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What do you like and not like about the formats of the potlucks?

Stanley and I would like feedback on our potluck formats. We have had 6 different styles. 1) first 2 potlucks Stanley gave a question for the whole group to discuss while we ate dinner in small, moving groups. 2) third potluck was around a table at Chips and Stanley gave the table a question but we still discussed it in small groups moving around the table. 3) Then we had 4 or 5 potlucks where we sat around one table, or in the case of Francesca's house, two tables. Stanley gave a question and we each listened to each others answers one by one while we ate. 4) Then there were 2 potlucks where we had big group at table with each person sharing one at a time followed by videos on Francis Lucille. 5) The December meeting we all ate socially with no question to discuss followed by a lecture by Stanley. 6) This month either Stanley or CHuck will give a question to discuss in small groups while we eat dinner related to Chuck's powerpoint discussion to be shown after dinner.

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