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Sebastopol, CA

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July 9, 2011

How do you describe your level of photography experience? (examples: professional, amateur, enthusiast or never opened a shutter

When I use a camera, I am in control. In the early 1970(s) my family went down the Mississippi River in kayaks. As my Father produced a multimedia travel log. Two 35mm SLR(s) = 4 slide projectors and 1, 16mm movie camera, = 1, 16mm movie projector. I was 12 at the time, and had already clocked in 3 years as yearbook photographer. But for my father to let me use any of the cameras I had to, in writing outline the shot explain why I chose the camera the lens, the type film, tell the shutter speed, and the F: stop. And exactly what I intended to capture. It was a great privilege to be allowed to use his equipment. And I took the honer very seriously. And the highest praise was when he used my images as his own. I am a "professional" experimental photographic artist. And what that means is that I spend most of the funding I receive on alternative equipment and chemistry / software, so that I might create imagery that rivals that in my head.

Why do you shoot? (Examples: Income, fun, art or love)

I shoot to distract myself from my pain. Also to show Photographic medium(s) and what they are capable of. At this point in time I have 15+ cameras. Digital and film, 4, 4/3rds, 2, full frame and 8 large format view, and a 16mm film movie camera. With lenses to fit almost any shooting situation. That is to say that no one can ever acquire more lenses then needed. That truth also applies to tripods as well. I still need to acquire more perspective control lenses for the digital bodies, but all things in there time. Truth be told I shoot so that I might show others the imagery and what it is like to be inside my mind. Also I paint and sculpt for the same reasons. And through out the coming year (2013) I intend to combine all the mediums I can . . . Safely.

What do your shoot? (Examples: Travel, family/pets, models/fashion, flowers)

The imagery of night-rain that has been most gratifying has been night-rain. I am an Art Photographer.!. Nature is an endless muse. I have found that the farther in you look you find it is the same as the farther out you look. I look for things and try to show in some way, things that do not add up, are incomplete, or things that show how beautifully broken we can be. My quest is to find/show beauty in the unexpected, unwanted, and most of all the dis-guarded. I feel a kinship with these states of being.

Do you have a website?

Yes www.davidlloyd3.com

What do you want out of this group?

I am over 50 and have found that working around others one is less likely to become stagnant.


I am David LLoyd 3, My quest is to show beauty in the unexpected, unwanted, and most of all the dis-guarded. I feel a kinship with these states of being. That being said, I like who I am, and I am having fun. Behind the pain, I see Tiphareth!

What David LLoyd 3 is saying about this Meetup Group

I like the wide array of experience levels, and the kind, helpful and generous critiques. Not at all like the brutal critiques from my days at SSU. But that was before laptop computers and digital cameras. But SSU had a stellar B&W darkroom. Thanks to every one for a pleasant experience.

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