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Do you homebrew?

Just trying to gauge people's beer related interests. I'm a homebrewer myself, and I'm curious who among this group homebrews as well. If there's a large enough contingent, we could possibly do some homebrew focused events (though I don't want this to be a homebrew club).

Apr 28, 2010 23 so far

Which day works best for people?

I know, I know -- "it depends" -- depends on location, type of event, etc. Well, for our typical meetup at a beer-centric restaurant or bar (e.g., ChurchKey, Paradiso, etc.,) which days of the week work best? Feel free to pick more than one, but if you're just "meh" regarding a certain day, e.g., "I COULD do Wednesday, but. . . ." don't bother picking it. Thanks!!

Mar 16, 2010 12 so far

Which days are most convenient for people?

I know, I know, "it depends" on the type of event, location, etc., but setting aside brewery tours and the like (soon, soon. . . .) for the average beer tasting or beer-centric bar/restaurant meetup, which day or days would you generally tend to prefer?

Mar 16, 2010 0 so far

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