Windsor, ON

Organizer since:

November 20, 2012

Reason for joining?

I saw other clubs in MI and thought it would be time to start an additional club here.

Level of photography expertise: (none, some, plenty)

A pretty good amount. I started in photoshop and migrated from there to photography. I shot on 35mm film for quite a while, but now am loving digital. You can always learn more, so I won't say plenty.

Level of off-camera flash expertise (none, some, plenty)

I love off-camera flash. That's the majority of what I shoot. Speedlights mostly, but also a strobe owner.

Level of Photoshop / Lightroom expertise (none, some, plenty)

Plenty. I used Photoshop back in the pre CS series when it was Photoshop 4.0. Lightroom 4 is great.


I am addicted to small flash modifiers, speedlights, and lighting. Portraits and landscapes are two types of photography I enjoy. I tutor other photographers in Photoshop and Lightroom, and have taught Photoshop at St. Clair College.

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