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Washington Abraham Hicks Meetup Group Message Board › Notes from the 10/11/08 Seminar

Notes from the 10/11/08 Seminar

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Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 290
These are my jotted notes from the seminar in Bethesda, Maryland on 10/11/08. (c) Abraham-Hicks Publications

As you hold yourself to a perspective in contradiction to what you want, what you want cannot come to you.

Asking how someone is, asking "how it's been" is an irrelevant question. Ask someone where they're going. How they've been doesn't matter.

"As you watch the markets plummet, we watch your vortex escalate."

We want you to not sell short this vibrational reality. There is nothing in your physical world that was not first vibrational.

"You want to be an inside trader? Get IN the vortex."

In all that fear, there is ASKING. In good times there is limp contrast and limp asking. In hard times there is sharp contrast and sharp asking.

When you sort of want something, you sort of ask for it. The desire that is born out of an experience is always equal and commensurate to the contrast.

If many are really afraid, then many are asking. You can give yourself a rough ride. The reason it feels rougher is, you're asking and you're not going with it.

The market as you understand it is not working for you. The laws of the Universe always work for everyone. There are those who will come out of it triumphant. It always happens.

This situation is exaggerated, manipulated, amplified. There are many who will win -- why not us?

"The stability far outweighs any instability."

It wasn't that big factors changed in your economy. There was a decision to change your perception of it.

If you can believe in the vibrational escrow, it HAS to yield to you.

[To a financial planner:]
Your only work with clients is to try to bring them back to a sense of well-being. They will find themselves thriving in an extraordinary way. Tell them, 'I'm like you. I can listen to things and the bottom falls out of my stomach when I focus on things diametrically opposed to my desire. I'm going to be one who looks in a more broad-ranged view and find my stability.' But you're like us in this. "You can be brilliant and know exactly what you're talking about. And whether they hear you is entirely up to them."

Let your every effort be to get into that vortex. You can listen to the trauma of your clients or you can listen to the drumbeat of Source within you.

Inspiration will hit you and you'll know exactly what to do.

How do I maintain this knowing in the midst of turmoil? You've got to stop facing reality. Your vibrational reality is where it's at.

"Anytime you ask a question, you are in Step 1."

You try to make it such an academic experience that the whole process becomes counter-productive because it's all a Step 1 experience. Keep doing that and you'll remain on the verge and not in the vortex. The energy is 'I've got to DO something to get me over there. I'm over here and I want to be over there.' There's more airtime HERE. Instead, put more airtime over THERE. "Find any scenario that's working the way you want it to, and get in the vortex." What simple, singular thing that could, every time, get you in the vortex. Appreciation of something that is already working -- not the "issues."

Don't try to get in and SEE what's in the vortex. Just get in. Let go of this feeling of, "In every living, breathing, sweating moment I've got to be on my quest for fulfillment."

Sometimes there are too many moving parts to control. Give up control of the uncontrollable -- and that includes everything. Stop needing conditions to change in order to feel better. Just give up control, and decide to feel better.

"Your control is keeping you out of the vortex. [Instead,] control the way you feel. Control the direction of your thought. Control what you look at."

It would be nice if you didn't wait until you were in a bind to do the only thing that works anyway: work on your own alignment.

"I love because I'm a lover, not because you're lovable."

You stand in your now with a fast-moving stream. It's always felt busy out on the leading edge. Make a decision you want to feel good and not piece all the pieces together. Just do the only thing that works: line up your energy.

Say and really mean: Things are always working out for you. They HAVE already worked out for you.

Things are already working out for me, even when I don't see it.

When people say, 'What are you working on?' Say, 'My attitude.' Tell them, it's hard right now. It's hard to be happy when I look at something that doesn't feel good when I look at it.

When you set your tone, you're unaffected by things around you even when they're up close. When you're seeing the world through the eyes of Source, you don't try to/want to fix things.

You did not come forth needing or wanting to avoid anything unwanted.

"The only thing that affects your experience is your vibrational makeup NOW." Line up with who you are as best you can.

If Source cannot love what it's viewing, Source looks elsewhere.

I want to be a lover.
I want to be a praiser.
I want to be an appreciator.
I want to be someone focused on solution.
I want to be clear-minded.
I want to feel good.

If someone's in your experience and they're whining -- do you get them out of your experience? Do you train them not to whine? -- In being tuned in to Source, the whining goes pretty much unnoticed by you.

Can you really stand in Step 1 without whining a little bit? Whiners are just amplified Step 1-ers.

Your annoyance at their whining, is whining too.

You know you've really got it when people whining don't bother you.

"We want you to rise above all the hubbub in the economy." It's out there. There's a lot of it. And you've got to make peace with it.

Say to them, 'Thank you for your whining and your contribution to our vibrational reality.'

"Do you have the ability to hear through the ears of Source?"

The tendency is to say, 'I don't like this conversation so I'll just walk away from it.' Your discomfort is about your vibrational discord, not about their whining.

"Under any and all conditions, I can keep my balance."

"You've got to bring yourself to a place where you can adapt yourself into alignment, no matter what's going on."

To convince someone they're wrong is the worst thing you can do for that relationship. Compliment them, praise them.

See it through the eyes of Source.
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 290
Here's the rest of my notes. (c) Abraham-Hicks Publications

[Guest asks how he can allow himself to be of service and allow abundance at the same time.]
If you have not been selfish enough to tune into alignment, you have nothing to offer someone else.

The flaw in the term "of service" -- it seems like 'I will hook into Source and direct that to others. I will get worthy and connected and do for you what you cannot do for yourself.' You can't look at someone in need at the same time as you look at them in alignment with their vibrational reality.

[What we want you to mean with 'of service']
You're asking to be of value.
You're asking to be an uplifter.
You're asking to be in the right place at the right time.
You're asking for abundance.

In the vortex, the answer to all of that comes to you.

Whatever has your attention has a vibration. When you give it your attention long enough (68 seconds), it will activate a vibration in you. Before long, that vibration will become chronically activated. And when that happens, soon it's a belief.

If prosperity is something you want and is in your escrow, being of service and being prosperous cannot be otherwise.

You not only want to thrive, you want to flaunt your thriving. Say, 'There is abundance for all and I stepped into the stream of abundance, and it's there for you too.'

Stand as an example of one who's tapped into the abundance that's available for everyone.

When people want to thrive and aren't, they'll feel it more acutely when they see someone who is thriving.

When you see fairies of the universe, angels and ghosts -- they are a translation of vibration.

Soften the gap. Diffuse your awareness that you're not there yet. The things you sort of want come easier than the things you really, really, really, really want.

Mother says, 'I am wiser and more capable. I know better.' What you're forgetting is, your children have an Inner Being calling them to guidance. Source calls you to independence: the epitome of being aligned and supported with the resources of Source.

You must find a way of empowering the child to seek its own guidance. Children internally know they should be able to follow their own path.

Here's what the child says, 'You are so sure I do not have the ability to fend for myself. It tears me apart that you don't trust me. It tears me apart that you are using me as your reason to tear yourself apart.'

There are so many who behave defiantly because they live in a world gone mad telling them what to do. Say to that child, 'I don't know what’s best for you, but you do.'

Mother is saying, 'My happiness is dependent on your behavior.' Child is saying, 'Please don't lay that on me.'

Come into alignment with who this person [your child] really is.

Parents offer words and behavior that almost forces the child out of alignment. When you see your child making poor choices, you can't call her to well-being. When you rip yourself away from who you are, you don't thrive. Your child is saying, 'It's not my job to make you feel good.'

What if you really screwed up? Then bless Step 1. Tell yourself, 'I've got negative emotion, good for me. I'm aware of my guidance, good for me. I don't want to always be here, but there's nothing wrong with being here.' The fact that something went so wrong means you're asking for something so right.

The economy is an energetic exchange. More got put in the vibrational economic escrow in the past month than in the last hundred years.

What are you going to do: Join the fearful and hold yourself apart from well-being? Or defy the odds and embrace abundance?

Are you going to be hung up over where you are, or focused on where you're going?

Don't count the money, count the vibration in your belly.

Spend the thought. Spend the clarity. Spend the vibration.

Can you snap your fingers and make it go away? As you're in this situation you cannot control, you can look at it in a way that ties you up in knots, or you can look at it in a way that feels a LITTLE better. Move it around in your mind to feel better.

Your discord is not because of this situation, it's because you're out of alignment with who you are. Because you're using something you can't control to hold yourself out of alignment with where you are.

You can use this, valid as it is, to tear you apart. Or you can feel better anyway.

What CAN you control? You can control how you feel. You can't control how they behave but you can control how you feel about how they feel.

Don't make a decision about any action while you're feeling all wadded up in a knot.

There is a big solution looming. It's not going to move over to where you are. It's in the place of pure positive energy.

There's not much choice of what to do but there's plenty of choices of what to feel.

These are huge opportunities for huge motion forward if you don't panic in the face of current reality.

[To someone who said he wants to always be in alignment:]
You sound as if you don't appreciate the value of Step 1. If you're always aligned, then you're always seeing through the eyes of Source -- then, what is there? Without the living of life -- contrast -- there's just be Source up there on their own, loving...

[Guest said as he was forming questions, the answers came to him in his mind. Was that Source or was he making it up?]
If you have brought yourself to a place of alignment and receiving feels wonderful -- you are receiving. But if the answer doesn't feel good, it's your mother. [Fun] Evaluate it from how it feels when you're receiving it. As long as it feels glorious when you're receiving, you can trust it.

The reason Esther doesn't like the word "channeling" is because people channel a lot of things. Sometime people channel dead people, sometimes thought forms. She doesn't want to be lumped in with that.

Everyone is an extension of Source therefore everyone has access to Source. Anyone can be the physical recipient of that which is nonphysical energy.

Don't connect with Source to GET answers to questions, connect to BE the answers to questions. Wanting to feel good is what will guide you to that.

What you think and what you feel always match.
What you think and what you feel and what manifests always match.

As long as you say, 'I can't figure it out,' it will be harder to figure out.

Nothing ever happens in a strong enough way for it to appear physically that I don't have a lot of data that points to it prior to the manifestation.

Pay attention to when acute feeling gets stronger. Right on the heels of an emotional indicator is a physical indication. A little misalignment, when you're used to alignment, goes a long way.

Feel for and listen for the indicators that are flowing. Appreciate it (appreciate Step 1), then talk yourself down.

You cannot attract, create or even articulate very well outside of your own beliefs.

A former member
Post #: 1
Teresa; Thanks soooo much for your jotted notes on the last Abraham-Hicks workshop. Although I did buy the CD's, just reading all of the one or more specific lines has a definate energy plus and we get the rush of 'zeroing in ' on those important issues that really matter. Richard and I just love reading them and they do help keep us aligned. You are a great coordinator and organizer! Catherine & Richard Pondozzi
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