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Re: [WASHINGTON-PSYCHIC-AND-PARANORMAL-GROUP­] Possible Investigations by Karen

From: Tiffany B.
Sent on: Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:52 AM
Please call me.

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From: "karen" <[address removed]>
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Subject: [WASHINGTON-PSYCHIC-AND-PARANORMAL-GROUP] Possible Investigations by Karen
Date: Tue, Oct 29,[masked]:57 pm

A woman I used to work with has been active with the Bremerton Community
Theater for years. I’m presently working on trying to get a small group in
to investigate. If I get anywhere on this I will let Destiny know so date
and time can be coordinated.

The rest is fine.



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Investigations by Karen

WOW.... A LOT of work went into this informative list

Great Job


From: [address removed]
To: [address removed]
by Karen
Date: Tue, 29 Oct[masked]:48:15 -0400

Thank you Karen for your input. One of our Members (Karen) have spent time
to put these haunted locations on the Discussion Board. There were no views..
So I thought maybe if I emailed them to you all. You will have the list to
check out and maybe go to any of them on your own time.
When members place discussions on our website, it would be great form by
other members to at the least view one time, to show appreciation of the
member's passion and time spent in sharing with the group. Think of how you
would feel if you took time to share with someone and they didn't respond in
any way.

Possible Investigation Locations:
Aberdeen - Billy's Bar and Grill - This Building has two floors, the first
floor has the restaurant, the second floor used to contain a prostitution
house some of the ladies and a very infamous ghost named Billy Ghol may
haunt the place lights go on and off at night cold spots and fog on the
plate glass mirror.
Arlington - Eagle Creek - Sometimes Indians can be seen next to the creek,
also in a mobile home park one trail is known that people get lost, and end
up miles off.
Auburn - Fred Meyer Shoe Department and Stock room - Many of the employees
of the Fred Meyer in Auburn, WA, have experienced strange activities. They
have heard boxes being thrown around while one employee was in the Apparel
stock room, but no one else was there, and no mess was left behind. The
stock room is connected to the shoe department, where people, employees and
customers frequently have shoes thrown at them. While no one has seen an
apparition, some events are too weird to be coincidental
Battleground - Buzz's Sport's Bar & Grill - A worker claims to have pictures
of the ghosts 1 caught ectoplasm on the film ,There is a history to the
property since the building has only been there 9 years. The second is from
a surveillance camera. When they open some mornings one of the TV’s will be
on and the night bartenders and workers swear they made sure everything had
been turned off. Workers made it a point to turn it off. Customers feeling
cold chills pass through them. Togo boxes falling off the freezer, looked
like someone just swipes them off with their arm or something. Dimes in the
till on each side you put them back and a while later they are back where
they shouldn't be, and lots more. Hasn't been investigated yet, but hope too
Bellingham - Bayview Cemetery - Their have been reports of a ghostly
apparition floating along the stone walls of the cemetery. Inside the walls
there are 3 hot spots and a monument called the "death bed", it is said that
when one lies upon this monument they expedite their death. The other
"haunted" monument is called "angel eyes", it is believed that the
apparition that is seen wandering the stone enclosure is the spirit of the
person buried beneath that statue.
Bellingham - The Old Town Café - People who work there at night saw clean
dishes went up in space for 15 min. and went down to the same place. Some
heard Piano music without a piano anywhere. Someone outside saw a female
ghostly spirit in the second floor looking down. The building as called
"Overland Block" built in 1890.
Bellingham - Theater-Sunset 6 - There is an old woman that sits in
auditorium number 1 in the very back and a child that roams 3 and 4. An
employee has noticed weird noises and whispers in number three and a cold
feeling down by the screen when no one else is in there...
Bremerton - Bremerton Community theater - Rumor is that the theater that
there is some Ghost sightings. One person said she saw a guy in the
auditorium wearing a top hat and a cape. It is also said that there has been
a sighting in the girl’s bathroom. There is also a ghost up in the catwalk
above were the lights are for the stage. Some times you can also hear some
strange sounds.
Bremerton - Holland Road - Once there was a little girl(in 1937) that went
strolling on her black horse at 11:00-12:00(around then)a drunk driver came
speeding down the corner and hit her and her horse. Then the drunk driver
called his friends to have them pick her up and bury her. Then a couple
weeks later the drunk driver wouldn’t admit he killed her. Then a couple
days later he died(no one knows how he died)and after her parents died they
sold her house to a old lady. The old lady recorded in a journal what had
happened every night. The little girl and her horse haunted her every night
and told the old lady "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! " the old lady didn’t move out
of the house. The old lady died and the cops couldn’t figure out how she
died. Then the cops found her journal and found out that Holland road is
haunted(After the old lady died they tore down the house and the barn with
the horses being dead).Some people went down the road and had herd the
horses trotting and eating. Some people say they have seen the little
girl(She has black hair)in fog with a bright light! And when people freak
out she gets mad and she messes with you!
Carnation - Carnation Cemetery - Witnesses report quite a few things
happening in that grave yard.
1.strong pains almost every time they enter
2. hearing footsteps behind them and and/or around them
3. seeing figures in corners of their eyes and just when they are plain
staring at something.
4.hearing whispers in their ears
5. seeing a woman in a white dress numerous times. along with a boy
Carnation - Fall City/Carnation Back Road - Reports of a white ghostly
looking dog, the witness accelerated (no way dog could keep up) 3 miles down
the road dog was sitting and watching.- Side Note: There is a song camp
counselors teach the kids about a dog that a local ranger had lost. The song
was called "Blue Walking" and was about the dog wandering around the hills
in the area.
Clarkston - Lancer Lanes - The spirit of a woman is often seen pacing along
the sides of the alleys when it's not too crowded. Workers there have become
accustomed to her.
Coupeville - Ebey's Landing, Sunnyside Cemetery - Accounts have said that
his ghost, both with a head and headless, have been seen in the cemetery and
in an old cabin his family occupied after his death.
Dayton - Pioneer Park - People talk of a Blue light hovering in the trees at
pioneer park, and of a ghostly woman standing beside the road late at night
Des Moines - At the Des Moines Marina Park, the ghost of a little girl named
Diana is seen walking the beach and swinging on the beach at night every
January 8th.

Duvall - Duvall Cemetery - Witnesses report, noises, strange feelings and
being frightened.
Duvall / Maltby - Maltby Cemetery - It is hidden off to the right hand side
of the Redmond Duval Road. (20 miles East of Seattle.) It has about 35 grave
sights and strange, unexplained things happen there. People have seen women
and children, dressed in old, raggedy looking close, wondering around the
gravesites. Witnesses have also felt physical things like being hit.February
2005 additional information: There used to be a staircase that began at
ground level and descended 13 steps below ground. I believe the legend/story
was that it was a below-grade entrance to the opulent tomb of a locally
wealthy family. In any case, kids used to get drunk near or in the cemetery
and would walk down these steps late at night. It is unsure whether there
were doors or simply a dirt wall at the bottom of these steps. Regardless,
once you reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around you supposedly
no longer saw the cemetery but a vision of Hell. The similarity in this
story to yours is that this vision drove the subject to insanity. Anyone
watching the subject walk down the stairs witnessed them stop, turn, and
fall dumbfounded to their knees. I’ve heard that several children emerged
nearly comatose from the steps – many of them never uttered another word.
the story goes that these steps were bulldozed over (depending on the age of
the storyteller, the bulldozing occurred anywhere from 1992 to the early
1960’s) and that the severe NO TRESPASSING limitations were a result of
that. Furthermore, There is rumor of illegal late night expeditions – kids
with shovels hoping to unearth Maltby’s 13 Steps to Hell. It is suggested
independently researching this ‘tale.’ Either way, it’s a great story..
East Wenatchee - East Wenatchee Cemetery - At dusk shadows of people dressed
in white appear on North hill. Also on top, * generals row* a man dressed in
army apparel has been seen wandering around soldiers graves. On the west
side a dark figure has been seen wandering outside the orchards.
Edmonds - Edmonds Theater - The building, before its renovation, was built
at the turn of the century. Witnesses claim to have seen a glowing figure of
a man floating down the isle inside the theater. The apparition was shadowy
with sort of a glowing aura surrounding him.

Edmonds - Frances Anderson Leisure and Cultural Arts Center -The original
structure was called Edmonds Elementary School and was built in 1929. It is
now owned and operated by the Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department. It
was named after a longtime teacher and principal for the school, Frances
Anderson. Employees and visitors have reported haunting activity for years.
Many experiences involve spirits of children walking the hallways and the
ghost of Frances Anderson herself, who died in the 1980's.
Ellensburg - Olmstead place - This Old homestead was the first homestead in
Kittitas valley and was once used as an Indian fort and is now a state park,
People have reported the feeling of being watched there and sightings of
Indians have been reported along the creek, others have reported hearing a
woman screaming and a baby crying during the full moon!
Fort Lewis - At night sightings of ghost apparitions are seen in the woods
on North Fort Lewis and a few people say they have seen mysterious cloaked
spirits along with spirits of Native Americans.

Fort Lewis - Fort Lewis Inn - Museum - Reported lights going off and on.
When the employees were trying to close things up doors would open and
shut.- February 2006 Additional info: After an exorcism because of too many
visitors, nothing has happened for about 3 or 4 years now.

Fort Lewis - North Fort Old Barracks - A former housekeeper reports, doors
slamming & cleaning carts moving on their own.

Fort Lewis - North Fort Lewis - The cadences of platoons of soldiers running
is often heard early in the morning, long before any unit of this size is
conducting runs. Soldiers look outside to see whom it is, and no one is

Franklin County - Calvin Theater - This used to be a family run theater. The
family is said to still haunt it. Behind the stage, a little girl looks out
the window. It is said if you put powder or fresh paint down and leave, when
you return, little footprints and handprints appear. The old projection
room, which is now blocked off, is said to have a strong force pushing you
back out the door. Downstairs there are strange noises, lights and sounds.
Granger - Cherry Hill - There is an old legend which describes a tale
regarding a young woman and her son traveling the narrow road on Cherry Hill
when she lost control of her car and ventured over the side of the steep
cliff. Her face is reportedly seen engraved in the bark of tree trunks along
the Yakima River which flows adjacently below Cherry Hill.
Hoquiam - Polson museum - a story of a lady in white that is in this place
and a ghost of a child in the nursery area.
Index - The Bush House Country Inn - In 1889 the Bush House was build. It
was build for miners who where moving to Index. At the turn of the century
there was a young woman named Annabel that came to Index to wed. Her future
husband worked in the mines. Well there was an explosion and word got down
the valley to Annabel that her husband to be had been killed in the
explosion. After getting word of this she hung herself. Turned out that her
future husband had not been killed and went to get Annabel and found that
she was dead. Rumor is that he then killed himself. Annabel’s ghost still
haunts The Bush House today. Along with some other people that have died
there. She hung herself in room 9. And table 2 is Annabel’s table.
Lake Stevens - A woman was killed while driving through a railing into Lake
Stevens. People have claimed to see her floating above the water, staring at
people as they drive by.

Lakewood - Thornewood Castle Bed and Breakfast Inn - This is the building
that Stephen King filmed the movie Rose Red, but other real life things have
been found there. Orbs and Ectoplasm are the most that they have found yet.

Leavenworth - Leavenworth cemetery - this place was once the burial site for
railroad workers in the late 1800's, if you enter the cemetery at night you
may see the workers carrying their lanterns, and some claimed to have heard
the hammering of railroad spikes, and the workers whistling
Long Beach - The Lamplighter Restaurant - They had a ghost inhabiting the
bar area, who would play pool (while others were trying to have a game, of
course) and do various other obnoxious things like turning lights on and
off. They somehow managed to track down the source, and had the ashes of the
deceased patron suspected of being the ghost sitting on the mantle of the
restaurant's fireplace removed. Most activity stopped when this was done. -
February 2004 Update: the owner removed. Most activity stopped when this was
done. - February 2004 Update: the owner of the lamplighter restaurant in
long beach and the manager would like to let you know that the ashes of the
deceased owner (Louie) are still on the mantle and that there is still a lot
of strange things going on here
Longview - Heron Point - This place was supposedly built on an old Indian
burial ground. Some people have reported seeing Indians walking the streets
at night and that they just disappear. Another ghostly sighting has been a
tall man dressed in all black with a black hood and a long kind of satin
like material than drags down to the ground. People usually see him in the
back of the park, walking up and down the old driveways and he likes to
scare people at night by appearing behind them and whispering something.
Then he would disappear when they turn around. My friends and I have seen
him in the early morning while walking to the bus stop and we also see him
on the grounds of the bus stop too. The Indians have been reported in houses
Marysville - Stanwood - This road is many miles long and ends up a dead end..
There is a hill to drive up at the beginning. People see somebody running up
this hill keeping pace with there cars, looking in their windows as they are
going up a steep hill. (35 to 40 mph). They also see Indians standing on the
side of the road and look in the rearview mirror after they have passed and
see no one. This road is on an Indian reservation (Tulalip). Some say they
have seen people sitting in their backseat in the rearview mirror and turn
to look and no one is there.
Marysville - State Street - A dog by the name of bud got sick one day and so
his owner got his gun and put him out of his misery. They say if you say his
name late at night a little girl appears, and says "don't hurt him he is my
dog go away." she stares at you and walks away.
Mission Park - At the mission park there has been sites of 3 children
playing on the toys although you cant see them you can hear the laughter of
the little children. Some also say that if you go to the splashdown there
you can see a hung little girl on the big dipper. Also if you stay in the
bottom of the pool a little while you can see a guy swimming around trying
to pull people under.
Napivine - Frosty’s Bar and Grill - old bar established in the 1900's the
say it is haunted by an old logger
Packwood - Packwood Library - Its an old library that was once the town
first post office. Strange noises are heard from the attic as well as boxes
being moved to different locations. Also there have been reports of children
being heard through the ceiling coming from the attic.
Purdy - Purdy Bridge - in the late seventies a child was hit by a car on the
Purdy bridge. (since his death a guardrail has been put in place.)
Occasionally you can see him dart across the bridge. no predicting when he

Puyallup - Fairgrounds - Some nights the large Ferris wheel starts going and
one of the seats start to rock and screaming is heard.
Renton - Maple Valley Highway - Maple Valley Highway is a very dangerous and
dark road and there have been many accidents there. When you drive down the
road late at night, you experience weird unexplained fog, and right after
you pass through the fog you can see a teenage girl standing along side the
road crying. She appears to be looking for something. Different people have
tried to communicate with her to find out what she is looking for, and it
appears to be a locket that she lost when she was in the car accident that
took her life. Also, on Maple Valley Highway there is an old haunted house
that has lights go off and on by themselves even though there hasn't been
electricity in the house for years
Seattle - Capitol Hill Methodist Church - a presence haunts the church and
it's origin is not known.

Seattle - Civil War Cemetery - There is a small Civil War cemetery next to
the Lakeview Cemetery where has been seen ghosts walking around in Civil War

Seattle - D.A.R. Building - Witnesses have claimed to hear strange voices
and eerie music inside this old church. There have even been reports of a
young female apparition walking down the front stairs. She is dressed in a
gown from the 1800’s.
Seattle - Rite Aid - West Seattle - Rite Aid used to be a mining place in
west Seattle and it is rumored it has a spirit that will turn off lights,
set off alarms, and even call employees and hang up.

Seattle - Screaming Well - They say if you look into the well you can hear
screaming of people who fell into the well years before. They say sometimes
the voices follow you home.
Silvana - Silvana graveyard - In the very small town of Silvana, high up on
a hill stands an old white church that is surrounded by tombstones. Many
local teens drive to Silvana late at night to see what all the hype is about
and many never go back. Strange sounds are heard in daylight and you never
feel like your alone
Snohomish - The Cabbage Patch Restaurant - A nine year old girl is said to
have fallen to her death down a flight of stairs inside the building. She is
said the walk up and down the stairs.

Snohomish - The Oxford Saloon - "This old saloon contains around 18 ghosts
upstairs and down. Workers have in the past had quite frightening
experiences with spirits of the old saloon girls who operated a brothel
upstairs. A police officer that was stabbed and killed their remains, and a
young teenager who was killed in the street by a car as well. There are too
many to list, but ask someone behind the bar, and they will provide you with
a detailed list compiled by psychics.
Snohomish - Snohomish public library - This is an old library that was built
in the early 1900's. The first librarian died of unknown causes and people
say they see her ghost walking around in the basement. Many of the workers
hear her footsteps downstairs after hours and some claim to have seen her
ghost. Some people have researched her death and went to her gravesite only
to find out that her grave was unmarked. They believe that if they buy a
tombstone and have another ceremony she will be put to rest to no longer
haunt the library. The library will be mobe put to rest to no longer haunt
the library. The library will be moving to a new location within the year
and they hope to have her settled by then.
Spanaway - Spanaway Lake Park – Children that have drowned in the lake are
said to be heard playing in the play ground above the park at nighttime when
the park is closed. Also a fisherman reported seeing the pale corpse of a
girl who drowned and was never found, is said to be seen floating 4 feet
under water on the south side of the lake in the early morning.
Steilacoom - ER Rogers’s restaurant - there is a lot of history behind this
mansion. Many employees have reported abnormal occurrences with in the
building. One of the owner’s wives killed herself in the mansion and still
haunts it, but it has been reported that multiple ghost or entities reside
there. At one time it was a B&B during the depression.

Steilacoom - Fairy Train Tracks - Steilacoom - is notorious for its ghost
encounters and has established a well-known history for all of those who
live in the surrounding areas of the town. Located on the train tracks
directly in front of the fairy pier you can sometimes hear a faint ghostly
sound of a phantom train whistle followed by a distinct scream from a person
supposedly to have been struck by a train. The fairy pier is said to have
strange occurrences itself. Late at night, the ghostly figure of a young
child can be seen from a distance playing along the pier. While walking
towards it however, it slowly maturates into a much older and feebler
looking figure until it slowly fades away.
Tacoma - Point Defiance Park - 5 Mile Drive - In the late 1980's a 14 year
old girl named Jennifer B disappeared while riding her bike in the park. Her
body was later discovered and her killer was never caught. Late at night the
sound of a bicycle can be heard around the 5 Mile Drive. Several years later
a couple flagged down a Park Police officer and admitted she had been
driving on the drive after the park was closed. She said as she was rounding
the turn by the Narrows viewpoint, she observed a young girl standing next
to the side of the road with a light colored bicycle. She pulled over and
her boyfriend got out to ask the girl if she was okay, since it was late and
the park was closed. The boyfriend screamed and jumped back in the car and
kept screaming at her to go. As she was leaving, in the red tail lamp glow,
she saw the girl vanish. The boyfriend was shaking and later told her the
girl had no eyes but was smiling at him. Several other people have said that
they have seen a girl riding alone near dusk and whenever they stop or look
back at her, she vanishes.

Tacoma - Point Defiance Park - The Pagoda - The Pagoda used to be the
trolley terminus at Point Defiance in the early part of the 20th century.
The building was remodeled and is now rented out for weddings/parties.
Visitors, workers, and the Police have reported hearing footsteps made with
hard soled shoes walking around the building after dark. The footsteps seem
to be walking down the stairs on the east side of the building, then
abruptly stop. Sighing can be heard at other times and there are cold spots
in the storage area below the building. A tale has been told about a young
newlywed couple during the 1920's. The husband and wife would catch the
trolley to Point Defiance and the husband would see his wife off for the day
to visit her parents on Vashon Island. Small groups of boats would shuttle
people to the island for a fee. The husband would return in the evening to
meet his wife. As the small launch she was riding in approached the
Boathouse area, it took on water. Many people were thrown overboard in the
confusion and the husband observed with his pocket spyglass his wife
flailing in the water in her heavy period clothes as she went under.
Overcome with grief, he walked down the stairs to the marbled restroom,
pulled out a small pocket pistol and shot himself in the head. It is said it
is his ghost that haunts the Pagoda.
Thorp - Thorp cemetery - People have reported sightings of the ghost of an
Indian woman by the name of Suzy who was lynched by persons unknown in the
thorp area around 1890. She has been seen riding a white horse and crying
among the tombstones on moonlit nights
Yakima - Cherry Park - It has been reported more than 100 times at night in
cherry park you can see, children running around in circles screaming at the
top of there lungs. This goes on for a good half an hour, while you smell a
strong scent of sulfur in the air
Yakima - Yakima canyon - Reported to be haunted recently by a young Hispanic
male who was murdered there and an elderly man with gray hair and beard that
committed suicide in the same area (area is about two miles north of the
roza recreation area on the left

Some of these might be good for short daytime investigations as parks are
usually free to enter. In restaurants, tourists often shoot pictures or take
videos (just ask) and if it's quiet try some EVP's.

Alice and I are originally from Missouri so we don't know all of the
purported hotspots. This information was taken from the web ( please excuse
the typos) and many of these I found when first coming to WA.

Hope this helps and gives everyone great ideas.

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