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Edward W
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Victoria, BC
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Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could ask you all what you thought about epublishing. Not in the self publishing sense, but in the sense of signing a contract with a epublisher. Do you think it's worth it? I've recently stated considering submitting my work to a few epublishers but I wasn't sure if there was anything an epublisher could do that I couldn't do myself. With other publishers at least you get into stores, right?

Does anyone have any experience with epublishers? Or any thoughts on them? Why they're good or why they're bad?

Thanks for letting me pick your brians about this. I'm a bit terrified to take the wrong step down the old publishing road.

Howard B.
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Victoria, BC
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Ed - epublishers already have a following, so I suspect you may be hard pressed to match and exceed their audience.

I tend to be drawn toward established publishing, if for no other reasons than greater "accepted" credibility, potentially greater financial rewards, and lastly, if you place a work with an epublisher, you can't expect a publisher to find interest in it, should you change your mind.

Whatever route chosen, it won't likely preclude you having to still undertake a good deal of your own self-promotion activities (blog, reading rtour, website etc.)

My two cents...for what its worth.
Edward W
user 37844882
Victoria, BC
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Thank you for replying Howard. It's a tough thing to consider, I think. On the one hand I think reputation of the epublisher is probably important. On the other hand I can't think of anyone I know who reads ebooks who knows any of the publishers for the books they read. They all just buy them from Amzon and usually just get them from the ones that have the best ratings. I'm a bit lost as to if it's worth going alone or if I should go with an epub. The other thing that bothers me is that they seem to be a lot easier to get a contract wtih than bigger print pubilshers. So I'm wondering if they have lower standards. Also, I wonder if it would be a good stepping stone to get access to and perhaps get the attention of larger publishers or agents. With different books obviously.

I keep wanting to make it to another meetup. It would be helpful to really chat with people who know what they're talking about face to face. I find when I talk online I babble. The meetups I've made it to have been really enjoyable, but it's been quite a while since my schedule has worked out.

If you, Howard, and anyone else, has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. The end goal for me is to get the attention of a respected agent and hopefully then get future manuscripts into the hands of editors at major houses. Maybe that's one of those dreams that just doesn't happen very often.

I've also tossed around the idea of doing it alone, but I'm not sure self publishing is right for me. At this point I just don't think i have what it takes to be a publisher and a writer. Not sure though.

Thanks again for chatting with me.

Robert P.
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Victoria, BC
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Personnally, I have been scared away from it by talking to an epublisher. THeir primary focus is on your name. It doesn't matter if the work is any good or if it's shyte. They just want you to pay them. That is, after all, their business. My advice is find a great group of writing critiquers and learn to write well with a good story and the publishers will line up with advances. I will buy pizza for all when it happens.
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