Joining Toronto's All Inclusive Recreation FAQ

Q: What do I have to do to join/attend Toronto’s All Inclusive Recreation Group?

A: As long as you're a Meetup member and fill out your profile correctly, you can join TAIR!
This group is for all adults of ANY age, whether you’re 18 or 40+, you’ll find events catered to you! Of course the exception is under 18, you cannot join or attend TAIR events. In the past, we've seen members who are underage join Meetup group and breaking the Meetup TOS (you have to be 18 or over to be part of Once again, you must be 18+ to join TAIR and if we find out you're underage, you will be removed and be reported to Meetup HQ.

Q: Why is there a mandatory profile and photo policy?

There's several reasons why TAIR has a mandatory profile and photo policy. Here's some of them:

1) It helps us identify you so we can welcome you when you attend your first event.
2) It makes it easier for other members to recognize you as a new member and strike up a conversation with you.
3) We want the group to be active and members to actually participate in the events we schedule, and people who write introductions and provide photos are more likely to get involved.
4) Through our experience, we’ve noticed the most disruptive members, the ones who troll or the ones who are only here to advertise their product/service, happen to be members without photos. Requiring a photo and a profile puts an obstacle that most of these types of members are unwilling to hop over.

Q: What kind of photo must I have?

A: It has to be a photo of YOU in it. Not your pet, avatar or your favourite hobby or someone related to you. It has to be YOU.

Q: I understand why you have a mandatory photo/profile policy, but I am concerned about my privacy if I put up a real photo of myself...

Short Answer: If you're concerned about putting a real photo of yourself, this group is NOT for you.

Long Answer: As I write this FAQ, there were over 150 members who were part of my previous group. Many of them have careers (e.g. doctor, lawyer, pharmacist) whose reputation is extremely important to maintaining that job. They don't mind putting up a photo of themselves on and I personally never heard of any problems arising from putting a photo up.

If you're concerned about privacy, please remember that your phone number and home address are NOT on It's only if you post a direct link to your Facebook or Twitter page on your Meetup account that privacy may be compromised.

If you're concerned about someone bothering you, you can report them to me (Roger) or William (event organizer). You can also report them to Meetup HQ. We will remove the offender, and/or Meetup HQ will remove them from the website.

If you're concerned about someone following you (this is very rare, but it does happen in some Meetup groups), please remember that TAIR is a restricted Meetup group. In other words, the follower would have to register for the group AND post a photo of himself/herself. Ironically, TAIR's structure is safer than most public Meetup groups.

If you do not agree with the TAIR rules, realize that you may have answered your own question about wanting to join this group. All Meetup groups are run differently. Some are completely open door (no profile or photo required), and some are more strict and close together (like this one).

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