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Welcome to Truth Seekers Melbourne, here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Are there leaders and officials in the Truth Seekers Melbourne?

We do not have ‘officials’ or leaders. Every member is free to have as much or as little input as they like. Newsletters, planned expos and events are put together by a team of members who have donated their time and resources in order to keep the group organised and moving.

Q: What is a Truth Seeker, how do I know if this site if for me?

* Do you find that you question ‘the truth’ that is told to you by the media, politicians and other so called ‘experts’ in their field?
* Have you got an interest in learning information which is outside the realm of what is known as ‘common knowledge’?
* Are you seeking to find yourself, who you really are and why you are really here?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this site is for you.

Q: How can I get involved? How do I join?

Click Join us and come along to meetups and/or suggest ideas for future meetups.

Q: So what is TSM’s Mission?

Our mission is simple - to offer as much relevant information on Local, National, International and even Universal knowledge for you to research for yourself - and decide what the truth is through your own research endeavors. As well as offering a safe haven for people to express their views and meet up with other members in your area.

TSM is not about converting people to a particular view point or belief system, we are not hear to prove to people that 911 was an inside job, that Atlantis was real or that chemtrails are in the sky… these things may very well be true, however it is for you to decide through your own research, we will simply offer you the tools to begin to question and find the truth through your own actions.

It is TSM’s philosophy that through active truth seeking, people become enlightened to their true surroundings, once this has happened we can begin to take positive action.

Happy Seeking.

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