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UX Speakeasy is a social group for User Experience professionals in San Diego County. Not a UX professional? We are fans of sharing with the community but our charter is to focus on connecting UX and design professionals. We are not about SEO or entrepreneurship, or startups, or even Web Design since there are plenty of other meetups already doing that. If you are not familiar with UX this might not be the right meetup for you.

Member Rules:
The key word for the group is professional - we are here to network, socialize, and most of all have fun but we expect you to be a professional in the way you handle yourself. Here's how:

  • The first thing we ask is that you be a real person with a real name. Doesn't seem so hard does it? A single letter, symbol, alias, business name, or name with business name/website doesn't do your credibility any favors and it makes it hard to know who you are at the meetups. We'd prefer a first name and last name only - that way we won't end up with 5 "Mikes" arguing over name tags.

  • The second thing we ask is that you give us a picture of yourself that makes it easy to know who you are. Sure we'll accept a hand drawn cartoon - as long as you are a good enough artist to make it look like you. Again no business name or logo - we are here to build relationships and community rather than promote your business.

We will be professional enough to send you a gentle reminder for these things but if you can't live up to them, we'll ask you to leave or remove you from the group.

Attendance Rules:
We know that you can't always make the meetups and its pretty easy to push the "Yes" RSVP but we have lots of active members who regularly attend so be considerate with you RSVP. Here are just a few rules to live by:

  • Because we often have a wait list for our events and we want as many people to have a chance to attend as possible, we ask that you keep your RSVPs up to date if you cannot attend. If you reply "Yes" and are a "No Show" to a meetup that has a limited amount of attendees, you are put on the Dreaded Ohme Blacklist and automatically go to the "Waiting List" for the next limited meetup. We understand that things happen but please be considerate to the others on the wait list and change your RSVP to "No".

  • Just like baseball, we have implemented the three strikes and you're out rule. If, over a one year period, you have three "No Shows" for any of our events, wait list or not, that's kind of inconsiderate so we'll just remove you from the group.

  • Conversely, jumping the wait list or attending a wait-listed event when you are not a registered attendee is not fair or considerate to your fellow members. Doing so is grounds for removal from the group.

Rules of Engagement
The group was started to connect people so we want you to feel free to do so. Just keep it professional, keep it UX related, and follow just a few rules:

  • While we don't take ourselves too seriously, we do take our mission to create a strong UX community in San Diego very seriously. To make this possible, we ask that you remain professional at all times and treat people with the respect they deserve, either at the events or online. Failure to do so is grounds for removal from the group.

  • We do not tolerate spam messaging, messaging for personal gain, promotion of personal projects or non-UX events, or sales pitches for your latest game changer, either through the meetup site, social media, or at the meetups. We do however encourage you to promote any upcoming UX events, any public UX talks/presentations you or others are giving, UX/Design articles or discussions, and public/personal UX or Design projects that you think are worth checking out. Please check with a Board member if you have questions.

  • We openly encourage you to suggest or even plan meetup events to interact with your fellow UXers. There's just one key requirement in doing so - actual UX. Since our charter is to promote user experience, each proposed event should involve some part of the user-centered design process in its theme. If you have a question, just ask a Board member.

Simple enough...we'll see you soon!

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