Greg B.


Portland, ME

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September 29, 2012


Do you want more from life?

In acting out the human drama, yes, I usually feel a desire for more. But I know that desiring the temporary things of the world is ultimately not fulfilling. So, on some level I know that there is ONLY Life and nothing really needs to be added to it, except a greater awareness of That.

Do you constantly look outside yourself for answers and always come up short?

That is always a temptation in this apparently physical realm, as perception is constantly teaching us that there are things and forces outside of us and beyond our control. Philosophically I know that is an illusion, but truly knowing that in the heart is a big part of what we're doing in this realm.

Do you love yourself?

On some levels, yes, but human existance is difficult for a soul like mine and that usually brings self-worth issues with it. I do alternative, intuitive counseling and healing facilitation with people, which is very much centered around those issues. And healers are usually trying to heal themselves. In fact that is all we CAN ultimately do, since there is only self-healing. Good questions, Marjorie and not easy to answer. And I can at best only begin that process here.


Singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, writer of spiritual poetry, prose for many years. Studied, taught A Course In Miracles. Living now in Brunswick. Orig. involved with Hinduism, later with Sufism, esoteric Christianity, commonality in all religions.

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