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We are a growing group in the Upper Valley area addressing the needs of those interested in speaking out against speciesism, carnism and any issue related to the exploitation of non-human animal beings. We are looking to collaborate with other like minded groups whether expressly stating their mission towards improving the lives of animals by legislation and current abuses or simply by bringing more awareness to the unnecessary consumption of animals by abiding by a more healthful, environmental & less intrusive way of life.

Following are some links to further these issues although resources for this compassionate way of life date back before ' Diet For A Small Planet in the 60's.

Animal Rights Advocates - www.ara.org.au
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals - www.peta.org
Animal Welfare Advocacy - www.animalwelfareadvocacy.org
World Society for the Protection of Animals - www.wspa-usa.org
Farm Sanctuary - www.farmsanctuary.org
Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine - www.pcrm.org
The Milk Letter - www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html
Get The Facts On Milk - www.milkdocumentary.com
Vegetarian Times - www.vegetariantimes.com
Vegetarian Resources Group - www.vrg.org
Preventative Medicine Research Institute - www.pmri.org
Carnism Awareness Action Network - www.carnism.com
Eating, Third Edition - http://programs.webse...
Get Vegucated - www.getvegucated.com
Earthlings Movie - www.earthlings.com
Animal Rights Community Online - www.animalsuffering.com
Witness,Tribe of Heart Screening Room, Movie http://www.tribeofhea...
Meat Org - http://www.meat.org...
VINE Sanctuary - bravebirds.org

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