Wine Festival in Yorkville or a Jazz festival at the beaches then by all means, go ahead.


A-) We are all adults here and not just in the chronological sense. If you cannot make an outing then don't RSVP 'YES.' If you can't make it, then please be respectful enough to change your RSVP as soon as possible.
If you think you might not make it, then REFRAIN from clicking 'YES' until you are sure.

My main concern is to the majority who do come out. I always expect a few members not to be able to make it one reason or other, after all things happen. But...

...When someone 'emails' me minutes before the event or a few days later with excuses like:
'My internet does not work, that is why I could not make it.'
'My computer broke down and that is why I won't be able to make it.'
'I had a fat day.'
'I just don't feel like coming out, because it going to be too hot/cold/freezing/scalding/apocalyptic/ or I might melt' etc.' How can I, or anyone not roll their eyes?

B-) IF you opt to RSVP "YES" and then you cancel, within the last twelve (12) hours of a Meetup without reason then I am in my right to remove you.

If you ask why, I will assume you have read this and I WILL simple send you this links for you read. Although "shit happens" is as good an excuse as any, I simply cannot have a third of the group bail out a few hours before an event simply because it rains, the sun shines too harshly or if the temperature changes by a few degrees up or down.

You would not do that to your friends or acquaintances, otherwise they would think you are a prick. I have the right to think the same if you just bail out on the group without reason. Why do I this you ask? Because the establishment where are going has asked to reserve a very tanglible space for us & for you. If we do not comply with our part of the agreement we LOOK BAD and it makes it more difficult to book the venues at a later time. You may not have to worry about this but I do.

3-) REGARDING NO SHOWS: to events then I have to question your commitment to the group. And since all the group is asking is to left-click on a 'yes' button if you are coming and 'no' if you are not, then I have to question if the group is right for you. Since that is hardly much a of commitment. Hence I may simply just remove you, for the sake of the members who do want to come out and meet, socialize and be merry.

I think these are pretty fair and that they will improve the group in the long run. If you have any questions then by all means email me.

4-) THE STORY WITH FEES: As some of you may or may not know, charges organizers to be organizers. Please remember, I dedicate my own time researching, finding quality locations for events. Haggle with management for seating and reservations. Plus the free quality photography all members can and do use for their own uses plus the actual hosting. So yes, there is a large time commitment. The amount charged is quite reasonable for a night of meeting new people and making new friends in one of the best and most vibrant meetups in Toronto.

If you disagree with this policy, you are welcome to try other groups.

5-) PICTURE POLICY: As most of you already know, pictures of most events will be included into the group's 'photos' section and possibly other projects where the media may be needed. Your acceptance --and by that I mean, being in the picture-- gives me the right to use the image for posting, blogging (aka: My blog at: http://www.mauricioal...­) and other tools used to advertise the group. At no point, situation or circumstance will your name or personal information will be used. This is done to protect your privacy.

Furthermore, if you are some really shy/teacher/spy/made-man type of person who cannot have themselves on a picture, simply ask me to not take photos of you. It's simple and I will respect that. But just remember, you are in a social group.

Lastly I can always photoshop you out but then others might will know but I am willing to do that for you.

6-) THE SWEET GOOD-BYE: As we all know, is a fickle and forever in-flux site. Needs of members change and just as we have new members coming in, there are others who for one life change or another feel like they may no longer attend events. No worries. However, please remember that joining or leaving ANY group in is and has always been both a member's right and responsibility, not the organizer's thus don't ask me to do this for you. If you want to leave, please go to your own settings & follow theses short steps:

On the right hand corner go to and click on:

A-) Go to the "MAIN PAGE" of the group in question
B-) On the right hand side, click on "MY PROFILE"
C-) Hover the link with your mouse.
D-) Click on Leave group. And you are done.
E-) Bon Voyage!

7-) REGARDING REMOVED & BANNED MEMBERS: Lastly, although highly unlikely, the fact of life is that when you get large... really large groups of people together disagreements might occur. You are expected to behave in a cordial, polite and respectful manner to ALL MEMBERS of the group. If a member does not adhere to this, they will be removed or banned. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS. If banned, in the interest of the group those ex-members are no longer welcome to any of our events and if they continue to show up (first of all, why?) they will asked to leave or will be escorted out by the venue's security and reported to

Again, we are adults here so please guide yourself accordingly and let's have some fun.

Take care and hope to see you sometime in the future.


Your Org. Guy

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