• Charles H.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "Hello, My name is Charlie. I've played RPG's since they basically started (still have my original DM Guide :) It's been some time since I have played..." 

  • Mark

    • "Hiya... been GMing since the old days (D&D E1) and have my own homebrew system from around that time... love RPGing and looking to connect with other RPGers..." 

  • Jonathan

    Event Organizer
    • "love gurps want to play burning wheel" 

  • Chris

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I'm a 45 year old who has been playing role-playing games since the age of 12. I enjoy a good story most, but I appreciate tactical combat as well. I don'..." 

  • Kevin D.

    Event Organizer
    • "I've been table-topping since I was 6. That was at the end of the Seventies... And I'm crazy to boot. Don't ask how I trained the parrot to talk..." 

  • MarcB

    Co-Organizer, Gamesmaster
    • "A long time role-player and DM. Always looking for new players for my group. System: Rolemaster Classic World: Middle Earth" 

  • Mark G.

    Event Organizer
    • "I moved to Westchester from NYC in November 2012 and am looking to make some role playing connections." 

  • B. C.

    Event Organizer
  • Doug

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I haven't played much the last few years. I was an old hand at 2nd ed. & really enjoyed 3 and 3.5 for the little time I was able to invest. I really hope..." 

  • Jasper (Previously B.

    Assistant Organizer, Gamesmaster
    • "I'm a player in a D&D 3.5 game. I'd like to start my own campaign. I've been the DM before and I have a game that I'm excited to try out!" 

  • turkbroda

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I am new to the area. I want to meet new gamers. " 

  • Rick

    Event Organizer
    • "New to NY area and looking for some old school AD&D, been playing for 28 years, DMing for 20" 

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