2013 SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race - Summit Point, WV

Summit Point Kart has announced the SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race Saturday August 3 and 4th, with practice on Friday August 2nd starting at 4PM.  There will be a maximum of 17 teams.  The Wheel to Wheel Karting member price will be $2,014 [5% off of the $2,120 posted price (2,000 plus 120 tax)] with our WTWK team discount.

The track will most likely incorporate the kids sprint track as well to make the circuit larger.  This will definitely add some length to the track and create some more racing opportunities.

All long endurance races at SPK are quite popular so more than likely this race will sell out as well.  You will need to RSVP on the Wheel to Wheel Karting site as well as register on the Summit Point Kart site (use the hyper link in our sponsors area, then click on 'Shop').  The non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your teams spot and the balance paid the morning of the event.


Summit Point Kart

24 Hour Endurance Race




Friday August 2nd

4:00pm – 9:00pm practice (additional fees apply)

4:00pm – 9:00pm weigh-in and registration

Saturday August 3rd

6:00am – 8:30am weigh-in and registration

8:30am – 9:00am SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race drivers meeting

9:15pm – 9:25am SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race qualifying

10:00am SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race green flag

Sunday August 4th

10:00am SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race checkered flag

10:30am SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race Awards Ceremony


$2000 + tax entry fee per team


All teams must fill out the provided registration form prior to the drivers meeting.

This form will be given to the team captain during registration.

Each team is responsible for providing masking tape and a black permanent marker to label

drivers helmets.

The official scale will be in the registration trailer during registration hours.

Classes and Awards

Trophies will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd ,3rd , and 4th place finishing teams.

Celebratory champagne for all teams.

Lap Compensation

All drivers will be weighed prior to racing.

Drivers can carry weight (weight vests, belts etc...) to adjust their average team weight.

If a driver weighs in carrying extra weight, he must race with that same weight.

The team weight will be the average of all the team drivers’ weight.

SPK EXPECTS that each driver will drive approximately the same amount of time as other

drivers on his/her team.

A team representative should notify SPK officials if one driver drives disproportionately

more than other drivers (more than 1.5 times as much as other team members). SPK will

adjust the Lap Adjustment numbers accordingly.

It is not in the spirit of this competition to have lighter drivers drive longer than heavier

drivers as part of a winning strategy.

SPK will add or subtract laps at approximately 3:00pm Saturday August 3rd.

The total lap adjustment will be based on the team’s average driver weight.

The Lap adjustment table is as follows:

From To Lap Adjustment

up to 117 -20

[masked] -19

[masked] -18

[masked] -17

[masked] -16

[masked] -15

[masked] -14

[masked] -13

[masked] -12

[masked] -11

[masked] -10

[masked] -9

[masked] -8

[masked] -7

[masked] -6

[masked] -5

[masked] -4

[masked] -3

[masked] -2

[masked] -1


























241 and up 25



The SPK 24 Hour Endurance Race will continue in light to moderate rain.

Standing water may require a course reconfiguration.

All the karts will be black flagged and brought into the pits while the reconfiguration is


The race clock will not be stopped

Standing water may require the race to be stopped

All the karts will be black flagged and brought into the pits until conditions improve enough

to continue the race.

The race clock will not be stopped

Team size

Each team will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 drivers.

Drivers can drive for a maximum two teams.

Kart allocation

Karts will be randomly assigned by draw at the drivers meeting. This will be your team’s kart

for the qualifying and the start of the race.

Kart service

All maintenance and repair work is the exclusive responsibility of SPK.

Any kart alterations by anyone other than SPK personnel, including changes to tire pressures,

idle speed or throttle stop will result in a team’s immediate disqualification.


There will be one 11 minute qualifying session.

The driver doing the qualifying will be the first driver in the endurance for the team.

Race start & finish

The driver will inspect the kart to make sure the pedals are adjusted correctly and the kart is


If a problem is found, the driver will notify an SPK official.

A rolling start will be used.

Karts will be released behind a pace kart in their qualifying order.

Karts MAY NOT PASS until the green flag has been dropped AND they have crossed the

start finish line.

The race runs for 24 hours continuously.

A checkered flag will indicate the finish.

The clock may be stopped at Race Director’s discretion only. Red flags will not stop the clock.

Pit Lane

Pit lane will be open during the entire race except during a red flag condition.

Regulation of pit speed, driver change area and fuel stop/kart exchange area will be defined in

the drivers meeting.

Fuel stop/kart exchange/driver change

Fuel stops are done by kart exchange

Kart exchange

The driver will drive into the designated “garage” area.

Race Control will assign the driver another kart and the driver will get into the assigned


The driver will then be released to race.

No other team members are allowed in or near the garage area.

RX7's are fueled to go at least 1 hour

Driver change

The exiting driver will drive into the designated “driver change” area.

The exiting driver will get out of his kart and run to tag his teammate waiting in the “Driver

Replenishment Bin”.

The replacement driver will get in the kart and wait for release.

No other team members are allowed to assist the exiting or replacement driver.

If a replacement driver cannot be found within 5 minutes of the exiting driver leaving his

kart, the team will be disqualified.

Kart breakdown

In the event of a kart breakdown, the driver must stay in the kart and track official will bring

a new kart to that individual. If the staff finds the kart has no substantive mechanical issue, that

team will be penalized 1 lap


Timing and race results are determined by computer and transponder.

Disputes will be resolved by the director.


There are three phases to a pass

Pre-pass/Post-pass, no overlap. Where the trailing kart is totally behind the leading kart.

The trailing kart has no right-of-way over the track forward of the rear bumper of the

leading kart.

Mid-pass, karts overlapped. Where the rear bumper of the leading kart is between the front

and rear bumper of the trailing kart.

The trailing kart only has right-of-way to one kart width of track on their side of the

track. If the leading kart moves towards the trailing kart, the trailing kart must yield until

reaching the white line or barrier that defines the track. This is referred to as the trailing

kart’s “right-of-way lane” and only exists while overlap is maintained.

NOTE: Your role and the rules that apply to you as leading or trailing kart may

change several times while executing a pass



A kart can make one defensive off-line move to prevent a pass. (zig)

A kart that makes two or more defensive moves (zig zag) is considered to be blocking and will

be penalized.


Pushing or bump drafting even with mutual consent is not permitted.


Kart to kart contact

Any contact that helps or prevents a pass from taking place will result in a penalty. Some

examples include:

If the trailing kart is in the right-of-way lane and contact occurs that prevents a pass

(such as a pinch or a push off track), the leading kart will be penalized.

If the leading kart pinches the trailing kart’s right-of-way lane resulting in the trailing

kart being forced off track and/or losing control (spin out), the leading kart will be


If the trailing kart is in the right-of-way lane but is carrying such speed that it could not

possibly stay in the right-of-way lane and contact occurs at any point during the pass

(such as a dive bomb) and the pass is completed, the passing kart will be penalized.

If the trailing kart bumps the leading kart from behind such that the leading kart is

forced to go off line, the trailing kart will be penalized.

A racer can wave another racer by to avoid penalty if the infraction could be solved by the

trading of positions.

Any contact that causes, or could cause damage or injury will be penalized, regardless of

whether or not it provides any advantage.

Contact with barriers

Any contact with the barriers that displace the barriers as to require them to be reset will

result in penalty.

Any contact with barriers where the kart becomes stuck will result in a penalty.


The green flag means go

The yellow flag means slow down, no passing

If a kart passes another kart under a yellow flag, that kart will be penalized.

A penalty can be avoided if offending kart immediately waves by the kart that was passed.

The red flag means stop immediately

All racers should stop on track as soon as it is safe to do so for both the driver and the karts

behind the driver.

Not stopping will result in a penalty

Passing will result in a penalty

Once stopped, karts must remain completely stopped until a subsequent yellow, green or

black flag is displayed.

The black flag means proceed to the pits

This is most often used to penalize a kart.

It is sometimes used in the event a kart is damaged for whatever reason, it's important that

the kart come to the pit now.

A waving black flag at all flag stations means that all karts must proceed to the pits.



Driving four (4) wheels off course (outside the white lines) but not short cutting the course

or going off the pavement

Contact the results in a pass or the prevention of a pass.


Contact that displaces the barriers

Passing under yellow

Spinning out

Loss of control (i.e. spinning out all by yourself)

Lack of situational awareness (i.e... getting spun out by another kart)

A “Red Line” violation which is when silhouette of the kart as seen from above crosses the

vertical plane of a red line on the track. Any part of the kart over any amount of red paint.

Mandatory driver change

Four (4) wheels going off the pavement

Getting stuck

Short cutting the course

Rough driving

Passing under red

Incorrect entry into pits

The race director deems a driver unfit to participate.

At that time a substitute driver may be designated by the team manager and approved by

the race director.

1 lap penalty

Excessive speed in pits

For each pound under their official minimum weight.

For each cone hit in the pits or the driver change area.

3+ lap penalty

Illegal contact that results in another kart spinning out.

Ejection / Disqualification

Not stopping under red

Contact that causes injury

Contact that damages or disables a kart

Any mechanical adjustment to the kart.


Unsportsmanlike behavior which includes anything other than polite discourse between any

number of racers or friends, or SPK officials.


All team members must remain in compliance with all rules and regulations for the entire

duration of the event.

Any disputes concerning these rules, their interpretation, or situations not specifically covered

herein shall be resolved at the discretion of the Race Director

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  • Lee R.

    Competed with a really great group of guys. The race on the other hand was a different story all together . It rained and rained, 19 of the 24 hours ranged from very damp to submerged track. The most unsavory part was that each time u spun or were spun out by someone else u were blacked flagged for a 10 second stop/go penalty. We were on new rock hard slicks, so u can imagine the line at the penalty box was long. The most ridiculous rule I have seen in 40 yrs of racing. What really peaked my BP was when the kart just quit running in the middle of the track and after they brought me another I was blacked flagged. After my strong objection they did make it right. After the flood things got better. Was impressed by the quality and speed of the competitors. Most all teams were very well run. Would surely do it again if they would elimate that Micky mouse blk flag crap. After the rain stopped almost no one spun or was blk flagged.

    1 · August 5, 2013

  • Hendrik

    Will be there racing with team SugarDaddySandy... look forward to seeing you folks again!

    August 1, 2013

  • Marco

    Hey I'm teamless right now and have one other driver interested. If anybody is looking to form a team I have two drivers interested including myself.

    July 23, 2013

    • Harris L.

      I don't have a team either. I am interested though

      July 25, 2013

  • Phil

    We have a group of 3 competitive racers looking for 2 more to complete a team. If interested, please reply!

    June 21, 2013

    • Marco

      Phil, let me know if u still need a driver or two. Marco

      July 24, 2013

    • Phil

      Hi Marco, we were not able to put a team together but hope you will!

      July 24, 2013

  • The D.

    Team F.O.G. (Fast Old Guys) is signed up :)
    Drivers: Kim, Lee, Colin, Kevin, Mike & Lars

    We look forward to race with you all.

    June 27, 2013

  • Greg H.

    Bill, do all my team members need to RSVP to receive the discount?

    June 12, 2013

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