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City council invocations

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I was wondering if any one else was aware of this? Maybe they could use a secular invocation once in a awhile. What are your thoughts?
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An atheist recently delivered the first known secular invocation at a Tulsa City Council meeting.

"Let us open our hearts to the welfare of all people in our community by respecting the inherent dignity and worth of each person, and realize our differences of race, religion, and party affiliation are merely superficial. Our common humanity unites us all, and may we recognize that through our interdependence we share a common fate.
In order to achieve the greatest good as citizens of Tulsa, it is important for us to maintain an open mind, and honor and respect the human rights of each other. We should consider the benefit provided by differing perspectives, and be willing to question assumptions that serve only to obstruct our path to progress.
Rather than bowing our heads and closing our eyes in deference, we should open our eyes widely to face the reality that confronts us, without losing sight of our ideals of what we could achieve.
Through the prudent use of reason and compassion we can ensure the success of this great city.
Lastly, we must remember that in the face of adversity we need not look above for answers, but instead recognize the proven potential within ourselves and in each other to overcome any challenges we face.
Thank you."

I think we should try for something like this in the future.
Oak Harbor, WA
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I was wondering if any one else was aware of this? Maybe they could use a secular invocation once in a awhile. What are your thoughts?

As a matter of fact, I do know about this. I contacted the FFRF after attending a couple of meetings for various reasons and hearing these invocations at the beginning of the meeting. I haven't had a reason to get to one of the meeting since then, but I've noticed when I read the agendas for the meetings the invocations are now most often given by one of the council members. We have the DVDs at the library, but I haven't gotten around to watching the beginning of a few of the meetings so I'm not sure what they're saying. Maybe I'll start checking them on my breaks at work.

I'm so glad I can tell somebody other than my husband that I did that!


Stephen K.
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Langley, WA
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I am all for it. However, as my wife (correctly) often informs me, I have little judgment and less tact. My invocation would probably run There is no God. If there is a God, I defy you to strike me dead with a bolt of lightning. We will now have five minutes of silence while all religious believers present pray for me to be consumed in an entertaining sizzle.

True disclosure. When I was about 15 years old or so, living in Spring Valley, New York, our house was struck by lightning. I literally saw a bolt of lightning run up an electric cord and into our stove. The stove was from that moment as dead as a doornail. I was already an atheist. However, I concluded that God did not aim very well. In that same year, I heard a bullet whiz past my ear (probably from a careless deer hunter). I concluded if God was trying to use that hunter as a tool to take me out, God is a clumsy lout.

Best I not deliver an atheist invocation to OH City Council. My neighbor has three loud ducks. As my neighbor is a wonderful and estimable Christian, he would probably not appreciate my smuggling his ducks under my coat to an OH CC meeting and unmuzzling them and announcing, "Here's your invocation!"
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I figured somebody had to have contacted FFRF. Good job Anne
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I looked into it, and I am totally for it. I was not aware of what they were saying in these meetings! It would be much more equal to all if there was a moment of silence instead.
Oak Harbor, WA
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What happened to Jeff?!!

I've tried to watch the last couple of meetings streaming online, but the quality has been terrible. Then I tried to watch the DVDs of previous meetings, and they haven't worked. Argh. I will keep at it; try a different computer at work or something.
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