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Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 213
MEETUP REPORT - RESTON, OCTOBER 1, 2006 - Jim facilitated this
meetup. Here's what he wrote: "A magnificent seven of regular
Abe-heads met at the Reston Community Center for the A-H meet-
up. Joanne and Jim were joined by Dawn and Lori. Shortly before
2:00 Marcia arrived followed by Marsha and Ronni. Dawn began
the meet-up with a guided meditation that set the spiritual
tone for the rest of the meeting. I am not sure why this
particular group was able to be so open, but it added a little
different flavor to the meeting. The discussions were lively,
personal and very inspiring. I left at 4:45 because I wanted to
see the Redskins game. I left, everyone said goodbye, some one
closed the door and, through the window to the meeting room, I
could see that the other six participants were continuing the
meeting as though it were 2:45."

Thanks, Jim! Others who attended said:

Marsha - "Dawn led another wonderful guided meditation. It set
a very nice tone for the meetup. What a great group of people!
I really appreciate the way everyone shares on such a personal
level. Very inspiring."

Dawn - "Great fun as always! :)"

Lori - "I'm still thinking about comments and stories shared.
Thank you Dawn for your unique meditation. Thank you Jim for
the quotes. It was a joy to be part of the group. Each person
adds to the experience in a wonderful way."

Marcia - "It was simply great! I really enjoyed everything ...
from Dawn's guided meditation (which I had never experienced
before) ... to people sharing some incredible manifestations
they'd experienced ... to some very touching moments prompted
by the Abraham quotes we read. Thanks, Jim, for organizing a
truly uplifting session ... and the Redskins were winners too!"

Joanne - "We had a great meditation and meetup. It was very
synchronistic, with one quote following the other with more and
more clarity! It was awesome!!!"
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 214
ART OF ALLOWING SEMINAR, October 14, 2006 - First, a great big
THANK-YOU to Racquel and to Claude for scouting out seats.
Claude isn't even a meetup member, he's a colleague of my
sister's and I invited him to sit with us. He got there before
I did and saved a bunch of seats. Meanwhile Racquel also saved
seats; the ones she snagged were closer to the front and that's
where most of us ended up sitting.

Maria stayed on the other side, and we planned to direct
latecomers over there but we didn't see the latecomers in time.
I was reading people's nametags, hoping particularly to find
Elsie and Loretta but no luck. We gave the seats up at 8:50.
Next time, rather than trying to orchestrate it, I think we'll
just let ourselves find each other to sit together or not as
the case may be.

The seating snafu aside, it was great saying hello to so many
of you on Saturday. If you were there and we haven't met, that
was me holding the "Looking for an Abe group?" meetup sign
during breaks.

As always, the energy of Abraham in person left me with a buzz
of joyous confidence and clarity. I love, love, LOVE these
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 215
MEETUP REPORT - MCLEAN, OCTOBER 10, 2006 - We were looking
forward to meeting some new people but, alas, the newcomers who
RSVPed all had something else come up. But you know what? We
had us a mighty fine time anyway!

The three facilitators from Reston - Marsha, Jim and Joanne -
were all in attendance, plus myself and Pete and Paulla. Those
Reston facilitators brought their special brand of meetup where
we'd have the discussion first, then the next quote turned out
to be what we just talked about. They always comment on that
in their feedback yet this was the first time I experienced it
so clearly. Cool stuff, friends! Here's what a couple of us
wrote afterwards:

Teresa - "Talk about a tapped in, tuned in, turned on meetup!!
Lots of fun, laughs, and that wonderful raised energy. Come
feeling good, leave feeling even better!"

Marsha - "What an amazing meetup! The quotes were great -- as
usual, the discussion preceded the quotes. And we had so much
fun! I don't remember ever laughing so much at a meetup. What a
great group of people! The more I know, the more I learn. And I
learned a lot this evening! Can't wait to do it again."

(Edited to add photo)
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 216
BETHESDA - OCT 19, 2006 - Ten of us atended.

Marsha - "Wonderful meetup. I think several of us were still buzzing with the energy from Saturday's workshop. There was a mix of people this evening -- it's comfortable being with the familiar souls and lovely to meet the new ones. We shared some insights at the big table for a while, and then broke up into smaller groups. That allowed for some more personal sharing, which was very special. "

Teresa - "Thoroughly enjoyed the fresh perspectives from the new blood! And always appreciate reconnecting with now-old friends. After breaking into smaller tables, we had a good time swapping success stories, especially talking about interactions with loved ones before and after their transitions. Very moving."

Patricia - "This was my first meet up, and I am so glad I made the choice to attend. I left there feeling very positive and uplifted. "

Donald - "This one was the best yet. They just keep getting better."

Back: Patricia, Marsha, Teresa, Donald, Pete, Art. Front: Paulla, Patti, Leslie, Rhonda
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 217
MCLEAN, OCTOBER 25, 2006 - Even with small meetups the
attendance is orchestrated. Jim couldn't make it and Peter
dropped in instead. This was Deborah's first meetup and she
was in the saddle with us from the start. (Please excuse my
metaphors here.) This was our first time at the McLean Library
and our first weeknight library meetup. The ambience wasn't
much, and there were three of us rattling around in a room that
holds 65 -- but boy, was it ever nice and quiet. Pete and I
both kept commenting at how easy it was to follow the
conversation and "get" everything each person was saying.

Aside from that, it was a most invigorating discussion. I got
some new insights and felt that great raised energy. Here's
what Deborah wrote: "My first event, and I loved it! Looking
forward to attending again asap! Several important aha's that
helped me immediately. Thanks, Teresa and Peter." And thank
YOU, Deborah!
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 218
COLLEGE PARK, OCTOBER 28, 2006 - This was the anti-McLean with
music blaring and coffee apparently being ground fresh for each
cup, then the espresso machine whaling away after the grinder
was done braying. Again, attendance was rearranged by the
universe, and I'd have to say it was just the right mix. First
one there was my sister Liz, a new meetup member (Welcome,
Sis!!). We thought it was going to be a 2-person meetup, then
Ronni came in the door and joined us. What an energy-raising
discussion we had! I swear I was glowing as I left.

Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 219
facilitated this meetup. Here are what people wrote afterwards:

Marsha (facilitator) - "Wow! We started off with a totally
awesome meditation, led by Dawn. Using the Abraham Virtual
Reality process, she took us on a journey through everyone's
favorite memories. Very powerful stuff. Really got us all into
that wonderful feeling place -- a great way to start a meetup.
Then we started the regular meetup. This was the first (or
second) meetup for about half of the people there. But they
were not new to Abraham, so we got right into the sharing, as
if we had all been together many times before. It was a great
group of people. In fact, it felt like we have all known each
other for a long time. After we did 2 quotes as a group, we
split into 2 groups of 5. The room was cozy, but it worked
fine. And we had that usual synchronicity of everyone saying
'This quote is perfect for me', and also of the discussion
preceding the quotes. So the Reston magic continues!"

Lori - "wonderful to meet such cool new people!"

Maria - "Wonderful meditation and interesting format for the

Debbie - "It was wonderful! What a great way to spend a Sunday
afternoon. Ditto to everyone else's comments so far. I loved
meeting everyone and can't wait to see you again."

Dawn - "Had a great time! Quotes were perfect as always, and I
actually really had a couple of deep 'ah hah!' moments. I
believe others did, too. I also really enjoyed doing the
meditation! This time we did an Abraham-Hicks Virtual Reality
kind of a meditation, and we all got to participate by sharing
our own favorite memories. It was great. :)"

Jim - "Great group, Great quotes and good vibrations. We had
ten people and split into two groups after the guided
meditation. The meditation was a round table of virtual
realities and provided glimpses of joy from the group as each
person related one from their life. In our group, the quotes
provided the answers to all of our questions. This has become a
trademark signature of the Reston Meet-ups."

Joanne - "Fabulous and synchronistic!"

Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 220
NOVEMBER 8, 2006 - NORTH ROCKVILLE - Who'd have thought a mid-
day meetup would be so popular? We had six people attend.
This meetup just flew by -- seemed like we barely got started
and it was already time to go! Truly enjoyed our discussion,
and it was especially nice having Monica join us. Here's what
people wrote about it:

Marsha - "Six people in North Rockville on a Wednesday
afternoon! Go figure. We usually only get 2-3 people there on a
weekend. Maybe North Rockville is the new hot spot! Anyway,
very nice meetup. Very cozy, good quotes, good conversation.
Gave me some interesting things to ponder."

Donald - "It's very nice to be with other people that are so
interested in the Abraham teachings. It really feels good. "

Ronni - "Great turnout for a weekday event!!! I learned some
new things that will have a very powerful effect on my
understanding of Abe philosophy. Was lucky to be able to attend
as I'm usually working at this time."

Jim - "An uplifting experience. The quotes were fresh and very
insightful. The group was just the right size for a great
discussion. I didn't want it to end." (I second that, Jim!)

Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 221
NOVEMBER 14, 2006 - FALLS CHURCH - This meetup was held at Pete
and Paulla's home. Comfortable. Quiet. Welcoming. Loved
it! There were 11 of us there. Really nice to see Jeffrey and
Laurent. Loved it that Debbie made it. Was delighted that
Cathy attended her first meetup that night. Here are some

Marsha - "Wonderful meetup. It was so nice to meet in Pete and
Paulla's lovely home. Very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. It
made it feel more like a group of friends getting together to
chat. Great quotes. Great people. I really enjoyed it."

Ronni - "What a lovely evening! As usual, I learned a bunch of
great new things to use in daily life and the company was
wonderful--great quotes and good discussion--plus nice to see
old friends and meet some new ones!!!"

Debbie - "Thanks to Pete and Paulla for opening their home to
us. What a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thanks also to
everyone in the 'upstairs' group, as I got wonderful insights
and ideas from each of you!"

Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 222
NOVEMBER 19, 2006 - RESTON - Nine people attended, including
some first-timers. We're always especially pleased when there
are new faces at the meetups. Here are the comments:

Joanne - "Wonderful Reston meetup - each quote following
synchronistically from the one before! Amazing energy!"

Debbie - "Wonderful insights again. Thanks to all!"

Elsie - "Wonderful group energy. Each meeting is perfect!"

Liz - "Unfortunately I missed the guided meditation but made
the meetup. There were lively discussions around the quotes at
the meetup. Nice to meet the Reston area folks. "

Dawn - "Lots of fun! Synchronistic, synergetic unfolding, as
always. :)"

Marsha - "Awesome meetup! Dawn's meditation was brief but a
perfect lead-in to the meetup. It gave us an opportunity to
line up with feelings of appreciation, and get in touch with
our inner Source. Dawn's quotes were concise nuggets that
captured the Abe essence perfectly -- they gave me goose bumps.
And there was wonderful synchronicity! After a while, people
were saying, 'Can I read my quote next? It exactly addresses
what we were just talking about!' And it kept going like that.
We had a nice combination of regulars and newcomers that
blended nicely. We started with a group of 6 or 7, and then
with each person that came in, we stayed as a whole group,
since it was working fine and one more didn't seem to make much
difference. So even though we ended up in a group of 10, it was
fine. The room was quiet so we didn't have to shout to be
heard. So the larger size group still felt intimate. Also there
was applause from the room next door that seemed timed
perfectly for us. Fun!"
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