Science vs. Christianity in Vancouver (Sun. [masked]), and Beaverton (Sun. [masked]) event

From: Bernie D.
Sent on: Thursday, April 5, 2012 11:36 AM

Hi all-

Our Vancouver event is Sunday[masked] from 2-4 pm.  "Does Science Destroy Christianity?"  All details are here:

I will present the case that given modern science, it is no longer tenable to believe in Christian theology.  

Dr. Bart Rask (M.D.) will give a rebuttal with equal time.  Bart believes that the earth is rather young (about 10,000 years or less) and that the Noah's ark (and worldwide flood) story is a literal event.  He also says there's not enough evidence to accept that humans descended from other animals, per evolutionary theory.  Bart is a fan of critical thinking and as part of his professional work he reviews submissions for publication to medical journals.

The moderator is Ben Crockett, one of the leaders of the Freethinkers group at Portland State University.  He will also ask each of us a tough question.  There will also be ample time for audience Q&A.

........ Also, coming-up in Beaverton ...............

Also coming-up in Beaverton on Sunday[masked], 6-8 pm, is a discussion on "The problem of Evil (Theodicy)."   Details are here: 

In this one I argue a sub-point of my general thesis that "Science Destroys Christianity."  That is, even for those Christians who fully accept biological evolution, theodicy (the philosophical term for 'the problem of evil') becomes greatly magnified to the breaking-point for the Christian belief system.

Pastor Nathan Lewis will give a Christian counter-point.  As always, there will be plenty of time for audience Q&A.

Both events are on Sunday, so traffic should be light for easy travel around the Portland/Vancouver area.


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