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Common Sense-Revisited

Check out "Common Sense:Revisited" http://www.common...­ download it free or purchase hard copies

Adobe Acrobat file 747K A former member Mar 31, 2009

Rights vs. Privileges - by Michael Badnarik

AWESOME second chapter of "Good to Be King" - by Michael Badnarik

Adobe Acrobat file 104K A former member Apr 28, 2009

Good To Be King - Ch. 6, by Michael Badnarik

RED PILL ALERT: The United States is already a COMMUNIST country. Read this chapter of Badnarik's book to learn how so! ..."I didn't say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth."

Adobe Acrobat file 121K A former member May 9, 2009

Public Servant Questionnaire, adapted by Bob Hurt

Use this great resource the next time you encounter a government agent! Keep multiple copies in various locations - house, car, purse, etc.

Adobe Acrobat file 81K A former member Jul 20, 2009

Petition to Audit the FED - HR 1207 (Congress)

Adobe Acrobat file 4K A former member Aug 27, 2009

Petition to Audit the FED - S 604 (Senate)

Adobe Acrobat file 215K A former member Aug 27, 2009

Declaration Of Energy Independence

Adobe Acrobat file 29K Mark Oct 9, 2009

What's In A Vaccine

Do you know what's in a vaccine??? Check out this informative flier and then share it with people you care about!

Adobe Acrobat file 254K A former member Nov 24, 2009

Appleseed - Manheim PA

Information about the Rifle Markmanship (Appleseed) program

Adobe Acrobat file 126K Dr. James G. A. Jan 8, 2010

Explanation Of The TFP Emblem

This document explains the symbolism of the TFP emblem, and should be more than sufficient to clear up any misconceptions and dispel any fears regarding why this symbol is used by this group.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.6M Mark Jan 30, 2010


by Sheriff Richard Mack

Adobe Acrobat file 53K A former member Mar 22, 2010


Full page End-the-Fed Flyer.

Adobe Acrobat file 631K James B. Apr 14, 2010


FIJA pamphlet and information sheet.

Adobe Acrobat file 205K Stacy L. May 26, 2010


Information on how to distribute FIJA literature.

Adobe Acrobat file 148K Stacy L. May 26, 2010

FIJA - true or false

here's a basic tri-fold double sided flyer about FIJA, great handout for outreaches

Adobe Acrobat file 288K A former member Jul 29, 2010


If you want to sponsor FEDSTOCK II, host a table, show support, or promote your favorite organization, download this flier and contact Mike Salvi. There are 3 levels of "individual" as well as "organization sponsorships. Help us help you!

Adobe Acrobat file 220K A former member Mar 28, 2011

The Occulted Keys Of Wisdom

The document that the ENTIRE so-called Freedom Movement NEEDS to read and fully understand. Occultists needed only to remove the necessary tools of learning from the masses in order to create a population of slaves incapable of critical thinking.

Adobe Acrobat file 910K Mark Apr 20, 2011

Fedstock II - Press Release 4-23

FEDSTOCK II Press Release - pass it on...

Adobe Acrobat file 523K A former member Apr 22, 2011

END THE FED - Did you know

This is the flier we hand out at END THE FED rallies

Adobe Acrobat file 63K A former member Jun 20, 2011

TPF Documentaries Half-Page

This is the flier we use to advertise our free monthly movie night. To make sure the fliers are even, use the borderless printing function when you print these.

Adobe Acrobat file 130K A former member Jun 20, 2011

Why Should You Care About the Precinct Project

Why the Precinct Project should be our #1 priority between now and March 2010!

Word file 30K Lois K. Dec 2, 2009

What you can do now

What you can do now to better prepare to run for committee person in your party in the 2010 Primary.

Word file 23K Lois K. Dec 2, 2009


You can hand out this flyer at meetings, rallies, and other events to help inform like-minded patriots that their county committees are up for re-election and we need them to run in the Primary 2010!

Word file 27K Lois K. Dec 2, 2009

How to Become a Precinct Committee Person

Step-by-step how you can run for a county committee position in your precinct in the 2010 Primary Election.

Word file 21K Lois K. Dec 2, 2009

Paul Warburg

What is slavery ~ On this day in 1863 two huge armys covered the gound around Gettysburg PA - The books tell us it was to free the slaves and preserve the union ... I beg to differ

Word file 25K A former member Jul 2, 2010

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