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Regarding the chapter's Home page ( http://Meetup.com/UUY...­ ), as the end of it says:
PLEASE CONSTRUCTIVELY COMMENT ON THIS PAGE, ideally where all can see (on http://Meetup.com/UUY...­ else on http://LoveRules.Info...­ ) else click on the creator's profile ­DestinyArchitect­ then click “Send email”.

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Regarding the age range, plus any mis-impression this is just for singles:

On post http://www.meetup.com...­ Desiree posted Oct 18, 2009 2:09 PM quote:
So when I look at the home page for this group, I'm a bit confused. For #1 it says "very young adult". What does that mean exactly? I think it should be more clear. Is that criteria? Is the group just including "very young adults" and "young adults"? And what age group is that anyway? Then it goes on and mentions singles. So it almost seems as though this is a group for very young adult singles. Ok just a bit of my mind that it should be made more clear.
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Desiree­!
And especially as an existing UU leader (Director of Religious Education at UUChurchOC.Org­ (Anaheim)) and also the UU leader to join & give feedback here! The results of your great feedback and 4 Qs for you below:

First off I should let you and everyone know that everything here you refer to is actually from (as the page now says) “quotes from our new UUYA! International site” so I'll make sure the feedback gets back to that page.

On the meaning & wording of "VERY YOUNG ADULT":

  • Yes, the announcement email you and everyone received (Sun 9pm; see our About page) was auto-copied from the page at that time, which indeed said
    "VERY YOUNG ADULT": Networking, singles/dating, friends,...”
    (1) Was seeing this version where you got this impression?
    I definitely could see that happening.
  • But self-realizing this about 6 hours later (actually before you made this post) I had fixed it to what read at the time of ur post:
    VERY "YOUNG ADULT": Networking, singles/dating, friends, hot tunes, dancing, clubbing, partying, sports, adventure, personal growth, military, social action,...” --I had moved the quotes so the "very" modifies "young adult" instead of "young".
    Still, prompted by your question, I realize people may not get the quotes and may not read it out-loud in a way which is clear. So I thought about ways to fix it:
  • “"YOUNG ADULT" STYLE” is nice but isn't quite as strong & accurate.
  • “VERY "YOUNG-ADULT"” -note "-" which helps but I may have something better.
  • “STRONGLY "YOUNG ADULT"” -this is my best phrasing, what I'm using now thanks to your Q!
(2) Sound good? Or suggest something better?

On age range, and the exact criteria for membership:

  • Actually we've carefully specified the age range on International page above (since it applies to all chapters) --on the chapter’s About page, click the International link; this is also where all but 1 of the quotes from this chapter’s main page come from.
  • It’s difficult to write a good concise specification, esp. for age range.  Quoting from that page, here are the full criteria plus just for age & location:

    • To be a member of a UU Young Adult! chapter, you must:

      • Look & think young (no older than 30s appearing) and/or be actively supportive of that chapter;
      • Be a legal adult (generally 18 or above in the US) else let all members know you're not a legal adult (both on your profile and in-person on a name-tag);
      • Be here (regularly in the chapter's area) and/or be actively supportive of that chapter;
      • Be Unitarian Universalist (see above) else be considering becoming UU;
      • And follow the rules of UUYA! and of the chapter.

    • Consequently, and equivalently as far as age & location: Every UUYA! chapter member is to be (a young adult “regularly in the chapter's area”) and/or “be actively supportive of that chapter”. And we widely define “Young Adult” to be “a legal adult” “no older than 30s” looking & thinking. Also anyone not a legal adult must “let all members know you're not a legal adult (both on your profile and in-person on a name-tag)”.
    Even the 2nd just partial criteria I do not copy forward (as to chatper group Home or About page) because of its size and complexity, hoping that with just “UU Young Adults & Supporters” readers will get the right idea and self-select properly. However I might have to:
    (3) With the beginning much-more correctly reading “STRONGLY "YOUNG ADULT"”, do you think copying these details forward is necessary?

On any mis-impression this is just for singles:

  • To make this clearer, after the first word “Networking” before “ dating/singles” I've added “ & connections (#1), building relationships of all sorts (friends, family, romance, business, & spiritual),”

Also this paragraph is tricky, as in it we're trying to quickly hit the leading keywords & concepts attracting young adults. For instance,

  • We've got to make sure to attract both men & women; for instance young men generally are turned on by the keyword “sports” but turned off by the keyword “relationships”).
  • Personally I do not like word "singles", much preferring "dating" (note it's not clear if you're dating if you're still single (some say no, others say yes until you're "going steady" others say "not until you're married"); moreover in polyamory you can be legitimately dating but NOT single). But, according to Meetup.com, “singles” is 14x more popular a word than “dating” ! (http://singles.meetup...­ lists 3,782 groups worldwide; http://dating.meetup....­ lists 266 groups), so I need to include “singles”, so I write “dating/singles” which kind of short for “ “dating” (or what some poorly-term “singles”)” :-)

Combining all the above, and more hopeful-improvements, refresh the page!
I've re-written the 1st paragraph to:
STRONGLY "YOUNG ADULT": Networking & connections (#1), building relationships of all sorts (friends, family, romance, business, & spiritual), dating/singles, hot music & tunes, adventure, partying, dancing, singing, clubbing, outdoors, sports, military, political debate, social action, personal growth, career & family starting, college & trade-school, high tech & modern (Meetup.com & Web 2.0, smartphones, YouTube, Twitter), discovery, travel, and more!
(4) Sound good? Or what changes?

And more feedback, please!

--above text created in the Writely source then ctrl-A ctrl-C then in an external HTML editor (as Expression Web) ctrl-A ctrl-V (which globalizes the image links) then cutting the HTML source and pasting into an HTML to BBCode converter selecting SMF Code then published here.
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Wow, thanks for all the explanation, lol. I do like the change to 1st paragraph. I guess it was the quotes/quotation marks that seemed confusing. Anyway it is more clear & what you put above in grey box with bullets made it all very clear. As for international page, I'll check that out later. Thanks.
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