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From: user 9.
Sent on: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 3:50 PM

I can only bring this type of subject up in a venue such as this.  The theme of this particular place means that those here have come to question the official story surrounding 911.  This means to whatever extent people here are open minded and thinking people.  It does seem Invisible Empire has touched upon some controversial topics and I start to notice people fighting over what they know.  I have to take the stance that we know not, not much of anything about everything.  I can't take seriously reptillian aliens rule the earth and  of what practical use would that be even if it were true but I do have some video and book suggestions.  There are diverse connections from formerly unrelated fields, keys to thinking outside the box plus overlapping themes from two different witnesses. 

Richard Hoalgand Dark Mission

Joesph Farrell Nazi International







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