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Agave Nectar, the High Fructose Health Food Fraud

John F.
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Valley Cottage, NY
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I found this to be an interesting article. For those of you who use agave nectar, please consider the source of your sweetener...it may not be what you think.


A former member
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John -

Once again, great information. My sister and I have had numerous discussions about sugar alternatives and this definitely clears up the agave nectar mystique.

Alison L.
White Plains, NY
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John, you just ruined my day! LOL!

<banging head on desk>

I swear nothing is good for consumption any longer. <sigh>

John F.
user 3266090
Valley Cottage, NY
Post #: 239
I know Ali, I was thinking of you when I read this article.

Lori, I too have had many discussions with people about sugar alternatives and most of the time it's about artificial sweeteners like splenda (YUK!!!) I honestly thought agave was a natural unprocessed alternative to sugar, but now it seems that this is not the case.

I don't often use sweeteners in my beverages, so this is not so much of an issue for me, and as far as cooking or baking I've used honey, apple sauce, date sugar and brown rice syrup as good alternatives to sugar. I tried stevia in my beverages before and I didn't care for it much, but then again I think I used too much. Stevia is 100 time sweeter than sugar and you really only need a little, so I may try it again.

Here's some information about date sugar and stevia that you might find interesting. I don't know much about brown rice syrup and haven't had a chance to look for studies done on it, but if anyone has any info on its benefits or issues please let us know.

Date sugar, not really a sugar at all, is made from ground, dehydrated dates, so it contains all the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in the fruit. It can be used in equal parts for sugar in most recipes, especially baking, and is a great substitute for brown sugar. However, because the tiny pieces won't dissolve, it can't be used to sweeten beverages. Why it's better than sugar: Unlike refined or concentrated sweeteners, date sugar is rich in nutrients and is metabolized more slowly.

Stevia is extracted from a South American herb that is 100 to 400 times sweeter than conventional white sugar. It's available in powders and liquid extracts in the supplement section of most natural product stores. One teaspoon of stevia is equal to about one cup of sugar. Use it carefully--too much yields a bitter aftertaste. Why it's better than sugar: Stevia is calorie-free, doesn't upset blood sugar and can actually assist in regulating blood-sugar levels.

user 2495413
White Plains, NY
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Thanks John,

I use agave nectar in all my baking, so this infomation is important to me. I am going to try the stevia and date sugar instead to see how they work out in my recipes.

Katonah, NY
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Hi John,

This is extremely interesting. I suspected something wasn't quite right when I saw discrepencies between brand, ie. one brand having 16 grams of carbs, more calories and more sugar than another. From what I've discovered so far, it seems t hat some brands are more "pure". The Sweet Leaf brand seems to be the most authentic. Still - very disturbing news. I've experiemented with birch sugar - the Ultimate Sweetner makes it. It's Xilotol - some may not find it sweet enought. Honey is toxic when cooked and also not vegan so I stay away from that. Brown Rice syrup is very high on the glycemic scale. Date sugar is good and eurithotol is another sweetner. Y ou have to use a lot of it. I think once in a while a combination is fine - even succanat. For diabetics - the birch sugar and euritotol. I personallly don't mind stevia but can have an after taste in baked goods. Ahh - the quest for "healthy" sweets :).
John F.
user 3266090
Valley Cottage, NY
Post #: 257
The link below contains a rebuttal to the article about Agave from Madhava -- a company that sells Agave. The article basically states that the information written was based on old processing techniques. I don't think it addresses all the issues brought up about agave, but in order to provide all sides of the story I wanted to share this article with everyone.

Agave Nectar: A Rebuttal to Misinformed Attacks on this Natural Sweetener:

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