Our group's new future events and programs

From: Sue G.
Sent on: Friday, February 12, 2010 10:03 AM
Dear All,

There are two things I would like to address here, first is our future events. Please vote on your favor events here: http://www.meetup.com/TriangleChinese/polls/225242/

Wok and chocksticks:
Since we all like to eat and need to eat, cooking, grilling, making wonton/dumplings and dining will always on the event list.

Digital Chinese:
Internet has shaped modern Chinese culture in many ways, China has the largest and the fastest growing "netizens" community in the world. New buzz words, trendy words being invented almost daily. How do Chinese shop online? How do Chinese get their information? How do Chinese view America and the world? How do I communicate with these Chinese (not just local Chinese American)? If you are curious the modern Chinese culture, this is a great window to explore China.

My Chinese partners:
Learning Chinese require frequent practice, even if you take credited class from Raleigh Chinese school, NCSU or Wake Tech, the one hour long class give you the basic but your language skill rely on your hard work after school. I would like to collect the list of those who want to practice Chinese at one-on-one base, and those who are native speaker willing to help, hopefully can help people to find the right practice partner. The detail can be work out between the two of you, usually one or two hour per week. You can have multiple partners if energy and time is not an issue.

Globalization - opportunities and challenges:
Globalization is full of opportunities and challenges. The ability to learn, to understand, to collaborate with other citizens live in the same global village is vital for world stability and prosperity. As the world is getting smaller and people are getting closer, the boundary between each country, race, culture will slowly revolve into one. We are eye witness this great change in human history, join us to learn how to re-discover ourselves through others eyes, learn how to seek the opportunities will bring the best from all of us, learn how to explore solutions for the challenges that confront all of us.

Cultural event outing:
Attend music, dance, broadway shows

The second thing is how our group works in the future

I have been in many meetup groups and still an active member of many meetup groups. Our group probably among one of the most open to recruite assistant organizers. We used to have long list of assistant organizers, some of them I never met, some of them I assign the role before I knew anything about the person just because the recommendation by others. I believe the core spirit of "by the community, for the community" serves us the best. Therefore, I will like to encourage members get involve to suggest events, or help organize events. Let me know if you are interested in event organizer's role, I am open to ideas.

As for public message being moderated, I am open to change to whatever suites best for our group. I have only got two messages so far since the mailing list being moderated about a month ago, the first was reply to all by mistake and the person asked me do not publish it- It did get out eventually because one of our many assistant organizers see a pending message then went ahead to approve it. The second one was published within 20 minutes through an unconventional way yesterday - I was cooking diner haven't got a chance to get to computer, then a drama happened, made a big show out of nothing, such small thing could be easily solved throug an email or phone call. I was shaking my head and refer the situation to regulating banks, too lose cause trouble, too tight will create drama queen. We are trying the find the right balance that is comfortable to majority.

I am open to ideas and thoughts, please vote on the events you like, feel free to sugguest new event if we don't provide what you are looking for. We don't try to do eveything and being everything, we want to provide a forum for folks to learn China, Chinese language and the culture.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year to you all!


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