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Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942

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Added by Christian G.
on Aug 9, 2011.


  • Christian G.

    If this were my dream I would start thinking about the 'self' that is sitting all by its 'self', in contrast to the possible anima and animus sitting across from the 'self'. The 'self' is to the left and the other two are to the right, suggesting to me left and right brain activity, with the left being very objective, and the right being very subjective, respectively exterior and interior, conscious and subconscious. The bright red dress draws ones eyes in that direction and if one continues to go that way, it is where this room becomes brighter - perhaps moving toward consciousness. The red also seems to be a flag of some kind, perhaps to let one know that this is an important area that needs attention. Wowdogs, I came to this cold, I had no preconceived notions of what this could be when I posted it. Several hours after posting I came and played with this.

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  • roy p.

    thanks for posting and playing christian! i get an aha!, around the words: "...the 'self' that is sitting all by its 'self'.." and if this were my dream i am seeing that the self on the left is being 'left' out.. in my imagined version of the dream there's a movement from left to right that is symbolic of shadow material coming in to light. as i move towards the light there is integration of male / female energy.. and this movement is being manifest as man and women in relationship.. this is by no means the last stop for this train of human evolution; she is bored and he is repressing his feelings and smoking an angry cigarette.. and the part of myself that is still in the 'shadow' is somewhat jealous of this union, no matter how dysfunctional. resentful of it almost.. seeing the shadowy characters' back might suggest; go back to the place where you felt 'left out' as a child and that's where you will find the source of your complex..

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  • Suzanne S.

    I get an "aha" around what Roy and Christian have come up with here, and can feel that boredom and represssion that Roy mentions. If this were my dream, my eye would be caught by the energetic dynamic that's occurring "in the background": while the man and the woman are seemingly avoiding or irgnoring each other, her left hand (the unconscious?) is reaching towards his right, which is lying close-by, available to her. This is happening behind her right arm, which appears firmly resolute, with elbow on counter. At any moment their hands might touch, but they will continue staring ahead, letting the sexual energy brew. Does the couple represent my unexpressed sexuality? Do they represent my parents, who hid their access to each other from me and from themselves? Is that the source of my complex? . . . If this were my dream, I would be toying with the title, "Point (left figure) - Counterpoint (couple)."

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  • Mardi S.

    Wow great projections everyone! I'm really intrigued by that zigzag line from alone-ness to couple-ness, and the irony is neither options seem happy ones. Funny how many people imagine they'll find happiness when they find that perfect partner. But the truth is, if they can't find happiness within themselves, someone else isn't going to make it happen for them! Beyond the elated drug effect of falling in love, of course :) This couple is clearly not in that state. What I find interesting about myself is, that I assumed this was a bar, not a diner, based on the name "Nighthawks" and the tired looking or bored people sitting at it. I think I looked at the painting 3 times before I realized those were coffee cups and that was a diner. Which then raised a different feeling, like what are these people doing up at this hour drinking coffee? It is possible the lone figure might be reading a book - there is something ambiguous in his hand. That might make more sense. They all seem like they are waiting for something. Its not a comfortable place to just hang out for pleasure. Perhaps waiting for someone or a certain hour, but it feels they are choosing to be here just to stay awake, and drink coffee. It is uncanny how its a diner with lots of stools, just like in the dream shared Weds!

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  • Suzanne S.

    The counter is definitely a major figure in the dream; if this were my dream I would play with the various definitions of "counter," as adjective (something that is in contrast) and noun (a surface on which items are placed; "on, over, and under the counter"; or someone or something that counts, etc.). This "dream" is actually part of a larger one---the ledge in the foreground is part of a window sill, and I am viewing it through this lens. Check this link for the full painting and other, similar Edward Hopper paintings--and many pop and political takeoffs thereof!!

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