New Meetup Organizer and new meeting format

From: Ralph
Sent on: Sunday, November 16, 2008 11:04 AM
Hi Everyone,
My name is Ralph.  I joined the Meetup group a few months ago, and unfortunately never made it to a meeting, so am introducing myself here.  Please take a few minutes to read this message, and reply while you are still thinking about it.  I would like to schedule a meeting within the next few weeks to re-organize the group to the needs of the members.
It appears as though there has been a lot of interest in the past, with many interesting members.  I share interest in this area and would like to see the group continue, so have signed up as the new organizer (at least temporarily).  I wanted to find out everyone's interest in continuing the group, with possibly a new direction and format.
Most meetings appear to have been on one area of expertise, either through choice, or lack of choice.  I don't know which.  However, I am open to a variety of choices that fit the interests of the group.  It is a compliment to the prior organizer, Ron, that this has grown to the present size.
In order to continue the group, I want to make sure that people are interested, and their interests. There is a lot of information out there to share, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to be as healthy as possible, by being pro-active in their approach to health and nutrition.
PLEASE RESPOND BACK TO QUESTIONS 1-5 BELOW.  I need to know everyone's interest in continuing the group.  My ideas are to have a format that is beneficial and educational to all.  I also know that many people join to network a business or product.  That's OK too, and I want to provide a format that allows this to happen, without overpowering other members.  Many people want information so they can then make an educated choice in the future of their health.  I have many ideas and suggestions, and am open to the ideas of others.
Some of my thoughts follow, and they are open to suggestions by email, and then discussion at out next meeting.  My idea is that as an organizer, I will organize to meet the interests of the group.  I know that there are many people in the group that are capable of presenting useful and interesting information.  There are also people that could be invited to present to the group.  It would also be nice to be able to be in a friendly environment that would be a safe place to gather information.
As Organizer, please answer the following questions so that I may better organize the group for our next meeting.  Please note that this will be open to change and discussion at our first meeting, but I need to get us to the first meeting:
1.  Would you be willing to meet in the near future to set up our group and new format (preferably the first or second week in December)?  Please make two choices in order of preference.
2.  Is the current location good, or would you prefer a different location?  Suggest a location, if different.
3.  What part of town do you live in, or is convenient for meetings?
4.  What day of the week is best for you?  Select at least two, in order of preference.
5.  What time of day is best for you?  Select at least two, and identify the day of preference with this time.
Please consider the following questions prior to our next meeting, and be prepared to discuss them at that time.  You may also email me with your suggestions, especially if you can't make our first re-organization meeting and still plan to participate in the future:
6.  Are you interested in continuing the meet to discuss information related to the group topic (Alternative Health through Natural Supplements)?
7.  Do you, as members, feel there should be a different primary topic for our group?  If so, make a suggestion.
8.  Would you like to see one individual present on the same topic, a variety of topics, or ask members and/or outside consultants to present?
9.  What topics are you interested in at the present that would possibly benefit the group?
10.  Would it be useful to allow people a few minutes each meeting to introduce themselves, and any products or knowledge they might have that would be beneficial to others in the group.  Possibly instead we could have a display board at meetings, or a handout?  It also may depend upon the limitations of the location.  Make any suggestions that you might have on this topic.
11.  Do you want to have an elected organizer, and/or other key positions?  Make comments and suggestions.
12.  There is a fee to be an organizer.  Should the group share this fee, and what would be the best way to be fair about this issue?  Should fixed dues be considered, meeting contributions or no dues?  Should there be a requirement to pay or attend attend meetings?
13.  Are you interested in having social events for the group, should activities be orgainzed around meetings, or should it remain "professional".
14.  Please offer any other thoughts or comments.  This will be your group.
I will use this information to set up our next meeting day and time.  I would like to make it possibly the first week or two in December, so please get this back to me soon so we can make plans accordingly.  I will make a short presentation to introduce myself and get the group going using this information, with the intent of bringing out ideas to best form the group to the needs of the members.  Members that are present will have the chance to mold the group into something useful for everyone.
We can then make the new year one that is educational and beneficial for everyone!  I look forward to being the new organizer, if you choose, and I need your feedback to do that.

Warm Regards,
Ralph Benedict

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