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Winters Vermin --- D&D 3.5, 2-4 player slots open, hosting in Surrey on Fridays 6:30/7pm

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Surrey, BC
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We're running a 3.5 game and looking for a few new players to fill out our group!

We're a group of 22+ aged gamers who are looking to host in Surrey (Guildford) and are wanting friendly, non-stinky, socially functional people who aren't afraid of dick & fart jokes. Cuz dick jokes are awesome.

The game is set in a "points of light" setting featuring low level (currently level 3) characters building a power base before moving on. The intention is to run a long term campaign that ultimately moves in to the teen levels (11-14).

Our group currently consists of:

Corey -- Our amazingly funny, enthusiastic and experienced DM. At 28 years old, he boasts 24 years of gaming experience and has played most of the tabletop RPGs out there [also a recovering WoW addict. Lol]. He takes player comments, suggestions and complaints seriously and genuinely tries to run a good game.

Alysha -- Umbra -- Druid, thinking about pursuing the Hunter Druid Variant. I'm a relatively new player with only about a year of D&D experience under my belt but I love the game and I'm more than happy to take suggestions/guidance. I'm currently the youngest member of our happy trio at 22, I'm currently working in Vancouver with 2 semesters left until I get my degree.

Jody -- Devon -- Swashbuckler, I've only recently met Jody but he definitely knows his stuff. He's a cool guy in his 30's who is confident in his characters and his ability to portray them.

Storywise it's fairly fresh. The adventurers are good aligned heroes building a reputation in a small silver mountain mining town which is about to go through a mithril-inspired boom the likes of which no one ever imagined. Presently our heroes have vetted the town's mayor/financial backer as a decently okay dude and are attempting to help him organize a secure transition from getting-by village to boom town all while facing off the various challenges that roam nearby. Displaced Orcs, zombie bands and nihilistic doomsday factions abound!

Our game features a few house rules mostly intended on smoothing out party role deficiencies (no rogues? no problem!) and a little bit of class buffing to help prevent thematically cool classes match that coolness mechanically (we previously features a reworked Sorcerer class that emphasized the character's draconic heritage). Large point-buy character creation and generous rulings produce larger than life champions.

There's a bit of Pathfinder influence but if you don't own or aren't familiar with Pathfinder you shouldn't consider that a problem. Any modifications will be featured on a print out page you're welcome to keep!

Do you have what it takes to take up a sword, fight back the forces of chaos, bring hard fought safety to the land and win a golden throne of your own?
user 38722212
New Westminster, BC
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I would like to join your group if I can.
Corey J.
Surrey, BC
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Hi James!

I'm the Corey mentioned above. If you want feel free to send me a super quick outline (One paragraph max, make it as if it were to fit on a small note card) via Meetup of your character plus a similiar bit to familiarize me with what kind of games you've been a part of, what you're looking for in a group, any scheduling concerns (or not) and if you think there's anything else I should know.

Cheers! :D
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