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Hi Meetup members,
My interest in the NWO is rivaling my interest in UFOs so I'm glad we 
changed our name to the "UFO, Conspiracy and Mysterious Realms" Meetup. 
Below is an article about this for your reflection. I will be giving 
more talks on this in the future to the meetup, as I currently do on 
Thursday nights at the West End CC.
To your freedom,

Frankie Gotz
– April 11, 2011Posted in: News



“Since Bush the elder made a speech at the United Nations back in Sept 
’11′ 1990 talking about the new world order I think you would become 
confused about what’s actual going on in the world. The New World Order 
is a more palatable name for the Anglo American world empire, it’s the 
planetary domination of London, New York, Washington over the rest of 
the world. It’s hard to get people to join that or think they have a 
part in it if you call it the Anglo American world empire. If you call 
it the New World Order then people in India or some place like that or 
the European Union might think ‘well there is something in that for us 
too’. But that’s not what it is, it’s the Aglo American New World Order, 
it’s really the ‘Old World Order’.”

Webster Tarpley (He's got some great video parts in Alex Jones 

Author, Historian

The New World Order is really an Old World Order that dates back to 
ancient Egypt.

The New World Order is a world wide conspiracy(-means secret agreement 
between people). It’s main purpose is to set up one world government; 
ruling all the country’s and enslave humanity to the fullest using 
technology; total dictatorship. They openly admit they want a new world 
order but their description of the
new world order is to make the world better.

The final steps of the new world order are being fulfilled as we speak. 
One of the final steps on their agenda is to form all the countries into 
unions then connect all the unions into one world economy. That is why 
so many different politicians including Harper is trying to convince 
populations for one world government. They are using our recession as a 
tool to try to submit the population for their one world govt.

Harper OBama

Top Politicians like Harper and Bush are controlled by unseen entities; 
they are just puppets. All of our country leaders are part of a secret 
society or affiliated with secret societies. They do not make any major 
decisions of our economy. They are just a puppet for the illuminati or 
you can call them the global power elite, I will talk about who they are 
later. All politicians running president or prime minister are already 
pre picked by secret groups; its a win win situation for the elite. That 
Liberal or Conservative or w/e party doesn’t matter. They all work for 
the same secret group. Democracy is a fraud because of this; now our 
minds have been manipulated to think we have true freedom and democracy 
when in reality it doesn’t even matter who we pick because the person we 
pick does not work for the good of the people but for the good of the 

If the population does not like what the PUPPET is doing at a particular 
time then the elite just throws out the old PUPPET and replaces it with 
a new PUPPET which then manipulates your mind making you think the new 
PUPPET will be a better public servant. In reality the cycle will just 
continue and every politician will eventually piss off the population 
because the power elite are not there to love the people but to control 
them for their own selfish interests.

Don’t believe that our country leaders are puppets. Here is evidence of 
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is giving a presentation that was 

Harper Puppet Speech
continued at this link:

Brian Ruhe author of | A Short Walk On An Ancient Path
Ph. [masked]     | and Freeing the Buddha
www.theravada.ca     | [address removed]

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