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I'd be keen on meeting anyone looking for some help with CS101. I've completed the course, and am now doing some of the more advanced courses, I couldn't have done it without the support of fellow Computer Scientists. So, I'd like to offer to help anyone who needs extra support completing CS101.

Selected by: Michael D

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  • Zsuzsanna D Berecz's Photo

    Hi Michael, thank you for the opportunity. Have you guys started meeting up yet? I would very much like to join these meetings. I work in the city and live quite central. However would you do these meet ups on skype maybe?

    Posted by Zsuzsanna D Berecz May 21
  • Stevan Popo's Photo

    Hi Michael, Thanks for offering your time to help. Is there a greater agenda for this meetup? What do you imagine we could go through?

    Posted by Stevan Popo May 19
  • simon's Photo

    A Norf London venue would be preferred by me. Don't venture
    South too often.

    Posted by simon April 29, 2013
  • simon's Photo

    Yes, this meetup would be good. I am currently looking at CS101
    So if I start this course any support would be fantastic and most welcome

    Posted by simon April 29, 2013
  • Ann Witbrock's Photo

    Ty the other thread
    - without your post I'd never have found the London Udacity community meetup site again, so thanks!

    Posted by Ann Witbrock March 18, 2013

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London Udacity Community

London, United Kingdom Founded August 3, 2012
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