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Nurture vs Nature

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An old psychological debate.
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Personally I think that the intent of the question is flawed.
That person is the way they are because it is their nature.
That person is the way they are because of how they were nurtured.

Therefore the intent is to justify the way one behaves. Justification, is defending one's choices, and actions. One always has choice in their actions. It is called free will choice. Neither nurture or nature overrides one's free will choice.
Edward S.
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John, the only way your argument stands up or lies down for that matter is if you clearly define the " free will choice" "that one always.. has".

observation and reports of thousands of communities over hundreds of years show that people with intact brains with similar mental capabilities raised in similar fashion AND facing similar environments have a very narrow range in the choices they make. But when any one or more of those three change (nature or nurture or the present environment) for a large number of people there is a new narrow set of choices made.

This is what makes up cultures, a group of people in similar circumstance making similar choices;

chose to believe in multiple gods
chose to be a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist
chose to join a black gang, an Irish gang, skinhead gang, No Gang
chose to be a Priest, a Pirate, a Policeman
chose to wear pants, a dress, a loin cloth
chose to be a communist, socialist, capitalist

Is a coincident that all these people brought up and living in close proximity make very similar choices..or does it make more sense to assume one or more of the three influences influenced the "free choice". If choice is so easily influenced how can we call it free.

It is very hard, and despite my argument here I cannot regularly, live with the idea that we have no "choice" but the objective observer must really question what he means when he claims "free choice"

Well that's one mans opinion anyway.


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