Martial Law Alerts APOLOGY - "interesting" - not!

From: Grant
Sent on: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 9:26 AM
Hi All,

We are losing members because of the excess email on the Martial Law Alerts list.  I hope CT comes back.

Last night we had an Alert that didn't meet the criteria for posting.  Then we had speculative replies to the list. I do appreciate those that investigated and found the rumor was not accurately reported, and wasn't relevant to martial law.  

If you want to thank someone for posting something, please send them a private message.  It is true that I don't know what the facts are for sure and the might be a problem, but it looks like there was a misunderstanding. 

The main point is that it was a vague rumor and therefore not eligible to be posted even if it would have been true.  We want eye witnesses, or maybe trusted friend's eye witness reports.

All these messages will be deleted from the email archive, except one.  I don't want people getting the wrong idea of what is to be posted there.

In other words.

" Don't post rumors on the emailing list! "

" Don't reply to rumors on the emailing list! "

You can post rumors and reply to them on the message board.  You can't do that by email, you have to post and read on the meetup website here:

In Liberty

A review of the rules for this group:

Low email volume Emergency Warning System for Marital Law ! /// or Bank Closures, Dollar Crash, Gold Seizures

Designed to get the word out when (or if) the arrests begin!

Someone may get wind of the information we all need.

Any user can post an Alert to the unmoderated emailing list if they:
- actually observe (or hear about)
- actual or imminent
- martial law actions or arrests
- or bank closures or dollar crash or gold seizure
by the government (or it's private agents)

Meetup lets you post to 3 groups every 24 hours, so save one for us

Crying wolf on the mailing list with false alerts, or off topic spam information, or disinformation will result in banning of the member!

This group's email list is not for daily discussion! Only for actual alerts!

For a non corporate backup system:

Also for:
- schedule daily buddy check-ins
- create meeting points if communications fail.
- only the message board can be used for chit chat.

Everyone from anywhere can join ! USA Mexico Canada


Long live the Constitution

For this Check-In RSVP, Answer this Question:

>>> Is everything OK with YOU personally TODAY? <<<

- if everything is OK with you personally.

- if you think severe government action is starting to get dangerous to you personally.

- if you are personally in confirmed trouble due to a severe government action.

You may make a comment in the RSVP comment field about any rumors you are hearing. You can also use the number of guests (0-99) as a coding system to indicate messages to your personal friends.

DO NOT POST to the group email list unless you have something real on a MEGA event.

There is no actual physical meeting, you are simply reporting in to your friends and the group.


"So the idea is to just check in, and you will alert everyone
if something comes up?"


No, not really.

Everyone who wants to, can respond to a Check-In RSVP. The RSVP is a place where you can check on you friends, and read rumors.

Anyone can email an alert by emailing the entire group using the mailing list here:

- Here is the web-form to email the group:

- Or send email to using you meetup validated email address:
[address removed]

If people start disappearing or reporting trouble on their check-in RSVP and I can confirm a serious government problem, I will email an alert. But actually anyone can do that too.

Note only allows a member to send to 3 different meetup mailing lists over a 24 hour period. Yes they do enforce that limit. You may want save one group for us, by only emailing to a maximum of 2 other meetup groups.


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