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We study and use “A COURSE IN MIRACLES” as our guide and goal to Spiritual Enlightenment, and learning the truth of who we are. At WORLD IN HANDS we teach to learn. Teachers and Students are one in the same. As Brother J. (Jesus) instructed. We embrace the many spiritual tools and avenues given to us by the grace of Mother/Father God. These blessings found through wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon modern men and women such Edger Casey and Helen Schucman, two of the most effective pioneers of this New Awakening of Humanity movement about the truth of who we are. They where enlightened and sparked by the angelic to teach and inform us of who we are and the changes that will come to mankind and the earth. All are Teachers and Learners at WORLD IN HANDS ACIM STUDY AND SPIRITALITY GROUP. In this group the LEADER and GUIDE IS THE SPIRIT WITHIN. Which is what ACIM teaches. All freely assist and support one another with conscious awareness of our own inner spirit assisting us in teaching and learning. Remember you also have a teacher within, use it.

In ACIM, Brother J (Jesus) teaches that we are ALL OK, ALL is on different levels, but each of us will become enlightened and will return home, the place we humans call the kingdom of heaven. In most of human existence we've been lead to believe in fearful and misleading dogma about our Mother/Father God). With the grace of God we're being blessed with opportunities to SEE WHO REALLY ARE because the veil is getting thinner between the heavens and the earth. Beautiful thing are happening beneath the surface. The angelic is doing what would be the hard part if we had to do it. So, let's do the literal easy part, which most of us don't think is so easy (SMILE), but it is in comparison. Make an effort to know the truth, so that we would be spiritually strong and ready for the CHANGES SHIFTING IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE NEW EARTH .

The knowledge humanity is learning in this new age is nothing new, it was a lways there. Since the beginning of our existence. Being lead blindly by others is what got us caught up in the dogma, and as time went on it enslaved us into a viscous circle , which leads to nowhere. Much of what was taught was to control, brain wash and enslave the mind, body and soul of man.

When you know better you do better, so we keep these things in mind:


Know that there is NOTHING TO FEAR, BUT FEAR IT SELF (Fear always enslave you, stunts growth)

Know that God is LOVE (Literally and Absolutely)

Know that when you show LOVE, your showing the God in You; when you give LOVE you give the God in you – Because God is Love and you are a part of God. That's absolute and forever.

Know that we are made in the image and likeness of God IN OUR SPIRIT; And we never die in spirit (Gods IMAGE)

Pure Love never try to control – to control is not Love

Pure Love is freeing – Love gives freely

God Love for us is PURE LOVE and UNCONDITIONAL – that's why there is FREE WILL - to LOVE IS TO FREE

Trying to control others is literally – Trying to take away what God have given others

Know that God gave all the same (because of our free will and choices we choose to forget or hide then)

God is in each of us

God has no favorites

Become Conscious Aware of our thoughts -What a Man thinks, so shall he be

Intentions are everything

Know that YOUR ONE WITH ALL, We are one in the Spirit

There is only one God (with many names – and non matters because – God Is)

God is called many names, but none is absolute because GOD JUST IS. GOD SIMPLE IS. GOD IS

The world is changing before our eyes much more rapidly than most realize. Many who are committed to spirituality see, feel, and/or experience positive mystical and enlighten encounters, and it happening all over the world


Remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Only you can venture within yourself, no one can do it for you.

God is absolutely all good, so there is nothing to fair. God love is infinite, so we could not contain it all.

God makes everything absolute, man don't. So, when things aren't good it has nothing to do with God, it's all about us, PERIOD. However, Mother Father God is pure and true natural parent in spirit, and treat us with loving care always.

AHA! MOMENTSbiggrin:

You will learn that the Spirit World is HUMOROUS, HAVE PERSONALITIES, HAVE LIKES & WANT, FUN LOVING, JOYFUL & PEACEFUL, ACTIVE, WORK AT LEISURE, SOCIALIZE, PLAYING, STUDIES, PARTIES, PLAY GAMES, ENTERTAINS, DO MANY THINGS SIMULTANEOUS, SELF JUDGING, SELF DIRECTED W/GUIDANCE and FEELS MOTHER FATHERS LOVE ALL THE TIME. This information is really a treat and so enjoyable and refreshing. Much is being revealed do to the dawn of THE AGE OF AQUARIUS which encompasses all of the changes coming to the earth.

Don't let the signs of the time pass you by, and bring confusion to your awareness when earth is in the thick of the changes. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open. If you don't join WORLD IN HANDS, find another, for there are many spiritual enlightening groups. Our job as light workers is to inform and awaken others for the good of all, because we are one and what affect one truly affects all. May Joy be with all who enter this space.

Hope you come and enjoy your VENTURE WITHIN with us, and have a heart warming spiritual We make it enjoyable and enlightening here at WORLD IN HANDS.

We Wish You:

IT'S ALL FOR LOVE,love struck
Cynthia and Our Community

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